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This writing is a correspondance with aRA Miles @ Spaces~Between~Things. aRA is a regular contributor to the Sedona Journal of Emergence Magazine. ARA has submitted an article for the December 1999 issue containing 2 paragraphs from the Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012 website. The article has not been approved yet, but if it is; it should give what we are working towards wider exposure. This is a correspondance with her {that has had some editing}, outlining two dreams I have had recently in relation to China, The Draconians & A potential unfolding reality timeline. For further information from, Andromedan, O'rion & Alpha Draconian Perspectives, Please view the "Original Unlimited Envisions Website". It can be accessed through clicking the Luminous Energy Sphere at the Bottom of the Front Homepage {back}.
Well this is definitely a moment to celebrate and rejoice, regardless of whether the Sedona Journal of Emergence recognizes the importance of the vision "We" have been holding, and the pieces "We" posess that in reality could be of assistance in alleviating the strain and tension of the Y2k scenario, and the interlinked scenarios beyond that that are in the process of unfolding. This could also create a platform for an entirely new model of civilization for the 21st Century {UPON THE PHYSICAL DIMENSIONAL LEVELS OF THE PLANET}. Each connection we form with another individual creates an opening or window/doorway into a previously non-conceived of angle of self reflection/perception. I guess in reality my arrival {and the others of us that we are working on gathering}, are going to challenge every single notion that has already been established by the "Planetary Light Community"; Through Refinement of our Ideals & the Principles that Guide Us, Higher Clarity, and Restoration of Unconditional Love. Some call us Starseeds, or Indigo and Crystal Children; Some call us Wanderers or Extraterrestrial Souls. Whichever category we use, we are the individuals who hold onto the illumed flame of the cores torch. We are gathering en masse, an Armada of Diamond Light Emissaries, Earth Incarnate Representationves, and Ambassadorial Liasons to the Star Civilizations. We are the Progenitors of the future world. We dedicate ourselves to living life to its fullest expression and embdodyment of the divine principles upon which these United States of America were founded. We also possess an ear for the Ancestral Pulses; signaling a return to the Truth of our Stellar Heritage & the Potential for an Omicron Destiny.
Most "Lightwork" upon this world is focused to a certain degree on anchoring the higher level conceptualizations & omni-dimensional perceptual framework into our individualized consciousness. There are also individuals who are actively engaged in co-ordinating Global Meditations and other types of Collectively Focused Activities. This is the first level of activation and embodyment, many individuals upon this world have anchored into their individualized mind-body-soul matrix an understanding that they posess a wider spectrum of perceptual capabilities.
This is all great and fine, I am glad that the basic elementary & rudimentary groundwork has been laid down. I know that I am only one individual, but the fact that I have realized what I have; means that if it can be spread out - things can become a whole lot easier for us all. I guess to a certain degree I have been serving as a superluminal beacon. I have been putting signals out in every direction - receptivity has been close to non-existant. I have written long extensive detailed letters to many different individuals & organizations. As you are reading this. I want you to think with sincerity how much an Unlimited Envision for our Species Potential Future & Destiny is worth ? To me this does not make a lot of sense, I find it upsetting that there are all of these leading edge thinkers who are making big bucks; capitalizing on such concepts as 'The Indigo Children'. Then these same individuals, for example; Robert Gerard. I have contacted him in relation to the 12 DnA Strand Heart Soul Star Matrix, of which I possess the only visual representation on the planet; my inquiries and requests have gone ignored {as of writing this, I have had some correspondance with Dr. Gerard, he has a very busy schedule}.

I have attempted to contact Drunvalo Melchizadek numerous times as well, my emails have gone unanswered. These supposed 'Leading Edge Thinkers' are in the the open forums. I would like to see an allowance by the "First Wave" group of individuals in the coming forth of the younger generation, those of us who hold onto many of the various pieces at the next octave of heightened perceptual sensitivity. Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012 posesses the only visual representation of the 12 DnA Strand Heart Soul Star Matrix on the Planet. It was drawn before Barbara Marciniaks "Bringers of the Dawn" was published. Some of the information that is seeking to come forth is needed by a great many individuals as well as the general collective. It does not seem to be fair to me, that there seems to be a tone and stance of distancing towards younger individuals who hold onto pieces of the greater overall whole picture. How much money has been made off of the "Flower of Life Pattern" teachings ?
I am a seed planter. This morning after I wrote to you, my girlfriend took care of some emails; and I went back to sleep. While in my dream state, I had a dream about China. This is the second China Oriented dream that I have since I moved to Tucson, Arizona {from California 4 months ago}.
First China Dream - Integration & Overcoming of the Draconian Archetype/Self - 7/16/99
Last night I had a crazy dream. For some reason I had to go to China, while I was there I had to bring something back with me. It was a really weird dream but it seemed to be related the the Alpha Draconians/Reptillians. There was a whole lot more information downloaded into my consciousness about 'Omni-Dimensional Science & Spirituality' and the integration of these opposing polarities into a higher/more in tune perceptual framework. All that I really remembered when I woke up, somehow I got to china; I don't remember how I got there. I was just in China all of a sudden and I was in this house. There was a woman who came and talked to me, she was there to guide me to where I was supposed to be going. The both of us went outside and there were pristine mountainscapes surrounding me. The house was in a valley, then this woman took me to a place where there were all these other people. It was sort of like a resort, except everywhere around there were these carved statues of snakes and dragons/lizards. I was there because I needed to talk to this master. I was walking around the resort with all of these carved statues and there were these musicians playing in an ampitheatre. Above where the musicians were playing, in the sky there were these opalescent geometric shapes changing form and rotating in synchronization with the music. They were changing into different 3-dimensional geometric forms, the shape of the sounds it seemed to me they resembled - alot of tri-angulation. The music was very ethereal and otherworldly as well - almost cosmic. I walked by where the musicians were playing because I had to go and talk to the master. The master was sitting out in the middle of this field meditating and she was levitating off the ground !! As I started to walk out there towards her this is when all of this information was downloaded into my consciousness.. it was like a stream of words, images, thought associations {all of the higher self expression} .. etc. Anyways this master woman started to talk to me about integrating these opposing polarities, and it had to do with the draconian archetypal energies. At that point Stephanie {the girl who was in bed with me - physically in real time} kissed me on the cheek and I woke up. As my consciousness was pulling out of the dream state, I had the impression of looking at the graphic on the 'principles' page of my omni-dimensional science and spirituality website {offline for development}.
Just A Pipe Dream, or Are There Others who have Similarly Inclined Feelings & Thought Form Receptions ? !
So anyways, in the dream this morning.. {Oct 21, 1999} I was in a parrallel/potential future reality timeline. This was two or three years in the future. China was highly more developed than it is today, with somewhat of a western influence from what is developed there today; the country seemed to be highly flourishing. I had flown in from somewhere and when I arrived I met with other people who were there from other locations upon this world. We were picked up by a van that then proceeded to be driven through China. For some reason during the ride a opium pipe was passed around. In the dream I remembered how very curious this was, and I actually thought of Bill Clinton, I admit I did inhale and a great Euphoric feeling was created as the individuals in the Van began to discuss where we we were going. The people who were in the van were being transported to a meeting in Central China that was called 'The Global Council of Nations & Association of Elders'. We did not get to the meeting, as soon as I became aware in the dream of where we were going; I woke up with a startled jump. I recounted the dream to my partner/co-creator, girlfriend & room mate, Stephanie. Then I layed back down on the bed and began crying. It was definitely a significant dream upon some level, very vivid.
Global Council of Nations & Association of Elders - Embryonic Seed
Very, Very Rough Draft Mind Map
In this potential reality timeline, the world shattering earth changes that most of humanity had been expecting had not occurred to the degree that the structures of our entire developed level of civilization were destroyed - IN FACT, things had moved significantly more into alignment back in harmony. This is the reality timeline that we are here to align ourselves with. There are very significant decisions that will need to be made involving every nation and all races upon this world, the entire of earths planetary inhabitants. The current Government & Military, Industrial Hollywood Complex structure we have developed at the close of the 20th Century, is insufficient to maintain or sustain the operation of our Planets State of Affairs in a way that insures that the Original Vision of the Founding Fathers of the United States is Beheld and Unfolded into the next level. Do we want to see the United States invaded because of our Tactics as they relate to our Involvement in Policing the Planet with Military Force, through the U.N/NATO ? If Humanity was wise, we would begin to seriously consider the State of Affairs upon this Planet; there are a situations that must be dealt with on various levels with a high degree of clarity & scrutiny. There need to be open forum talks involving making serious strides forward in Global Politics, Planetary Management & World Development. The 21st Century is breeching the Horizon. The building of a Global Network of Bio-Regional Multi-Media Education, Research & Application/Design Centers will in time become seen as an integral necessity. This is the only choice, if we are going to be able to strategically co-ordinate our activities planetwide to the degree that we will have the capability to maneuver our lives & civilization structures through the changes that are underway & on the increase in occurrence.
Deep breaths, THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT {laughs}. All I want is a career in Multi-Media Design & Global Education, the ability to travel; so that I can do presentations around the planet ! We need as much support and investment in Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012 that we can receive. Now comes the test for the entire lightworker community - is humanity ready ? We posess a part of the solution to the Species Wide Developed Level of Paradigm Shift we are facing, just as there are many others of us who hold onto the various pieces. The potential exists within this now moment for them to be put together, and manifested upon the physical dimensional levels of the planet. If you are reading through this, then you may be one of them. We encourage you to contact us, or make a pledge within yourself to become involved in "Project Homeworld" in some way.
The talk has been going on for 12 years since Harmonic Convergence in 1987, the seeds have been planted that have grown into what has become unfolded with the various segmented communities at this point today. I have seen past the year 2,012, from what I know and have read; up until recently beyond 2,012 could not be viewed. Humanity had not shifted to the degree that our civilization existed in tact, nor were there enough souls incarnated {because our civilization was destroyed}. For this reason, remote viewers have not been able to see past Galactic Synchronization in 2,012. Well if you know about the multi-incarnational nature of the oversoul - this should clearly be a reasonable & plausible explanation. The nature of Remote Viewing is that it utilizes ones higher dimensional cognitive and perceptual capabilities as well as the non-localized aspect of their consciousness. It is essentially a form of discplined astral travel/direct cogniscience attunement. I feel that a clearer understanding of what the "Soul Body" is, leaning towards a clearer view of how the ancients discerned it; is a necessary piece in putting things back into perspective. If our civilization is destroyed at some point in between this now moment and around 2,012; there will be very few individuals on the planet. The nature of the soul is that it is also connected through genetic chromosonal ancestral heritage. If an individual does not have a living descendant, or a living/incarnate individualized extension of their oversoul at a point in the timeline that is being viewed; all that will be perceived is a blank field. This is pretty common sense knowledge when one begins to understand the "Soul Body", also the ability to perceive on mulitple levels simultaneously; and utilze ones inherent heightend cognitive and perceptual capabilities. These are some of the "Issues" that a "Foundation for Omni-Dimensional Science & Spirituality" would deal with, besides countless numerous others.
The reality timelines have shifted, this past weekend Stephanie and I achieved what I feel was one of the deeper level octave harmonic pulses being achored into the planetary matrix, sent out, and released into the collective mindfield. I know that on some level there are and were many people participating simultaneously. Essentially what I did was create a vortex portal in between our reality in this dimension and the next world; that we are seeking to inhabit. I took all of the energy that has been locked for the past 13,000 years dealing with my Oversoul, Stephanies Oversoul & the Joint combined Energy of our Individual Frequency Signatures and pulled another seed down into the levels of conscious awareness. We Have been working with the 12 DnA Strand Heart Soul Star Matrix/144,000 Faceted Etheric Diamond Light Crystal Core for quite a while. I understand some of the ancient energy field science. I have been here for 25,860 years ago; since the beginning of this previous cycle of time at the request of the Andromedan Council. I come to you originally from a source in the Andromeda Galaxy. My homeworld exists within a tri-nary star system upon a higher dimensional physical planet. At an oversoul level I have extensions into almost every single sector of this milky way galaxy - of Course, I have the only visual representation of the 12 DnA Strand Heart Soul Star Matrix on the planet. According to Alex Collier - the Original intended blueprint of the Human Species was contributed to by 22 different species. With an understanding of energy field dynamics and the ancient crystalline holographic supercomputer grid system that once existed physically ~ and is in the process of being re-activated & downstepped once again into physicality, the Halls of Amenti ~ omni-dimensional science and spirituality can be realized once again - through the Law of One. Yeah I know about the holographic storage modules within the quantum levels of our DnA also {Please Order the 12 DnA Strand Heart Soul Star Matrix Anchoring Packet for Further Details}.
I know this may seem elementary and rhetorical; you have my apologies for that. I feel that it is necessary to have a clearly delineated framework to be navigating within and through; It is the essence of the next level of groundwork for this planet.
Extraterrestrials have been involved in overseeing the processes upon this world since humanities inception.
So lets circuit back for a moment, in the first dream I had about China. It had to do with integrating the balance of polarities - in reference to the dealings with and agendas of both the Zeta_Reticuli & the Alpha Draconian species {look at the chinese eyes - HINT}. This is in essence what we achieved this weekend. In response to this I had the following vision, on October 18, 1999:

Omicron Destiny Realized ~ Neo-Civilization Infrastructure Established. A Global Network of Bio-regional Multi-Media, Education, Resarcg and Application/Design Centers will become manifest upon the physical dimensional levels of the planet.
Principle 1 - Through an aligned vision joined together with strategically co-ordinated action massive overwhelming shifts in the planetary mind field as well as the structures within our society that have shackled and bound our minds expression of our hearts soul can be dissolved & re-directed.
Omicron is a Pegasus Unicorn who has returned at these times to assist individuals in dissolving the seperation in between opposing aspects of self; also taking the unified vision of individuals in alignment towards a higher expression. Omicron can also increase momentum towards initation of manifestation upon the physical dimensional levels of the planet. I encourage for each individual who is reading through this to tune into the energetic vibrational signature of 'Omicron'.
Notice the use of the Pegasus in our film industry, and the lion. I wonder if the symbol for our movies will be an Omicron or Pegasus Unicorn in the 21st Century ?! I potentially may be if an Unlimited Envision can be locked into our collective consciousness and mental energy field.
Please Forward Our Website URL | to As Many Light Networks, Individuals, Organizations, Corporations, Governments & Extraterrestrial Incarnates That Can Be Achieved - We Need Momentum, Superluminal Infusion, and Investment On all Operational Parameter Wavelengths :)
We Have Begun To Answer The Clarion Call, we Recognize the Imminence of Species Wide Developed Level of Civilization Paradigm Shift -
We are awaiting humanities return to the complete and total holographic embraceal of the truth underlying every single religious belief system and mystery school teaching. This being the dualized nature of the universal life force, its inherent animating intelligence and their grand weaving dance through the schematic model or blueprint of creation. In the higher spheres it is known as the 'Master Key Template of Divinity'. The earth based 2-dimensional representation of the 'Flower of Life Pattern' must acquire a spherical and holographic quality if humanity is going to maneuver through the increasing amplitude shifts as this star system changes location in galactic space at the completion of this greater cyclic orbit of time.
We invite your participation, support, and financial investment in our efforts.
A Vision I had October 18, 1999 - 12 DnA Strand Heart Soul Star & Omicron the Pegasus Unicorn Fully Anchored Into Planetary Matrix/Collective Level Human Consciousness Mind Field - Towards the Creation of the Neo-Civilization and the Establishment of a Global Network of Bio-Regional Multi-Media Education, Research & Application/Design Centers for Planetary Management & World Development. Catastrophic Obliteration TimeLine Has Been OverCome. Now Must Come Massive Overwhelming Strategy to Re-Orient the Physical Matrix of the Human Physiological Vehicles Dimensional Spectrum. This In Turn Increases the Unfoldment Process Towards Higher Light Alignment - Beyond Particle Wave Duality.
The Vision of Omicron the Pegasus Unicorn {OCTOBER 18, 1999}:
Tonight I have begun to figure out what 'Omicron Destiny' is. I have identified who Omicron is as well. Tonight as I lay in bed, I have not been able to sleep, my spirit is very restless. While laying here, I was able to view the Lion on the Giza Plateua {called a sphinx} in its higher dimensional geomteric form. It seems as if tonight I have been very strongly called to become a part of this greater cause close to full force. First of all let me describe to you the vision as I just beheld a few minutes ago laying in bed.
I tried to lay back down to sleep, my mind seems to be in a very receptive state. So I am laying here with my eyes closed working on relaxing my mind. The further I relax my mind I begin to see this Solar Lion Deity, then the scene shifts and I begin to think of unicorns; something that I have not ever thought about before. I hear an internal dialog that says ""Only one Unicorn exists in each world". I asked what the unicorn looked like that existed in my world. As I thought formed this question, the internal visualizations then further began to shift. Here is what I saw. I saw the lion in its higher dimensional geometry form. As I observed the Lion/Sphinx on the Giza Plateau, it stood up. As it stood up, the image of the lion was overlaid with a horses physiology. Next the face underwent a transfiguration, and it acquired a phoenix head and spread its wings. As it spread its wings, the image further shifted to reveal the Sphinx in its Higher Dimensional Geometry Form. The Horse-Phoenix began to gallop. As it lifted off the ground it completed its transformation. Before my eyes was beheld a beautiful Pegasus. This Pegasus had a single horn with a di-strand spiral, like a Unicorn. I would say this is the silicate based representation and original imprint of the solar deity. I saw that with the 12 DnA Strand Heart Soul Star anchored the di-strand dna spiral of the serpent became the silicon based matrix of the Pegasus Unicorn, an Omicron.

& The Tri-Lateral Commission
{Military~Industrial~Hollywood Complex} !:
James Cameron Conspiracy Theory Part 1
James Cameron Conspiracy Theory Part 2
James Cameron Conspiracy Theory Part 3

I offer this with Love in Unity, with Knowledge, Harmony, Understanding, and Compassion - Towards Infusion of Animating Life Force combined with Universal Tenacity. Now is the time for all that has been shroded in mist to be clarified.
Towards the Full Embodyment of 'OMICRON DESTINY' ~ Heart Beat Pulse Synthesis through the Diamond Light Body Structure Into Greater Architecture of Sentient life ~AuM~
Tri-Une Lock Spherical, Cubical, Diamond Light Matrix Interface Activate Haromnious WaveForm Operational Parameters In The Entirety of the Human Species :)
Illuminati - ERASE YOURSELF FROM PARAMETERS OF OPERATION WITHIN HUMANITIES SOUL - Or At Least Come Out From Behind Your Mask Self Oriented Alpha Draconian Reptillians & Zeta-Reticuli factions !
Please View:
Hidden Mysteries Article on DNA
Anna Haye's Voyagers Material

So I am not quite sure where this all goes from here. I would not really think of myself as being an interspecies diplomat, hehe. I guess you can tell that I am pretty sirius about Omicron the Pegasus Unicorn, though. I have keen strengths linguistically, also a strong visual capability. The graphics on my website, although I have composed most of them, some contain elements from other individuals that I have incorporated {with permission}. There are also borrowed graphics on the Original Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012 website. All the sacred geometry graphics I created in photoshop, utilizing the Sacred Geometry Source/Coloring Book.
Please read Unlmited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012 One Year Anniversary Manifestation Experiemnt {September 21, 1999}:
Unlmited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012 One Year Anniversary Manifestation Experiemnt
This is my purpose, I am here to take what has been anchored by the individuals who have been at the forefront of this process; the older generation; to the next level. I could go on for quite a while as there are quite a few internested loops I would have to go into. I guess I will just continue to type as the words come to my mind. So anyways, on another level; this weekend right after we achieved this lock and I decoded the higher dimensional geometric form of the lion/sphinx. We experienced a dual simultaneous synchronicity. We were just in the mode of being incredulized already, before it occurred.
The night after the anchoring descrbed in the first part and then decoding the higher dimensional geometry form of the Lion/Sphinx on the Giza Plateua, we had a dual simultaneous synchronicity. Stephanie whose last name is Fuchser had been telling me the night before how there was a website for her families lineage. She had been looking into her families heritage, we have been interested in genetics due to the extraterrestrial involvement in our lives. This other guy who lives in the apartment complex here, we connected; I went over to his apartment to talk to him for a few moments. He had no awareness of the kind of stuff I was into. He started to recount to me an experience he had with a craft when he was 5 years old our of no where. We talked for a little while as I told him about my experiences. I was going to give him a hard copy of the 12 DnA Strand Heart Soul Star Matrix Cosmic Mandala Anchoring Packet. I walked back to my apartment to get the packet, when I walked in; Stephanie was at the computer. She looked up and told me that the webmaster/host of the Fuchser family lineage website had just emailed her. We both started tripping out, this was incredible ! So, if that is not enough synchronicity for you; let me add some more to my account here - hopefully this will cut so deeply into your core that the vision will become crystallized.
Alrighty. Egypt, the Pyramids & O'rion Belt Star Alignment. My name is Daniel Ryan. Although I do not really resonate with Solara, I am aware that she calls the three belt stars of the constellation - "El, An, & Ra'. So Check this out: daniEL ryAN ~ aRA.
So what are "WE" going to do about this ? The structures of our entire developed level of civilization are going to be put into question, very seriously within the next 3 years. You just received the biggest wake up call of your life, my ancient friend of the woven tapestry. We could really use your on our team ! What kind of thoughts & feelings has this expression generated ? Write us and let us know what you think !!!
What Shall Be Chosen, To Become an Example; or to follow the wolves in sheeps clothing. The decisions that are made by individuals, and through the joint combined synthesis of those individuals sincere vision and heart-soul star embodyment will determine the potential future & the course of generations - that could affect countless numerous worlds
Its about Omicron Destiny, when the EnVisions Become Unlimited - the paradigm shift will become locked - circuit complete. There are WORLD WIDE OBSTACLES THAT MUST BE OVERCOME & DEALT WITH - FACED. BY EVERY RACE & ALL NATIONS !
This is The Final Clarion Signal Call Before Y2K & The Increasing Solar Flare Activities ! DO YOUR RESEARCH - if you dont understand, its all coming forth.
Your Participation, Support, and Investment is necessary. We need assistance on every level. Please email if you have any insights or resonate with this Unlimited Envisions for our Species, the Potential world our children will inherit, and the Destiny we shall manifest. We are here, the ancient, ancient, ancient, ancient, ancient, ancient, ancient, ancient soul warriors; from beyond God we have whence come forth :)

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