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Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012

~ Description of Images Symbolism ~

The linguistic conceptualization I have been working with relates to what I have entitled my website, which is Unlimited Envisons | Neo-Civilization: 2012 {I would like to think of myself as somewhat of a visionary..*smiles*}. So basically this Image leans towards what I want to be realized by the masses consciousness. This is basically what I call: "The Ancient~Future Earth Star Wisdom". You know how in that previous material I sent you I talked about "Omni-Dimensional Science and Spirituality". This is is just basically how I think. You see I understand the relationships in between the different facets of what is called "The Diamond Light Crystalline Core". I can see the core unity underneath all human belief systems and mythological and religious mystery school teachings. I also have awakened within myself levels of perception & cogniscience where the original energetic imprints or matrix of the human beings design specifications were crystal clear. This is how I can understand the stuff about what is called "The Master Key Template of Divinity" {this is the universal schematic model or blueprint that is internested through looping matrices and woven outwards from within through the intertwining of the universal life force and its inherent animating connects creation & completion on all levels}. Basically this graphic is representative of the original core teachings and understanding of the fully evolved human consciousness {much to be learned about fractal geometry, harmonics & the Phi Ratio - much to be understood regarding the relationships between vibration, human perception, brain functioning and our conceptualization of what exactly dimensionality is ~ and how this all relates to the solar chronospheric and electromagnetic fluctuations of the sun and their resulting influence on planetary geophysics and electromagnetic fields}. You see it is like this grand circuit is being completed, and is greatly affecting human perception and the way our beings function on every level.

The Pyramid represents the Original Cognitive Model & Perceptual Abilities of Our Most Highly Advanced God Selves {which are the ones spoken of in most of our mythological teachings and religious texts.. those who came down from the stars... the elohim, annunaki...etc..The Star Ancestors...whose DNA We Contain}. Each face of the pyramid is symbolic of how the wisdom is formed; through Compassion, Knowledge, Harmony, and Understanding. This combined through lower self alignment with higher self & divine will, is what truly allows that which comes from both within and above to be anchored.. When you understand the stuff about sacred geometry and how electromagnetic energy fields work. There is a harmonic that is created, this brings all perceptual abilities and cognitive functioning as well as the human energy fields into alignment and turns them into this sort of gyroscoping instrument through which a wider spectrum can be discerned {this is documented and explored through the work of individuals like Dan Winter, Greg Braden, Drunvalo Melchizadek, among others}. There is actually an electro-chemical and physiological response to emotional stimuli. So the Original Wisdom was formed through those things combined with unconditional love and reverence for all sentience & life within creation and completion {basically the seed within this is the universal law of do unto others as you would have them do unto yourself}. You see, the Destination of Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012 is to see us brought back into alignment with the potential we have the ability to manifest {and the original core teachings remembered} - The anchoring of not only this Ancient~Future perceptual framework but also the structures for the Neo-Civilization {Cites of Light & Global Centers/One World Government~New Educational system/methodologies/free energy/electromagnetic and anti-gravitational propulsion systems}.... upon the physical dimensional levels of the planet.... {ties into what will be called "Omicron Destiny" when I write my book}

Of course the patterned design in the center is representative of one of the most ancient and advanced soul forces within this galaxy - the reptillians/alpha draconians - and also the kundalini raising from the base of the spine awakening these advanced concepts and perceptions - {of which the serpent/dragon has become the archetype ~ note dragons are always purported to be guarding "CRYSTALS"line technology and are often associated with ancient wizards |these are Atlantean Soul Memory Imprints|. The reptillians are also Master Level Creator Geneticists and are partially responsible for overseeing not only the evolutionary development of life forms but also have gone into information regarding the truth that planetary homeworlds with living systems have been seeded - Revelations of Genesis, eh :) }. The Dual Merkabas {Blue and Orange Star of David Tetrahedrons} are representative of the unification of the masculine and feminine polarities within individual self. This whole image represents the Unification of the Opposing Polarities into A Higher Expression of Divine Will and Alignment within the Patterns of Creation. Towards bringing balance into the inter-relationships in between males and females upon this world, and the World Leaders, Scientists, and Spiritual Leaders. The Orange light around this whole thing is representative of the dawning which is underway at the completion of this grand galactic orbital cycle of both time and life. Towards awakening into the True Crystalline Core of Unity Expression and Christ Consciousness which the "All Seeing-All Knowing OmniScient Ones Held Long ago, and Shall Again Within ~US~ As Time Unfolds.

Vibrations and The Ankh of Life

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