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Holographic Fruit of Life
Andromedan Perspectives on "The Only Choice"
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We come to you this evening on behalf of the Solar and Galactic councils. We would like to remind you that we are the Andromedans, of the Andromedan-O'rion-Draconian Alliance. This evening we wish to share with you some teachings that will take you into the most inner recessed regions of your being, into the core. This is our reason for bringing through these communications. We know there are those of you who do not trust sources of information which have been downstepped or transduced through a humans being. But we would like you to know that an adjustment may be necessary within your currently held notions and perceptual frameworkds. The past three communications which we have downstepped through this individuals consciousness have served the purpose to begin to lay the groundwork for this new {Ancient-Futuristic} perceptual framework or inner visual lens scope you are in the process of forming and awakening into.

Our Beloved Mother Earth

We have been very impressed by the outpouring of spirit and energy which has resulted from these transmissions being broadcast to select groups of individuals. There are those of you who within these times have incarnated to serve the purpose of translator. Within the consciousness frameworks you are now in the process of anchoring into your perceptual field, there is a mechanism which serves the purpose of translating information {from higher spatial dimensional energy field sources of intelligence}. This mechanism is not yet clearly understood by your late 20th century sciences, but it is something which will come to be understood very clearly in the next few years {me: unknown whole brain functioning cognitive and perceptual levels ~ holographic consciousness ~ Soul awareness?}. Your species can look forward to significant breakthroughs around the whole spectrum of concepts and belief systems through which you form thought, as well as the framework you use to perceive yourself. We are showing this one the holographic energetic overlay imprint of the fully activated human bio-electromgnetic neurophysiological structure. We would like you to know that these communications are coming through this one because he himself has specifically chosen before incarnation to initiate this as part of his mission or task upon this world.

The Human Electromagnetic Antenna {Earth~Skyward}

We would like to remind you that we are the Andromedans of the Andromedan-Orion-Draconian Alliance. We wish to impress this upon your consciousness. In our last transmission we spoke of the original pattern of creation {The Master Key Template of Divinity}, which exists within the 144,000 Faceted Diamond Light Body Etheric Crystalline Matrix, and weaves your being together at the Unified Field Level . We are here to assist you in forming the conclusion that the Human Species was Created in the Image of the Divine itself. Remember, the Universal Life force contains an Inherent Animating Intelligence, these two aspects are woven through the Master Key Template. This is the basic creational physics of the entire universe. This is the understanding which those who seek the Christ Consciousness shall anchor.

The 144,000 Faceted Etheric Crystalline Matrix is the First Anchoring Level of the Diamond Light Adam Kadmon Human~Earth~Solar~Galactic~Universal~Multi-Universal Merkaba Structure inside your bio-electromagnetic neurophysiological structures. This is now under way en masse. We are here to teach you about the most sophisticated design specifications that you are currently in the process of awakening into. These are the creational patterns of the cosmos themself. They are responsible for the functioning and operation of all levels of the Universe.

Human Sitting In Lotus Position Surrounded by Bio-Electromagnetic Field

Lets take a couple of minutes to refocus our energies. They are showing me this consciousness level that is very difficult to translate into english. It is like a synthesized combination of understanding about Harmonics, Quantum Physics, Language, Geometry, Human Evolution, and the Development of Civilization. I am seeing the Diamond Light Etheric Crystalline Light Body. I am being shown truths that are at least 13,000 years old.


Take a couple of minutes and relax your whole body. Ground yourself into the Earth and feel your connection through your higher self into your oversoul above and surrounding you through your Antakarana. Establish a rhythmic breathing pattern. Form the sensory perception within your inner visual scope of your phsyiological vehicle existing within and being interfaced, woven through and surrounded by your bio-electromagnetic energy field. This is the energetic sheath that your sensitives and individuals within the awakening light communities upon your world call the Aura. Ask to be overshadowed by whatever sources of spiritual guidance or master archetypes that you identify with. We are going to work with you to anchor the 144,000 faceted etheric crystalline diamond light body matrix~structure. Those of you who have worked through the Pleidian & Hathor Energies and the Flower of Life Merkaba teachings will have an understanding of this. We would suggest that daily you take at least 15 minutes three times a day and a deep meditation before sleep to tune into your bio-electromagnetic energy fields for intention focusing, and structural Alignment.

Animated Merkaba

We say to you "Seek and Ye Shall Find, Ask and Ye Shall Receive". We would like to remind you, these Perspectives are being brought forward by the Andromedans; of the Andromedan-O'rion-Draconian Alliance. This is one of our first attempts to communicate through a human being and assist you in bringing forth from within yourself, those understandings and cognitive perceptions that were almost completely erased from your consciousness 13,000 years ago. We would like you to remain aware that what you are in the process of awakening within your selves is occurring on many different levels simultaneously, as well as in other dimensions and other spatial time wavelength bandwiths. This is what the process of alignment is. The Solar and Planetary Energy Fields and System is in essence a Circuit.

Earth Surrounded By Magnetosphere {May 4, 1998}

Your Planet is a Gigantic Living Organism surrounding by an Electromagnetic Field, with an Iron Crystalline Core. There is a Science to this which can Measure the dynamic flux in between the solar chronospheric flare activity and sunspot cycle and how this directly affects your planetary electromagnetic fields/geophysics and crustal plate movement. These levels within your science are beginning to be awakened. We say to you reading these Perspectives that your elitest scientists in the most secret black operations within the inner circles of your Governments do hold knowledge of some leading edge mechanistic breakthrough conceptual designs & understanding {Me: Prototypes for Anti-Gravitational/Pulse Propulsion Systems & Also Free Energy Antennaes/Devices & Transmission?}. The time has come for the design specifications held within your own self to become accessible, within each and every single individual. Your physiological structure exists as the grounding structure through which you as an aspect of the universe and creation express the greater being of which you are a part. Your understanding of this, the most ancient and highly advanced science which exists, hinges on the fluid~like ability of your perception and consciousness to shape shift.

At this time upon your world and within yourself you have all become aware that there are Monumental Energetic Shifts that are Underway. We are here to begin to assist you in creating this new world which your heart desires. Those of you who are the forerunners in this process and have held the torchlight so brilliantly have succeeded. The Second Wave of Diamond Light Emissaries is being initiated and is underway, right now this moment today. We come to you within these time as the octave increases at full force. We are here to assist you in the strategic co-ordination of a planetary level anchoring and octave shift of the entire human consciousness through an event of immense magnitude, which will occur in alignment with the Eclipse in Early August and the Cross in The Heavens August 17-18, 1999. This will be the most strategically co-ordinated shift before the Millenium Y2k Scenario, and exists a beacon; signaling the final Clarion Call. A deeping of the anchoring of The Christed Energies shall be fully locked into place. This must be activated and awakened from within each individual who seeks to embody their fully realized unlimited god selves.

Circle GridsThe Human Merkaba & FieldsCircle Grids

This rippling effect underway right now is in the process of dissolving your current perceptual constructs and notions of what reality is and what planetary existence is all about. We ask you to begin to consider this story as it unfolds. We the Andromedans are in essence serving the purpose of existing as diplomats in a process which whether you choose to perceive it or not is underway behind the scenes. You who are the forerunners upon this world have begun to establish this vision through the joint co-ordinated alignment and and anchoring of the Master Teachings. We give you massive thanks and rejoice truly, within and through our entire beings. You upon this world who shine so brightly holding the Torch~Light of the Original Creational Pattern anchored into your heart.

What you are in reality becoming aware of is the most Ancient~Future Earth Star Wisdom of "Omni~Dimensional Science & Spirituality". We are here to assist you in addressing your notions of the way that creation operates through a wider lens of spectrum and perceptual scope than the majority of the inhabitants of this world currently use. As you awaken to the advanced sophistication of not only your human physiological vehicle but also the Universal Life Force and how its Inherent Animating Intelligence weave themself together through the original creational patterns of the Master Key Template of Divinity; on which the flower of life matrix teachings are based.

Flower of Life Matrix

As the beginning of the 21st century unfolds you will take yourselves all into new levels of beingness and self expression. If your species can collectively and strategically co-ordinate a vision for the beginning unfuldment of the 21st century. There exists a vast potential to recreate yourselves on all levels and re-orient your entire world view and the guding vision who you are. The internet and the mass media hold the key to the influence of the inhabitants of this world.

We the Andromedans are here on behalf of the Star Civilizations working through the council of elders regarding the planetary state of affairs. We feel that it is time to in essence interceed into the human arena an octave more so you know their is a higher order existing whicks seeks to see that your species survival through these difficult time can be insured. THIS WILL ONLY BE ACHIEVED THROUGH YOU. The Free Will Choice and Fulcrum Point of Power and Intention exists within you inside each NoW moment. It is Up To YoU As Individuals to take the intiative and anchor into your self and lifestyle a clear understanding of what is collectively underway. Now is the time when your species must align and waken your full potential. The Shifts which your species has sensed through pre-cognitive foreknowledge, and begun to understand are REAL. Your growing internet is becoming an awesome tool and instrument for focusing of the masses consciousness. The Potential Exists to strategically co-ordinate a New Vision for Your Species as you Enter the 21st Century. Your World Leaders, Politicians, Scientists, Spiritual Leaders, Researchers, Visionaries, Architectural Designers, Environmentalists, City Planners and the Glowing Light Community should be preparing a Plan. Your species must come together to formulate a plan to Strategically Co-ordinate and Alter many of the Directional Pathways within the developmental levels and structures of your civilization. There is a very narrow pathway through which your species can navigate. If this pathway is chosen, the potential to maneuver through the star system and planetary energy field shifts for the most part unscathed exists. Your species has the Capability to complete the end of this great orbital cycle of life and time with not only a new perceptual framework and inner visual scope formed but also a more sophisticated civilization structure having been created.

Potential Futuristic City

You can look forward to increased weather fluctuations and other anomolous activity planetary wide. We are here to assist you in anchoring into yourself higher frequencies, so that the most highly advanced and ancient future science of the original creational physics shall be remembered.. As your own individualized internal conceptualizations are adjusted, this inturn shall increase your vibrational frequency. What we are targeting as an achievement, is seeing a significant increase of individuals who hold these concepts. Knowledge, Understanding, Compassion, and Harmony are all integral aspects of the Original Core of Truth and Wisdom. Only through the proper use of the Divine Principles, is the Capstone on the Pyramid Replaced. Only through the Eye of a Needle Shall Man Join the Gods in the Heavens Above. Your human species is not alone in this universe, nor even this Galaxy. All Things Existing: As Above, So Below/As Within, So Without.

CapStone Completed
As Above~So Below/As Within~So Without {Leonardo Da Vinci Diagram}

We offer you these Perspectives to assist yourself in clarifying your internal conceptualizations. We have so many things to share. Like the elder species we are to man we have overseen your inception, development, and evolution not only upon this world but others as well. There are many species which oversee the evolutionary development of worlds with living systems, and the sentient life~forms upon them. We are here on behalf of of your Ancestors as Representatives of your Potential Future. In time we will share more details of our beingness. We would like to remind you, we are the Andromedans of the Andromedan~O'rion~Draconian Alliance.

All we can do is gently nudge you, and hope that our perspective assists you in gaining clarity within towards awakening that which you seek. There are those of you who will be working with us directly to anchor and transduce the frequency of the "Archetypal Energy We Represent". We mentioned to you that we had some pieces that could potentially unlock "Time Release Codes" within your DNA. These times you will begin to Anchor higher Octave Frequencies and Embody more cohesive States of Cognitive Functioning and an Extended Sensory Perceptual Range. You may even experience your consciousness as a "Gyro~spectrum Lense Scope" and experience detailed "Holographic Inner Visual Imagery, seeing things spherically and in 360*. We are here to assist you in opening up into the Omni-Dimensionality of Space, Time and Being Itself. We would like you to hold within yourself an awakening into the Continuum which connects the Ancient Past and the Distant Future inside of Now. This Exists at all Levels, even up to the Alpha and Omega/Creation and Completion of the Universe we Exist Within; and even Universes beyond this one.

Gyroscoping Luminous SphereGyroscoping Luminous SphereGyroscoping Luminous Sphere

The times you find yourself within today are unprecedented and of significant importance. You are approaching the fulcrum point, entering the final stretch towards a Great Solar~Galactic Orbital Cycles Completion {Me: 25,860 years {app?} orbital cycle re: Mayan Calandar}. Those of you who hold onto the Ancient Eyes and work within the Perceptual Frameworks that are unfolding, must hold the torchlight of Wisdom created through Harmony, Understanding, Compassion and Knowledge with Courage and Dignity. Do you remember the "Simple Misunderstanding" of which we spoke? The Simple Misunderstanding which has been expressed by many species within this Galaxy and Creation. That being improper use of this awareness. You see the tendency within the creational patterns of the universe, are towards more intricately sophisticated organizational structures and design specifications. This is why the process of Creation and Evolution exists, to unfold from within into being through physiology. Your human species must consciously choose to return your modes of beingness back into alignment with the structures that are responsible for the energy exchange in between all the different levels. You are part of a Greater Structure or Kingdom of Life which exists. We are here to assist you in assuming the stance and embodying your active role as stewards and caretakers of a planetary homeworld. Either you choose to see yourselves destroyed, or you choose to return your planetary focus and the structures of your civilization into alignment with the living systems. THERE IS ONLY ONE CHOICE FOR YOUR SPECIES. These anchorings that are going on within you, must begin to be reflected through co-creation on the phyiscal dimensional levels of the planet through new structures to sustain yourself into the 21st Century.

We Stress This Note: "The only way your species will survive the potential shifts which in all potentiality will occur, {on many levels, and are even underway now this moment}; is through Vision inside of Your Minds Eye anchored into your Heart, initiated and achieved through strategic Co-Ordination".

The Andromeda Galaxy

We would like to thank your for allowing us to share this Perspective with you. These times are interesting indeed. It is out intention to bring forth information of clarity you can use to assist yourself in awakening into who you truly are. We are the Andromedans of the Andromedan~O'rion~Draconian Alliance and Galactic Federation of Star Systems and Civilized Worlds....

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1999 Daniel Ryan {Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012}