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Interconnecting Nodes on a Spherical Grid
Andromedan Perspectives on 'The Time at Hand' {March 28, 1999}
Glowing Bar

Greetings, we come to you this afternoon on behalf of the "Council of Elders" who exist in a higher spatial dimension outside of your limited rigid cognitive and perceptual models of space and time. We are the Andromedans of the Andromedan~O'rion~Draconian Alliance and Galactic Federation of Star Systems and Civilized Homeworlds. We have broadcast four previous transduction implants from within and through this one. We feel that the times for each and every single individual on this world within this moment right now are the most important, crucial and urgent. We can not stress to you enough how close to "Critical Mass" the collective consciousness upon this world is. The recent shift in your planets state of affairs {the conflict in kosovo/yugoslavia} is a signal, calling your attention to alert. Every single one of you who is tuned into the different thought streams which are being broadcast through this worlds media, whether it be main stream television or over the internet have become aware that there is a much larger picture of reality that exists. Through the tone or vibrational frequency of our communication it is our intention in essence to interface with your individualized consciousness and assist you in shifting the shape of your perceptual framework.

Holographic GridsMetatrons Cube Overlaid with GridsHolographic Grids

This moment right now you as an individual being have the oppurtunity and choice to take the initiative within yourself. We are bringing through our perspective at this time to offer you a way to perceive things that will allow you to deepen your inner resolution and strength. You are being called upon to make a commitment to yourself, your fellow human being and this homeworld you reside upon, Mother Earth. Your World Leaders and the Governing Structures of the Nations upon this planet must hear the cry which is being broadcast from within the collective soul of humanity. Those of you who have accepted the Torchlight of Harmony passed on by your own Ancestors to their Descendents must step forward and join hands, and put into practice through vision aligned with strategically co-ordinated action that which must be undertaken. There is only one choice for your species.

It is our intention to assist you in forming a perception that is shimmering in its etheric crystalline clarity. Those of you who are following the story we are in the process of sharing will learn how to awaken and begin to use perceptual capabilities and functional levels within your beingness that your most leading edge theoretical sciences are only now starting to understand. The shifting, mobilization, and achoring of the original intended blueprint of the fully evolved human species into the energetic matrices within the human bio-electromagnetic physiological structure has been successful. There are enough human beings upon this world who have begun the process of adjusting their internal antennaes to receive the higher vibrational frequencies that are increasing your planets "Atmospheric Charge".

Solar Chronosopheric and Sun Spot Cycle Activity are In Flux
Our Mother Earth is Undergoing Renovation

This naturally occurring level of Planetary~Solar functioning is created by fluctuations in the solar chronospheric and sun spot cycle activity. Another factor that is affecting the planets geo-physical functioning in a disruptive manner are your 'Governments' experimentation with such techologies as 'H.A.A.R.P' and other ELF and Psionic/Scalar Weaponry and Communications Experimentation. These technologies can be used to disrupt the 'Telepathic Communications' which are being broadcast to receptive humans. If your 'Governments' and 'Top Secret Black Operations' continue to operate from a stance within 'The Simple Misunderstanding' the reality and potential to completely destroy your entire developed level of civilization exists as a potential probability. This is in part our purpose for further assisting those other sources seeking to bring into the light the 'Core of Unity' underlying all of the Planetary Mysteries. In here lies the 'Sacred Circuit' that shall be completed at the end of this great orbital cycle of time. The 'Human Being' exists as an integral field pattern within the process of evolution and creation itself. Your species is being given the oppurtunity to bring to the forefront of your awareness an understanding using a clearer perceptual lens. You shall 'SEE' that which truly is in the process of unfolding, if you so CHOOSE.

PulseHAARP stands for High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program.Pulse

You must ready yourselves to accept and claim your 'Human Birth Right' which includes an understanding of your true heritage and potential as creator level beings? It is time for you to graciously allow 'A Clearer Truth' to unfold, and acknowledge the the full potential capabilities encoded into your design specifications. As we have begun to introduce to you previously, there does exist a Unified Energy Field of Creation and Completion. This Field contains an Inherent Animating Intelligence. Your species is in the process of reconceptualizing the images you have held dear for thousands and thousands of years. In time your Theoretical Quantum Physicists, Mathematicians, and technological designers will be able to model, measure and calculate the universes processes at this level.

Click Wave~Line

Your planet and your civilization are in dire need for your individualized consciousness to become adjusted and re-aligned within a more cohesive perceptual framework. This is what will allow you to shape shift your world view and understanding of those levels of cogniscience and heart felt intuitive knowing that have lain dormant and hidden for the past 13,000 years. You are now in the position to completely re-orient your understanding of those "Truths" which underlie all of your religious belief systems and mystery school teachings. In our previous Perspectives we have begun to outline for you a rough framework which if utilized will allow your individualized consciousness to become activated to the degree that the semi-visible becomes the reality which is more clearly perceived.

We would like to remind you, the energies which you are becoming familiarated with are those of the Andromedans. We would like to share with you a little bit about ourselves and our reason for undertaking this stance towards your dawning conscious awareness during these times. We are well aware that the consensus reality held onto by the majority of the inhabitants of Planet Earth is very rigid. Your Species Collective Consciousness at this point in time is experiencing significant tremendous flux. Those things which exist beyond the currently accepted world view and have been disavowed and denied for so long are beginning to become acknowledged as potentially existing. Your World Governments are very sneaky in their manipulation of the masses consciousness through disinformation. This is rapidly in the process of shifting. Your "Global Communications Web" the internet is growing at an exponetial rate.

Global Sattelite Communications

The 'Human Imagination' is the region of your beings that can not be controlled or manipulated, although it has the capability to be directed and is very receptive to Visual Information. Much of what we are attempting to show you has to be perceived from multiple directions towards a central focus or on many levels simultaneously. It is our intention to assist you in awakening within yourself an understanding of the most highly advanced science and creational physics which exist within this universe, of which you are interwoven as an integral participant. Within this moment right now you have the oppurtunity to turn inwards and affirm your allegiance with the highest aspect of yourself, anchoring into your Heart the 144,000 Faceted Etheric Crystalline Core of the Adam Kadmon Diamond Light Body.

In our previous 'Perspectives' we introduced to you the concept of the "Master Key Template of Divinity". We would like for you to conceive of this as a 'Semi-Visible' matrix through which the Universal Energy Field/Life Force and it's inherent animating intelligence weave together to create and hold the cohesiveness of physicalized form. You all are quite aware that matter is energy that has been structuralized and is vibrating at a specfic frequency wavelength . The concept of an intelligently designed blueprint containing all of the operational directives and instructions governing the forces that compose the Universe is not new. The Core of this Knowledge which the 'Ancients' held onto, is remembered as an echo and has been expressed through many of your cultures religious teachings and mythological belief systems. Before the global occurrence of world wide catastrophic flood, this was known as "The Law of One".

Animated Ankh The Adom Kadmon Etheric Crystalline Diamond Light Body Animated Ankh
Chandara & The Crystalline Light Body 1999

The outpouring of Spirit and the mobilization of Light Worker Community in response to the recent development in the planetary state of affairs is inspiring indeed. Globally Co-ordinated Prayer/Meditation, Holographic Visualization and Energetic Anchoring are one of the most significant mechanisms that can assist in alleviating strain within the collective consciousness. We encourage each one of you too deepen your commitment to source, and whatever path or disciplines which you follow. Within these times of increased tension and chaos, remaining grounded and centered is of utmost importance. You will find it very simple to become engendered and caught in the web of emotional torment you may find sweeping this world as the proclivities to both extremes are played out. Those of you who are opening yourselves up to inspiration from 'Divine' or 'Higher' sources of intelligence and spiritual guidance may ask for us to 'Overshadow' you. We would like to remind you, we are the Andromedans; of the Andromedan~O'rion~Draconian Alliance. We are here to assist you in the integration of your polarized selves, and the anchoring of those 'Core' concepts that will allow you to formulate a much clearer perception of who you have the potential and capability to become.

Earlier in this perspective we said that we would share a little bit more about ourselves. We are quite aware that this will stretch your credulity and belief system, yet we present our Perspective to assist you in gaining a clearer understanding of that which truly exists. The function or level within the scheme of things which the Andromedans serve is as one of the Main Heads of a Governing Structure that exists across multiple galaxies. These structures are composed of some of the most ancient species of beings that exist within creation and the universe as it has become known. We are responsible for overseeing the evolutionary development of life forms, and the functioning of the planetary homeworlds which they reside upon. There are many species of creator level beings who have contributed to the design specifications held within your genetic chromosonal makeup. The answers which you all so truly seek are within your reaching grasps. You wish to answer for yourselves what factors set you apart from the other higher primates; while simultaneosly remembering the integral part you play within the scheme of things. Within your deepest heart you seek to dissolve the shroud of mystery surrounding your 'Creation, Evolution & Potential' Destiny; meanwhile activating the full capabilities of your sentience.

We are well aware that there are many upon this world who are bringing forth inspired or channeled material which is purported to be from a wide spectrum of different higher spatial sources. Much of the understanding which we are assisting you in remembering exists within the most resourced and hidden levels of your beings. In reality there is nothing new in the concepts which are in the process of being awakened from within your souls and being anchored into the Quantum energetic levels of your being. It is our intention to assist you in gaining clarity and understanding through a perceptual lens that utilizes your consciousnesses entire gyrospectrum scope.

Gyroscoping Luminous SphereCrystalline Gyroscoping DeviceGyroscoping Luminous Sphere

Inside the Nucleous of each and every single cell that composes the make-up of your 'Bio-Electromagnetic Neuro-Physiological' structure lies the DNA Molecule. At the quantum levels of your DNA exists an etheric crystalline matrix which holds creational patterns of the Original Intended Blueprint of the Human Species. This is the 144,000 Faceted Core Matrix which when anchored into your heart shall allow your individualized consciousnesses to be re-routed back into alignment with your full potential and the true nature of your unlimited god selves. With this focus centered all human bio-electromagnetic energy fields and the functioning levels of your beingness will be brought into resonance and attunement with the heart beat pulse of this Mother Earth, your planetary homeworld.

Within this space your species truly has the capability to re-orient not only your world view but also achieve a critical mass within the collective consciousness. This in turn will cause a paradigm shift, making the currently accepted consensus reality obsolete. This process is underway as we bring forth this 'Perspective'. The potential exists for you to completely restructuralize every aspect of your entire developed level of civilization. We are not here to spread fear, nor are we here to give strength to the weaknesses you perceive in yourselves. We are here to assist you in releasing and overcoming the 'Ancestral Mass Karma' still clung onto and expressed as territorial fear patterns, religious/ethnic and racial prejudices, social and humanitarian injustices, and genocidal warfare. We would like to remind you, we are the Andromedans; of the Andromedan~O'rion~Draconian Alliance.

We would like to thank you for allowing us to bring forward this Perspective on 'The Times at Hand'. We encourage those of you within the growing light community to continue to step forward as way showers, manifesting from within outwards through the expression of your individualized beingnesses, your true birthright and original heritage. Your Species has a very significant decision to make. The Rainbow Bridge in between this world and the next that once seemed so distant, stands before you like an invisible plank spanning a dark chasm. It is up to you to take the first step into those regions of beingness and self expression which will provide answers to the questions your yearning hearts and desiring minds seek. As these times unfold, we would like you to think of those beings and species who are assisting humanities gestation from a solely geo-centric {earth based} consensus reality to a larger perceptual scope that allows for a wider spectrum of consciousness to be utilized; as elder brothers and sisters. For all beingness and creation itself exist within the Unified Energy Field of Life Force. One with the processes of 'Creation' and 'Completion', woven and interfaced in alignment on all levels.

Folding Space

We offer this 'Perspective' in the hopes that it brings some level of comfort and solace to your worldview. This is an oppurtunity for your species to awaken those dormant and latent capabilities which exist within the design specifications that are responsible for the creation and functioning maintenance of your physiological vehicles. We encourage you to set aside brief periods of inactivity through out your day to tune into your higher self and to also send healing energies into the collective consciousness of the human species and this earth itself. There is much work which must be undertaken and the time frame for that which must be initiated is slim indeed. It is not our intention to alarm you, only to bring to the forefront of your conscious awareness the 'Crucial Urgency' of the rapidly unfolding planetary state of affairs within these 'End Times' at the completion of this greater orbital cycle of life.

The Andromeda Galaxy

Once again, we would like to thank you for allowing us to offer you our 'Perspective'. We are the Andromedans of the Andromedan~O'rion~Draconian Alliance and Galactic Federation of Star Systems and Civilized Worlds.

1999 {Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012} Daniel Ryan {O'rion*Heart}
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