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Blue Moon March 31, 1999
Greetings to you all !
Glowing Bar

I thought that I would take a few minutes and tune into my higher self and see what kind of creative inspiration I could conjure from within while in tandem synchronicity from above. I am very thankful and grateful to all of you and to all the different mailing lists that I have forwarded these 'Andromedan Perspectives' to. Your responses and kindness has been overwhelming . . . In honor of the Divinity within Namaste ... and thank you so very much, I am overwhelmed {{{{{hugs to all}}}}} .. Upon this second Blue Moon of 1999, I would like to offer up some intentional creative prayers & directional pulses that all of us would like to see the collective human consciousness chose to take the steps to initiate.

This intentional prayer is sourced through from within, from beyond ... We Must Take Our Prayers to The Next Level, taking an Active Stance as Participants with an Important Role, that of Carrying the Illumined Torch !

It is March 30/April 1st . . . Upon this date, we set in stone our request for infusion from all that is into each and every single one of our beings to the next octave and level of harmony, integration and alignment. We chose to be of greater assistance to the unfolding in alignment with the semi-visible matrix the highest divine will for our species. We choose to align our individual mind energy fields and consciousness focus's into a unified instrument of the "Christed Diamond Light Awareness" so that we may completely understand the scenarios which are underway on all levels . This Intentional prayer is coming through the Council of Elders on behalf of the Star Civilizations. We pray that our World Leaders and Nato shall chose to avert limited nuclear war or taking the situation around kosovo/yugoslavia to a level that is any more extreme. Some how we have to get the Attention of our World Government, and let them know that we are willing to work together with them collectively as "HumanitY". We set in stone upon this date, the firmly set and clear intention that the true and full blazing core of our illumined potential shall awaken and envelope the globe as we enter the 21st century.

Focus Your Prayers

The intentional prayer that we would like to circle this globe is that we as a collective humanity shall choose to re-align our individual selves and also the structures of our entire developed level of civilization {of course re-formulating our world view, adjusting our conceptual understanding of reality, and creating new thought frameworks/cognitive & other models of human and universal functioning}. It is our prayer that our voice shall be heard as a Bell Signaling that the final Clarion Call has been broadcast. We have received the message. It is 'OuR' intentional prayer that we as a collective species choose to begin to co-operate and face the challenging obstacles which are approaching us on all levels; in a synchronized co-ordinated fashion. This would include but not be limited to bringing forward into the public sector and mainstream of the collective consciousness those things which are understood behind the scenes {we are talking about bringing into and onto the physical dimensional levels of the planet those things which may only exist conceptually ~ or are held onto within the ranks of the interiors of our governments}, and at the edges of the mainstream:

~ Around these issues Y2K Computer Scenario/Evolution of Artificial Intelligence, Alternative Forms of Energy/Free Energy Principles, the extra-terrestrial presence and state of affairs upon this world/a trans-evolutionary model of human development through periodic guided intervention, New Propulsion Systems/New Aerial Vehicle Designs {anti-gravitational, superconductive electromagnetic}, Computer Aided Whole Systems Modeling/Virtual Reality, Ancient Wisdom & Mystery School Teachings ~ There Connection to 21st Century Science, Evolution of Human Consciousness, Sacred Geometry, Harmonics, Psycho~Acoustics, Genetic Engineering {animal and plant}/Dormant~Junk DNA/Potential Latent Capabilites/Bio-Electromagnetic Energy Fields/Woven Etheric Interface~Matrix with Soul, Nano~Technology, Quantum, Bio, Geo & Astro Physics, Exo-Biology, Earth Changes, New Architectural Forms, Community Development/21st Century Cities of Light & Architectual Layouts, New Transportation Systems, More Evolved Social Structures, Re-Forestation, Bio-Spheric/Toxic and Nuclear Waste Clean-up, Global Education, Research and Design Centers for Planetary Management and World Development {octopus shaped bio-regional information/communications centers and community level vision centers}, Establishment of a Planetary Curriculum and Educational Standard for the 21st Century, World Population Issues/Birth Control, Food Supply ... etc ..

Prayers For Peace

These intentional prayers are focused around the planet to gain momentum in assisting in the octave shift which is underway to the deafening crescendo of critical mass. It is our intention to manifest and create a ~~~ "Foundation for Omni-Dimensional Science and Spirituality" ~~~ upon the physical dimensional levels of the planet within the public sector. This 'Foundation' would be dedicated towards Research, Education, and Application/Design of Technology, Methodologies, and Progressive Theoretical Scientific Models viewed from within an extended perceptual framework. This Perceptual Framework acknowledges the human brain/consciousness/mind energy fields co-participatory role in the formation of events observed and also uses a clearer understanding of human neuro-physiological functioning.

I am not really familiar with holodynamics...but I am writing about Omni-Dimensional Science and Spirituality...which is a perceptual model based within an understanding of the flower of life matrix, sacred geometry and the holographic model of consciousness and the universe....I am familiar somewhat with David Bohms theory of the implicate order and about the non-linearity of time and the non-localization of consciousness in space....and the potential for all information to be accessible anywhere at any point in time....those kinds of models I am familar with...but I am very interested in our concepts of Dimensionality...and vibration..and how the human being is truthfully designed to function....interested in stuff about like our dormant genetic coding......I believe in a Unified Field of Creation & Completion with an inherent animating intelligence.....I believe that there is some sort of invisible but sensible level within us where there is a woven interface in between our souls and our DNA....what I call the woven interface in between the chemio-electromagnetic chromosonal genetic DNA~RNA Nucleo-Synthesis process and our a more refined and cohesive level of ourselves that exists in timelessness almost..and is Ancient-Future....within the Eternal Now with a balance in between all opposing polarities and a heart locked focus of will and Intention....I mean a science based within a perceptual model that allows human consciousness ability to be a sense instrument...that takes into consideration an understanding...a synthesis of metaphysics/consciousness and biology and physics...bringing all of the pieces of the ancient wisdom back together...I am talking about Quantum Awakening within the individualized consciousness...rippling outwards and transforming from within along every angle and on all levels....moving things back into cohesiveness and resonance...returning our scientific minds back into alignment within the guidelines for properly using our understanding of the way the cosmos functions...........I see the times we are in right now as so beyond oppurtunistic to initiate massive strategically oriented shifts in planetary understanding....I have been pretty much keeping up to date with everything that has been going on....on all levels....I think it is just about time for this whole thing to come together and for the second wave to be initiated....I am working on contacting as many groups of individuals as I can...this all needs to be strategically co-ordinated...I am not exactly sure how it is to unfold....I do believe that I have a small piece of the masters key unlock the schematic model or template of divinity.....

Taken From: Hypertext Webster Interface

Omni~Dimensional Science & Spirituality ~ Towards Its Realization in 1999

Omni- \Om"ni-\ [L. omnis all.] A combining form denoting all, every, everywhere; as in omnipotent, all-powerful; omnipresent.

Dimension \Di*men"sion\, n. [L. dimensio, fr. dimensus, p. p. of dimetiri to measure out; di- = dis- + metiri to measure: cf. F. dimension. See {Measure}.] (Phys.) The manifoldness with which the fundamental units of time, length, and mass are involved in determining the units of other physical quantities.

Science \Sci"ence\, n. [F., fr. L. scientia, fr. sciens, -entis, p. pr. of scire to know. Cf. {Conscience}, {Conscious}, {Nice}.] 1. Knowledge; knowledge of principles and causes; ascertained truth of facts. 2. Accumulated and established knowledge, which has been systematized and formulated with reference to the discovery of general truths or the operation of general laws; knowledge classified and made available in work, life, or the search for truth; comprehensive, profound, or philosophical knowledge.

Spirituality \Spir`it*u*al"i*ty\, n.; pl. Spiritualities. [L. spiritualitas: cf. F. spiritualit['e].] 1. The quality or state of being spiritual; incorporeality; heavenly-mindedness.

Our Mother Earth

We acknowledge that we are here to assist in a process which is underway upon this world at the completion of this greater cycle of life and time. The seeds of this foundation first began to be formed within individuals. We came to conclusions about our selves {creation, evolution & potential destiny} that put into perspective the fragmented pieces of our 20th Century Perceptual Framework and rapidly becoming obsolete world view. These intentional prayers are focused on gathering as much potential momentum and energy to break the binding thought field energies which have shackled our species in illusion for millenia. It is our prayer intention that those individuals, groups of individuals and organizational structures that have awoken from the sleeping dream of the veiled shadows shall join together under an aligned vision through strategically co-ordinated action to achieve monumental shifts on every single level of our planetary existence back into alignment and harmony with all that is. This in turn will allow us to re-calibrate the Political, Governing, Economic/Business, Social, and Educational Systems as well as our entire collective focus. We must work on it from both directions Simultaneously ... Inwards ... and Outwards ...

Our Species needs a Unified Vision as we Enter the 21st Century. We Must Understand that our Sciences, our Religions & our individual selves. Each one of these entities or energy constructs is a sense instrument for our unified consciousness mind energy field. We The Human Species Have a Very Very Great Responsibility, and we must ask ourselves and our world leaders : "Are we fullfilling our destiny?" The one the Founding Fathers of the United States Envisioned. With a New Order of the Ages {NOT a Global Police State}. Look on the Back of Our Dollar Bill, Here is Our Mystery School Teaching Symbol {of Course}. The Founding Fathers of the United States were Freemasaons, Initiates into the Sacred Order The Orignal Core of Truth Is Based Upon. Now it is time to take the original vision of the Founding Fathers of the United States, and bridge the gap with what this civilization has created up until this point & what this civilization was designed to do & become. Open ourselves back up into who we truly were and are. Initiating the New Order of The Ages {those outside the United States have still been influenced}.

CapStone Completed
Ancient Future Earth Star Wisdom

It is our Prayer Intention to see the Capstone containing the Illumined Eye revealing the Ancient Future Earth Star Wisdom Replaced, Re-Connecting the Sacred and Eternal Circuit which connects the Ancient Past with the Distant Future inside of Now. We must re-establish the universal values. It is our prayer intention that we be revealed the necessary steps to take action towards the manifestation of what is contained in this Intentional Prayer Seed. We claim the full potential of our abilites as co-creators with the universal life force and its inherent animating intelligence and set the intention to bring together the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle which we all hold.

Light and Love
Daniel {03/31/99}

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