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Flower of Life Matrix {Second Rotation}
Andromedan Perspectives on "A Simple Mis-Understanding"
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Greetings to you beloved member of the human species. We come to you this evening at the request of the Planetary, Solar and Galactic Councils. We would like to remind you {and this one}, this vibration that you are becoming familiar with through these writings is of the Andromedans. We are a vast archetypal collective energy and intelligence that has held many important time lock codes and energy/information packets for your species. We have much to share with you. This one has begun to awaken to the templates and patterns within creation and completion that are responsible for the weaving together of the forces which hold together the cohesion of physical matter and the cosmos together. Others of you have begun to become aware of this and come to these same conclusions.

Those of you who have begun to tune into and awaken this awareness within your self realize how truly blessed you are to be alive upon this world. The function you are serving within the Universal Schematic is that of the most utter and pristine importance. We would like you to know that we are here to assist you in Re-Circuiting your Physiological Structures so the accumulated energetic blockages and subconsious/soul level patterns that many of you are so desperately struggling with will be rewoven and upstepped into a higher vibrational pitch and mode of self expression through your beingness. We are here for you through these times, all that you must do is tune into the stillest voice of your intuitive guidance; tune into your hearts expression of Unconditional Love for all Sentience and Creation and ask for us to begin to teach you. A true teacher is one who directs you to look within but guides you to a certain degree in that navigation into this core. We would like to remind you, we are The Andromedans of the Andromedan-O'rion-Draconian alliance. This evening we wish to share with you a taste of the true power which you possess and contain within the inner most core of your being.

Our Inner Most Core

First there are some things that you need to get clear within yourself. Those of you have begun your awakening process and done at least a surface cursory overview of your recorded history know that the heavens have always fascinated and captivated your species, holding your illumined inner eyes in awe. Within these times of perceptual unfolding, the stories that your current 20th century sciences and religious belief systems have formulated are being questioned. We feel that this is very positive, for those frameworks which brought you to the point you have reached today, have almost in a sense become obsolete. We do not say this to harm you emotionally, we simply wish to encourage you to seek clarity in regards to truths as they are presented in your search for illumined heart soul expansion and individual expression into your unlimited god realized self. Many of you are still finding great difficulty in these growth processes which are underway. We would like you to know that the increased energy which is now being radiated by your star and its corresponding effects upon your planetary homeworld {yourselves included within and upon it} does affect your being, in very significant and sometimes even extreme ways. What we are seeing is that as the vibrations increase you are given oppurunities to make greater leaps in releasing, healing and personal growth.

Healing On All Levels - Into the Chromosonal Genetic Structure {Anchoring The Original Creation Pattern}Healing On All Levels - Into the Chromosonal Genetic Structure {Anchoring The Original Creation Pattern}Healing On All Levels - Into the Chromosonal Genetic Structure {Anchoring The Original Creation Pattern}Healing On All Levels - Into the Chromosonal Genetic Structure {Anchoring The Original Creation Pattern}Healing On All Levels - Into the Chromosonal Genetic Structure {Anchoring The Original Creation Pattern}Healing On All Levels - Into the Chromosonal Genetic Structure {Anchoring The Original Creation Pattern}
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These are the times to put the system of procedures or rituals which you use to focus yourself into action big time. Always keep in mind that when the energies of two or more individuals are combined with a joint focus through the heart and aligned with ones higher mind, a third unified energy is created which more than doubles the strengh of a single individuals manifestation and creative abilities. Those of you who endeavor and strive towards awakening into who you have the potential to become must work within certain operational procedures and frameworks. There are ways to make tremendous leaps in personal growth, towards integration and balance and it does not need to include pain or suffering. We do not hold any secrets from you, for truly there were and never have been any secrets. There are only those things that are unknown, not understood, or beyond the range of your sensory and cognitive perception and abilities currently held. This universe you exist within is laid out right before your eyes in all directions. The only thing which has kept the teachings of the most highly advanced and ancient ones fragmented, lost, forgotten, mis-remembered and destroyed is a simple mis-understanding.

If this misunderstanding is to be healed and transcended, no blame can be placed on any one individual or group of beings involved. For all species within this grand creation have made mistakes and had their trials and tribulations. We would like to remind you that we are the Andromedans of the Andromedan-O'rion-Draconian alliance. We know this makes you very curious maybe hinging on even fear, and yes this curiousity and fear exists because of this great misunderstanding. First, we would like you to become aware of a truth that we would like to present to you. This is a truth that we have come to embrace within our own species evolution and growth path. Earlier in this dialog we briefly mentioned that we would share with you a flavor of the true power which lies inside the core of your beings.

Within the core of your being exists an etheric crystalline matrix. This crystalline matrix exists on a vibrational wavelength of the spectrum that oscillates at a higher frequency. This crystalline matrix contains 144,000 facets, within it's structure lies the Master Key Template of Divinity. The truth which we wish to share with you is that within the understanding we have come to form, this universe we find ourselves within; this creation in its boundaryless complexity is so near to perfection, its glory truly so magnificent, awe inspiring and soul quenching - even beheld within our nearly immortal eyes. It brings us tears of joy, as we watch over your species unfold your mental constructs and consciousness frameworks beyond fear based limitations into these levels of realization.

Accessing and Anchoring the Oversoul Self

We are here to see that the seeds which have been planted within your collective consciousness over the past few years are finally brought into alignment with work towards physically manifesting that which it is you are seeing has the potential to exist, if you create it. In a sense we serve the function of being diplomats within the cosmos. Let us return to what we re-ferred to earlier as being a simple mis-understanding, albeit it one with very wide ramifications. First you must understand that the 144,000 faceted etheric crystalline matrix which is interwoven into the cores of your being has within it what we referred to as the Master Key Template. This template is based upon the flower of life matrix and is inter-related to the sacred geometry you are beginning to become so fascinated with and understand. These are literally the patterns through which energy is structuralized and downstepped/upstepped {also transduced in form} throughout the entire created-completed universe. This matrix is what weaves together the quantum and magnetic levels of your being {soul stuff} with the chemi-electro chromosonal genetic structure within you, working through the DNA~RNA Nucleo-Synthesis Process. This Master Key Template within the 144,000 faceted crystalline Matrix is what holds the time lock codes which once unlocked will rotate your energy fields and finally anchor into your heart the true blazing glory of your illumined god self. This will open up the whole spectrum of your perception to subtle energies and time space constructs and modes of beingness which are far superior and many times more advanced than what your species is currently expressing. This process is underway upon this planet during these times, even this moment right now today.

Merkaba Spinning At Super-Luminal Speed Surrounded By Bio-Electromagnetic FieldsThe Countdown Is UnderwayMerkaba Spinning At Super-Luminal Speed Surrounded By Bio-Electromagnetic Fields

We are trying to guide your consciousness to a place where polarization in between seeminly opposing forces is clearly discerned as merely being the cosmic dance of yin/yang that plays itself out through all of creation. Those of you who know of the Trinity of Christianity, should understand the Root which the Trinity of Christianity is based. Within the framework we would like to see you unfold into, with an understanding of the principles we are attempting to clarify for you; everything will make so much sense. This is when the circuit shall be complete and your blazing cores shall be illumined within thy self fully. The Trinity as we Understand it, would involve at itís basest level comprehending that there does exist a Universal Life force. This Universal Life Force contains an Inherent Animating Intelligence. The Universal Life Force is Feminine in Characteristic. This force has the potential to be structuralized into anything. The Inherent Animating Intelligence within this force is Masculine in Nature, as it is mostly responsible for directing the movement and thrust of current which this force is. This is the Duality which exists within all levels and is experienced through manifestation on worlds where beings exist within denser levels of physical dimensionality {where their higher dimensional and dual brain hemisphere aligned perceptual frameworks have not yet evolved}. The Trinity from an Andromedan Perspective would be formed through understanding these basic principles, and aligning it with the knowledge that the Universal Life Force and itís Inherent Animating Intelligence inter-weave themselves together through the Master Key Template. This is the Understanding of Divinity which we would like you to perceive. As Above, So Below, and As Within So Without. {Heart Lock, 13:20:33, Rotate Energy Fields, Disk Expand. Entrance into Infinity and Holographic Omni-Dimensional Hyper-Spatial Inward Rotating Expanding Outwards Recursive Fractal Geometric Shape-Shifting Luminescence, Spiraling From The Cores Center Surrounding one with Pure Wavelengths of Creation & Symmetry}

The Unity of The Trinity & The Master Key Template of Divinty

The simple mis-understanding which has had such great ramifications for many species within this galaxy and so many others along the various time line continuumís within existence, is caused through mis-use of this awareness. This is the Universal Core of Knowledge, Symmetry and Christ Conscious Clarity which contains all that ever has the potential to become manifest or exist within this Created Universe. It is simple to understand in its complexity, once your scope is attuned and you are perceiving through the proper set of lenses. We are here to assist you in anchoring into yourself the 144,000 faceted crystalline matrix. It is our intention to see you expressing these levels of beingness through your individual lifestyles, bringing this into manifestation upon physical levels dimensionality, and opening up your perceptual frameworks to the Holographic Omni-Dimensionality of the Original Creational Pattern also known as the Master Key Template of Divinity. We are here to assist you in unlocking that which has lain dormant within yourself for the last 13,000 years. We like to thank you for allowing us to share with you our perspective. In time, we have many wonderous things to share. We would also like to thank this one for sticking through this session even with the great difficulty he was experiencing transducing the material this evening.

The Andromeda Galaxy

We would like to remind you, we are the Andromedans, of the Andromedan-Oí rion-Draconian Alliance and Galactic Federation of Star Systems and Civilized Worlds.

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