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Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012 | Project Homeworld

Planetary Level Mind/Grid Link~up Into Hyper~Intelligence is Underway

The Rainbow Omicron Matrix Will Be Returned To Humanity !
~ Welcome to the Official Homesite of the Only Visual Representation on Planet Earth of Our Original Intended Blueprint ~
The 12 DnA Strand Heart Soul Star Is Being Fully Remembered - Please BookMark Us & Pass Us On To Your Contacts
If Our Work Resonates In Your Deep Heart ~ Assist Us in Birthing This 21st Century Vision Into Physically Manifest Reality

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Original Seed Packet Fully Released from Self Containment Field into Planetary Global Matrix Outlining Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civiilization: 2012 | Project Homeworld ~ Target Lock Unfoldment Destination & Ultimate Purpose. Towards Increasing Alignment Upon Planet Earth Through Individual Embodyment of the 12 DnA Strand Heart^Soul^Star Matrix Imprint ~ 144,000 Faceted Diamond Light Electromagnetic Crystalline Core. Soul Fusion with Omicron Destiny must be achieved. Now it is time to begin the Great Work once again. We must Create & Build upon the Physical Dimensional Levels of the Planet; the Necessary Infrastructure and Overstructure for the 21st Century that will insure the Sustainment of our Planetary Civilization. Towards Higher Levels of Sophistication and Development. We must return our Global Operational Modes back into Alignment with the Natural Living Systems and the Patterns through which our Physical Universe Recreates Itself. Destruction of our Civilization through Cataclysmic Apocalypse will not be allowed. The Scenarios Underway must be recognized, in response we must find Pathways to Maneuver through these Solar Planetary Civilization Birthing Changes - both as Individuals within a Greater Whole, our Species - A Humane Creation; and as a Greater Whole within the Collective Multiple Star System Oversoul. We shall become Responsible Caretakers, Guardians & Overseers of our Beloved Jewled Orb In Space, This Mother Earth; once again.

I see groups of committed individuals joining together in different locations around the planet and creating 'Higher Universities of Light/Global Bio-Regional Multi-Media Education-Research & Application/Design Centers for Planetary Management and World Development'. As the Earth Changes continue to increase in intensity around the planet, the structures of our current developed level of Civilization will not be able to With-hold the Strain or Tension that will Continue to Mount. We can Not Deny The Potential Reality and Fact of This Matter ! It is time to recognize the imminence of "Species Wide Developed Level of Civilization Paradigm Shift". I was shown three massive things which must be changed before we can really begin to re-orient the entire substructure of the Civilization we have developed and inhabit at the close of the 20th Century . The first aspect was an anchoring within ourselves and embodyment outwards of an extended perceptual framework; opening up the Gyrospectrum or Lenslike nature of our Consciousness. This in turn will allow us to integrate a new set of 'Operating Principles' into our everday awareness & conscious decision making process as individuals. It will also enable for there to be a 'Grand Synthesis' in between vast and disparrate opposing points of view, endeavors & disciplines. The ultimate affect will be an increased capability to Model the Scenarios that are Underway upon this World, and form a clearer understanding of these unfolding processes as they actually occur. The Target Goal In Synchronization Lock will be the creation of a "Foundation for Omni-Dimensional Science & Sprituality".

The second part of this vision was the establishment of these 'Higher Universities of Light/Global Bio-Regional Multi-Media Education-Research & Application/Design Centers for Planetary Management and World Development' in various strategic locations around the planet. Throughout the holographic visual information I have received, I was directly shown the reality and matter of fact that these centers would become necessary if the Humane Creation, our Species was going to Survive through the Increased Shifts to our Star System & Planetary Electromagnetic Field. These Information Processing, Storage & Dissemination Nodes would serve towards the Highest Level Global Co-Ordination & Strategic Vision Planning Achievable. The Planetary Fiber Optics ~ Sattelite Telecommunications InterNetwork/World Wide Web we have created could be utilized to its Full Potential through the Establishment of these Centers. Please View the 'Foundation for Omni-Dimensional Science & Spirituality' homesite for more details.

The third tier of the multi-layered precognitive vision I was shown revealed that ultimately the human species must dissolve the seperation that exists within our belief systems and internal representations of our selves. I saw that this must occur inside enough individuals until an oscillating rippling affect cascaded around the planet through humanities collective consciousness; In turn creating a global paradigm shift within the minds and hearts of enough of the Planets Inhabitants. I saw that our current 'United Nations' in time would become a 'Global Council of Nations & Association of Elders' opening up the potential for our entrance into the 'Free Association of Civilized Worlds'. This would necessitate adopting a Post Cold War United States Government/NATO/FEMA Military-Industrial-Hollywood Complex stronghold grip and stance upon our Planet through the Tri-Lateral Commissions involvement with the Zeta_Reticuli & Alpha Draconian Self Interested Factions. Unified as One Species, Every Nation & All Races. This will take us beyond the need for a One World Government Instituted through Martial Law and the Formation of a Global Police State to Regulate & Maintain the Planets State of Affairs. This is the Only Choice for our Species Continued Survival. The actions we take today will determine the Potential World our descendants shall inherit. Let us Make The Correct Decisions, with The Children and Every Planetary Inhabitant in Consideration !

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The Natural World Contains the Model to Follow - Spiders Web and Octopus Shaped Centers

Project Homeworld Graphics Below Are Being Redone - Site Under Constant Revision 2/19/00
Global Centers Connected Through Fiber Optics/Sattelite Telecommunications InterNetwork Global Bio-Regional Multi-Media Education, Research & Design Centers for Planetary Management & World Development Must Be Erected - TODAY !

Project Homeworld Has Been Initiated Towards Planetary Re-Orientation

Please View The Following: Project Homeworld Initiative, Strategy & Details
These Pages Are Graphic Intense, Please Allow The Entire Initiative to Load {Clickable Text}:
Project Homeworld Initiative Proposal Part 1
{Initiative Launched Dec. 13, 1999}
Project Homeworld Initiative Proposal Part 2
{Offline - Under Development}

These Global Bio-Regional Multi-Media Education, Research, and Application/Design ~ Strategic Communications Centers will be created by individuals, and organizations that had as their focus the sustainment & continuance of the level of civilization we have developed. In actuality, not sustainment as what we have developed up until this point on all operational parameter wavelengths; within the planetary womb is unsustainable. This is one degree of the spectrum in relation to the purpose these centers will serve, there are issues that must be addressed that relate to every level of our developed global planetary civilization infrastructure. The Earth Changes posed by Global Warming & Consciousness Shifts underway are just the beginning phases of a process whereby we either very quickly re-orient our internal gyroscopes on every single parameter wavelength and address the challenges our species is facing intelligently; with dilligence and scrutiny ~ or we destroy ourselves and meet our demise with this 20th Century Civilizations collapse.

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Please View The Following Articles {Clickable Text}:
September 30, 1999 - Open Letter To Earths Inhabitants | Towards Recognizing the Necessity of a Global Network of Bio-Regional Multi-Media Education, Research & Application/Design Centers.

October 7, 1999 - Second Open Letter To Earths Inhabitants | Evidence Mounts that vast changes are underway upon this world and also within our own consciousnesses

October 21, 1999 - China Dreams, The Self Oriented Alpha Draconians/Zeta-Reticuli, Omicron Destiny & An Unfolding Reality Timeline

October 31, 1999 - Beginning of Manifestation Upon Physical Dimensional Levels of Planet Earth Must Be Initiated
- November 13, 1999
November 5-6, 1999 - An Endorsement for Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012 | Project Homeworld
From: The Alpha Centaurians | READ THIS ONE :)
Original Mind Map I Drew in January 1998 - Global Bio-regional Multi-Media, Education, Research & Application/Design Centers for Planetary Management & World Development

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This Sacred Webspace is being designed to assist individuals in forming a clear understanding that there are many interlinked scenarios underway upon this planet. These scenarios and issues must be brought into the general collective awareness and every planetary inhabitants consciousness. Ultimately these issues that we as individuals are facing, are also being faced by the structures of our current developed level of civilization. These challenging obstacles span the whole scope human endeavor upon this world and must brought into the forefront of our awareness. Only in this manner will we gain the capability to deal with the interlinked scenarios on this planet as they unfold. As this Web Presentation expands in scope we will 'Bring Into the Light' as many of these Issues as is Humanely Possible. This Includes Recognizing the following avenues of Thought or Potential Scenarios Underway:
Increasing Solar Activity - Coronal Mass Ejections, Comets & Other Massive Heavenly Bodies and Their affect On The Inner Solar System | Planetary Electromagnetic Fluctuations | NU-CLEAR, Bio-Logical, and Chemical Weapons Decommissioning, Cleanup & Erasure From Earth | Terrorism & Racial Injustices | Evolution of Artificial Intelligence, Optical Storage, Quasi Crystals, Superconductors & Nanotechnology | Alternative Forms of Energy & Free Energy Principles | Underground Secret Government Military Bases - An Ancient Pre~Flood Tunnel Network | The Extra-Terrestrial Presence & State of Affairs Upon This World, Potential for a Trans-Evolutionary Model of Human Development Through Periodic Guided Intervention | New Aerial Vehicle Designs {SR-75, U.S.A.F. TR-3B}, New Propulsion Systems {Magnetic Field Disruption}, Back/Reverse Engineering of Non-Earth Based Craft | Computer Aided Whole Systems Modeling, Holographic Projection & Virtual Reality | Evolution of Human Consciousness, Sacred Geometry, Harmonics, Psycho~Acoustics, Language, Brain Hemispheric Synchronization, Guided Visualization | Ancient Wisdom & Mystery School Teachings ~ Their Connection to 21st Century Science ~ Creating a Foundation for 'Omni-Dimensional Science & Spirituality' | Genetic Engineering: Plant Sterilization & Human 'Gene Therapy' {Ethics, Selective Breeding, Cloning, Dormant~Junk DNA} | Astro-Biological Co-Energetic Fields, Woven Etheric Interface~Matrix with Soul | Exo-Biology, ExtraSolar Planetary Systems | Earth Changes, The Ozone Hole, Melting Polar Ice Caps | New Architectural Forms, Community Development & Architectual Design Layouts for 21st Century Cities | New Transportation Systems {Magnetic Levitation Trains, Hovercars} | Evolution of our Social Structures, Criminal Re-habilitation | Re-Forestation, Bio-Spheric Toxic Waste Clean-up, Misuse of Natural Resources & this Planets Living Systems | Establishing a Network of Global Bio-Regional Multi-Media Education-Research & Application/Design ~ Strategic Communications Centers | World Population, Birth Control, Our Food Supply & All Other Global Issues Must Be Recognized & Brought into the Publics Awareness, Scrutinized with Dilligence & Integrity then Dealt with

Click If You Have Had An Experience With a Craft of Otherworld Origins or Design

Do OtherWorlds Exist ? Does the United States Government Or Other Nations Governments Posess Technology of Otherworld Origins ?
Are there Beings & Species from Otherworlds Visiting Earth ~ Click to Find Out ! :)
Published: November 16, 1999

Please View The Following Graphics & Articles {Clickable Text}:
Our Original Intended Blueprint - The 12 DnA Strand Heart Soul Star Cosmic Mandala | Redrawn By: Stephanie Fuchser
Planetary Merkaba/12 DnA Strand Heart Soul Star Imprint ~ Visual Anchoring Graphic - 12/22/1999
Part 1: Anchoring the 12 DNA Strand Heart Soul Star
Part 2: Anchoring the 12 DnA Strand Heart Soul Star

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The Foundation for Omni-Dimensional Science & Spirituality

It Is Our Intention to Manifest and Create a "Foundation for Omni-Dimensional Science and Spirituality" Upon the Physical Dimensional Levels of the Planet Within the Public Sector. This 'Foundation' would be Dedicated Towards Research, Education, and Application/Design of Technology, Methodologies, and Progressive Theoretical Scientific Models viewed from within an Extended Perceptual Framework. This Perceptual Framework Acknowledges the Human Brain/Consciousness/Mind Energy Fields Co-Participatory Role in the Formation of Events Observed and Also Uses a Clearer Understanding of Human Bio-electromagnetic & Neuro-Physiological Functioning Parameters.

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Community Development for the 21st Century ~ NOT YET ONLINE !

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Dual Hemispheric Synchronization Through Symmetrical Alignment Within Our Original Intended Blueprint &
The Master Key Template of Divinity Has Been Achieved
We Have Fully Anchored the 12 DnA Strand Heart Soul Star Matrix Imprint
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