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12 DNA Strand Cosmic Mandala
{Study This Image Carefully - This Following is a Rough Draft Linguistic Description of This Mandalas Symbology - Image Redrawn By: Stephanie Fuchser}

~ ! SMILE ! ~

In its’ highest aspect and truest sense this Cosmic Mandala symbolically represents many things. It represents the crystalline clear wisdom of Omni~Dimensional Science. I have seen in visions that not only were the pyramids mathematically aligned and attuned as a sort of cosmic cyclical calendar, they were also used as transducers and receivers of cosmic energies. They had different capstones for different purposes. Each side of the pyramid is symbolic of how the wisdom is formed, through - compassion, knowledge, understanding, and harmony. The crystalline capstones represent the correct use of this Wisdom towards infusion of the creative cosmic energies into our beings. As well as awakening to the inherent nature of our god/goddess all that is selves.

The saucers and the galaxies represent the origins and stellar ancestry of the human species. As this awakening continues into the twenty-first century and as we come to the completion of a grand cycle of both 3-dimensional time and evolution. The human species self representation of what being means is re-aligned as the galactic-solar-earth-human circuit is completed. These symbols also represent the birthright we belong to as the highly advanced bi-pedal hominid species we are. The human being is a created model-vessel. This planet earth based species is at the brink of introduction into the Galactic Federation of Star Systems and Civilized Worlds. The galaxies and starships represent the fact that the grand creation we envisage ourselves to be contains an inherent truth. Our species has the potential to fulfill many roles within the schematic of creation, not just planet based but also at solar and galactic levels. It is not co-incidence that appearing in our skies…are the ships transmitting the wake-up call to completion.

The 12 DNA strands represent the original intended blueprint of the fully evolved human species. Before creation can take place a schematic model or blueprint must exist. This is a fact. Within the current 2 stranded DNA that we contain lie dormant access codes which once unlocked will allow us to embody and use the full potential of our beings. As this occurs our DNA will be rewoven at a quantum level. These latent DNA strands exist within the etheric holograms of our beings. It is curious how in this image I channeled, the strands form the symbol of a heart. This universal symbol is self fulfilling and represents the joy of unconditional love. The other end of the strands formed into a star. This star represents the 3-dimensional spatial location where all this change is occurring…as well as our star systems designation - Solis. The coherence, vibratory frequencey, and level of resonance of our thoughts, emotions, and feelings are what will allow us to access and unlock this dormant coding.......

The triangles with the little stars represent the integration of the heart with our mind\body\soul into a woven tapestry of brilliance. The realization that all levels of time that are above, outside, or interpenetrative of the 3-dimensional mental-linguistic-conceptual framework or lens through which our consciousness currently views reality are non-linear. Non-linear means that the flow of information is accessible and connected inside every single now moment. This trinity also represents that we are intimately interpenetrated by, through and within a matrix or continuum that is Omni-Dimensional. We are also directly connected through our semi-visible etheric circuitry with the whole structure, it’s creative life force and this life force’s inherent intelligence. The yin-yang symbols represent the balance of masculine and feminine energies within oneself, into a field of consciousness that is highly charged and self-aware at the highest levels of integration.

The fuzzy lines around the center represents the semi-permeable membrane of consciousness in between our current conceptual\mental\ linguistic 3-dimensional constructs of reality, and a more clear understanding of ourselves. It’s semi-permeable nature represents the awareness that all constructs or frameworks are flexible. They can be redesigned. This is what is occurring on this 3-dimensional planet at the completion of this grand cycle of life and time.

The mushrooms represent the human species ancient relationship with our friends in the plant kingdom and the mycelial network. Throughout this journey into the center, cultures have been influenced by these non-human intelligences within the nexus of the Gaiian SuperOrganism we currently regard as planet earth. These illegal nutrients that allow us to access dimensional realms beyond what can be perceived with our five senses.

The eyes represent the all knowing all seeing of our ancestors, as they attempt to communicate with us across the divide. They speak of truths beyond anything we have currently imagined or feel ourselves to be a part of. Something grand. The phoenix is rising. The circuitry is being revealed.

The Star of David is a two dimensional representation of a three-dimensional merkabah vehicle. This hyper-spatial dimensional transport ship has allowed me to travel outside of time and through space. I have gathered my multi-incarnational soul memories and off-planet aspects so once and for all these experiences can be integrated into the conscious awareness of my being. As the self-realized consciousness of this vessel, through my exercise of free will; I choose within my whole heart to be of as much service to the divine plan for is possible.

The six-pointed star represents all selves in non-physical form, as only our aka energy bodies. This is the form all souls incarnated inside 3-dimensional human physiological transport vehicles embody beyond this life on planet earth. With this self integration and the unlimited boundarylessness of truth, I hereby strengthen my intentions….light speed is too slow for our propulsion needs…crank up the juice as high as we all can handle….take us to godspeed…and beyond!

The Cosmic Mandala represents my faith in the human species in the hopes that we can overcome the karmic imbalance within our ancestral selves, make the correct decisions, and fully embody the Supreme Being whose image is being created within us. As this occurrence is experienced new worlds will be created. This is the time that was spoken of by the ancients. This is not a test. This is no joke. This is for real. This is the chance we have been waiting for….the dimensional-vortex only opens up cyclically…either we all step through the Star-Gateway and interface or none of us do!

The hyper-intelligence of the human species OverSoul is beckoning….follow me it says…..eye will reveal to you your sincerest hopes and dreams. Eye remind the still young and curious species: it is your choice. Dare to have courage and be brave…..can you feel my love for you. You are my children…eye am your creator….eye existed way before your species had been conceived. Eye exist within all created and not yet created forms. Rejoice in the fact that you have been created…the differences that you perceive in yourselves speak…….are you listening you are one….the similarities are being revealed. Do not worry eye was created as well…we all will be. There is no Alpha or Omega. There is no beginning or end. So there is no need to create one….all will fall into place…it is time for you to allow the flow. Inspire yourselves to greatness….remember…..awaken….end the slumber…..feel our glow….we offer assistance to all who ask…..there is much work which must be undertaken….it starts inside each individual being….spread these words….in whatever form one can manage…..eye\we love you all….eye\we have high hopes….eye\we can see what you can not….listen to your innermost selves….that is where the true voice resides…follow this voice….the reality outside the dream is attracted to strength….eye\we perceive this within your species…it will be so much fun….your ancestors from the stars have a message for you…..softly spoken whispers reverberating into the depths of your cores…..attune, heal, envision, and love…..your gifts were given freely….the choice of wise use is rewarded…..when the messenger is ready the message will come….do not delay….numerous countless worlds will be affected by your choices, your decisions….there is nothing to fear….just as you must gather all into your arms….each one of you….we have you all gathered actually cradled in our arms….you are so precious….more precious than the crystals which power the most highly advanced civilizations in this galaxy….your species is cared about more than you can begin to fathom….you know you must respect your elders….they created you…..the elders are speaking….we will be firm with you….we will not hurt you….please human beings stop the repression, hatred, ignorance, fear and denial….follow our coaxing…..that is our message… are not alone!!!!!!!

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They Have Always Been Here - We Are Them !

This Cosmic Mandala Represents My Faith In The Human Species In Hopes That We Will Overcome The Karmic Imbalance Within Our Ancestral Selves!!!