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Metatrons Cube & Grids {Anchoring The Master Key Template of Divinity}
Andromedan Perspectives on The Anchoring Higher Octave Frequencies
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We come to you this evening in response to the tremendous outpouring of energies which have been focused opon this most recent message we have transduced through this ones being. We would like to remind you we are The Andromedans, of the Andromedan-O'rion-Draconian Alliance. We are so overjoyed by the tremendous outpouring of spirit which is truly underway within the hearts and souls of so many of the inhabitants of this planet. You see we have come to you at this time through this means of communication as it is one of the most efficient which is currently available. There is technology which exists that would allow you to be able to tune your beings into a wider spectrum or scope. This is what we come here to assist in. Over the past 12 years since your first leading edge soul realized teachers arranged for the Harmonic Convergence to be Synchronized and Aligned into the Plantery Grids; your world view has significantly shifted. This has increased around the planet through the activities of various lightworkers and master teachers anchoring and awakening certain codes within themselves and into the planetary grids at these sacred sites.

Aerial View of Stonehenge MonumentsGiza PyramidsAerial Image of Machu Picchu

There has be talk of the anchoring of these key codes and the original template or matrix of "ALL THAT IS" being remembered. There has been proof of this through the work of many of your leading edge researchers. We thank those of you {you know who you are} who are the leaders of these young awakening ones who hold onto the original blueprints of the holographic energetic matrix of the divine template. Soon the momentum of Energy will increase and octave shifts will occur in much shorter spans of time as to be almost be disorienting. This is one of our main reasons for bringing these communications forward. We would like to stress that what in actuality you are being re-awakened to is the most ancient and advanced high sciences that exist within creation and this galaxy. This is the gift you will awaken from within and give to yourselves! We merely have a few basic introductory principles to offer you.

In time we would like each one of you who resonate with these transmissions to go within and tune into your own source of intuition and spiritual guidance. Through your connection to source you can ask for us to overshadow you with our presence. We are specialists in many of the vast wonders and mysteries within the creational patterens of the universal realm. The communication that we brought through on March 2, 1999 regarding our Perspective on your awakening process and this Ancient Lost Knowledge purported to be stored inside "The Hall of Records" is just the first installment in what we would like to see become an understanding anchored inside each and every single one of you. There are those of you who are ready for the next octave of initiate seekers to come forward.

The Human Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Fields

There are so many young curious ones upon this world, this is who we are really targeting our focus upon. Those of your children who are so brilliant with the diamond lights existence glimmering inside, with vision and hope for a new future and a new world as your civilization is re-oriented and re-aligned at the completion of this cycle of time and life.. These are the crystal children which have been spoken of through a variety of other sources of inspired material. The "Hall of Records" already has been opened. The Mystery has been solved. As the mainstream of the lightworker {spiritual & ancient wisdom seekers/teachers} and leading thought {scientific} Communities combine their opposing perspectives and compare their thought frameworks which mesh together a higher perceptual framework and world view is unfolding.

You are truly blessed to be alive upon this planet at such an oppurtune segment in time to experience occurrences and conceive of things in ways that have not existed here for over 13,000 years. Through these communications what you will receive is a combined perspective that has been formed by many different species within this galaxy. This framework is what is used to regulate and oversee the operational functioning and governenace of systems that exist at every level of the fractalline geometric structure of creation; through the entire spectrum of dimensional octaves up and down the scale of vibration. You must familiarize yourself with the language we are using to describe these concepts. As of now we must work within the imperfections in your collective functionings and abilities to directly transduce information from higher spatial dimensional sources of intelligence and communicate it directly {through telepathy}.

What in essence is being undertaken within this one {Me: Daniel} is the planting of information in holographic visual form. This has been going on and underway within his life for sometime. The gifts that you all have the ability to to tune into and give yourselves as you open up to the levels within your being where the original creational template is stored are magnificent in their glory to behold.

The concepts which we introduced in our last transduction implant will allow you to begin to form a cohesive enough perceptual framework that the information we bring forward as time unfolds will piece together what we and all the other Archetypal Intelligences of the Original Mystery School Teachings have always held Sacred and in High Esteem. The Planetary Flower of Life Matrix has been anchored into the etheric crystalline grids, and enough individuals have begun to understand sacred geometry and the teachings of Holographic Visualization/Breathing of the Creational Geometry Templates/Merkaba Technologies.

Unified Field of Creation and CompletionFlower of Life MatrixUnified Field of Creation and Completion
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The second wave or "next" octave which was initiated on The Winter Solstice {December 21, 1998} will even increase in amplitude as the alignment with an Eclipse on August 10th and The Grand Cross in the heavens occurs on August 17-18, 1999. You can look forward to one of the most Global Strategically Co-Ordinated Shifts in Planetary Understanding ever undertaken. We are setting this Target Date as the most significant focal point for paradigm shifting in the planetary consciousness before the arrival and turning of the Millenium Y2k scenario.

Those of you who feel that the inhabitants of this world need a display of vehicles from another world to circle the globe in some sort of mass sighting to awaken the masses, may be disappointed as time unfolds. We would say that until enough of the inhabitants of this planet have the courage and dedication to take the pieces of the puzzle, that are already held onto and rotate them until they fit key in lock, then anchored into your heart {we will remain only semi-visible}. When this heart~lock is achieved within each ONE who seeks the Diamond Light Crystalline Core and the True Knowledge and Wisdom of the Creator Level Beings, through the Light Languages of the Solar Tongue and the Universal Law of One, the Sacred Eternal Circuit shall be complete!

Benedick Howard's Light Language Site

You will all see what is already truly underway right now this moment upon your world within this sector of the galaxy. As your star system shifts location in galactic space in relation to other star systems {through the natrually occurring solar-galactic orbital cycles}. In our last transduction implant we discussed with you a way to begin perceptually sense and cognitively understand electromagnetic fields. If you need to refresh your memory please return to: Andromedan Perspectives on the Hall of Records.

Lets take a few minutes and meditate.

Once again within your minds eye tune yourself into your being. Initiate whatever breathing patterns you use. Really ground yourself into the Earth and feel your root connection with the planetary womb. Tune into your solar plexus and visualize a strong field opening up through that chakra surrounding your entire being. Focus on your heart and feel love and compassion for yourself, for your families, for our world. Feel within yourself whatever tugging in between both polarities of this world that may exist inside you still, both light and darkness. Ask that your higher self and oversoul overshadow you, and whatever other sources of spiritual guidance or intelligence from a higher spatial dimension you tune into. Focus on and Visualize the Energy fields around your body going upwards from out your crown and downwards through your base {surrounding you in with their donut/torus shape}. Just take a couple of minutes and sit inside your field with knowledge of how its shape surrounds your physiological structure. Visualize this as a circuit with some of the most highly advanced design specifications being completed. Through this sacred circuit your link to both the Earth and The Stars is in Place with you as the Instrument and Transducer. The Crystalline Matrix of the Diamond Light Core Can now be Anchored into Your Heart, as well as the Original Intended Blueprint and Universal Schematic Model of Creation & Completion ~ The Divine Master Key Template of Divinity. Ask to receive blessings from us, The Andromedans and give thanks to the Universal Life Force and all Sentience and Intelligence for assisting your species in gaining clarity of insight and guidance during these monumental times of solar and planetary energy field shifting. We give you thanks in return for allowing us to share our perspective!

As time unfolds we shall have much more to share with you. We ask you to remain conscious of the fact that in essence what truly is underway is the seeding from higher spatial sources of intelligence advanced concepts and the awakening from within the Quantum levels of your DNA information which has lain dormant for many thousands and thousands of years. The technologies of this process are some of the most advanced creational science and physics which exists in the Universe. It is our intention to assist you in understanding this, and making it as easy as is possible for you. Fun Too ! The pathways are being revealed and laid forth before your eyes by the leading edge thinkers and visionaries. These communications are directed towards anchoring into the individualized human consciousness the original design specifications for a fully enlightened and activated earth Based Bi-Pedal Hominid Prototype Soul Vehicle; and making the Semi-Visible Creational Patterns of the Divine Schematic Model and Master Key Template of Divinity Crystal Clear.

We would like to remind you, we are the Andromedans of the Andromedan~O'rion~Draconian Alliance...and Galactic Federation of Star Systems and Civilized Worlds....

The Andromeda Galaxy

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1999 Daniel Ryan {Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012}