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Inspired Writings Page
Egyptian Lover

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FriendShip, Love & Healing

This Page is Dedicated To the Importance of Friendship in our lives, Towards Healing What Ails Us as Individuals...and The One Love Which We Are Ultimately An Expression Of. This Page is For All Who I love, All Who Have Touched Me, and All Who Hold A Dear Space In My Heart

Collective Prayers

These prayers are from the Collective OverSoul of the Human Species, they are for myself, you, our families, this species, and the governing operations of our civilization, the living systems of this planet earth, Our Homeworld; and our lifestyles as we face surmounting obstacles in our everday lives and through these times of star system planetary energy field shifts

The Torch~Light of HarmonY

As A Keeper of The Sacred Torch Light of Understanding & Awareness of Our Immortal Soul, I Bring These Reflections to YoU.

My Purpose For Incarnating

I hear the spirits very strongly while I write this. There is so much more I have to share with the inhabitants of this planet regarding the spatial~temporal shifts in the solar system as our star enters higher vibrational regions of galactic space {which in turn affects the electromagnetic and quartz crystalline-biological grid nexxus interface as well as us the inhabitants} I AM HERE AS A LIGHT EMISSARY. A representative of a highly advanced soul group. We the ones who chose before incarnation to undergo tremendous overwhelming genetic-chromosonal damage, stress, tension, misfortune, hatred, anger, rage and all the other forms and attributes of mal-aligned energy. This is our/my karmic toll for undertaking such a mission in the light.

Soul Star Visualization

Anchoring The Divine Pattern

Have You Accessed Your Soul Star?

The Unified Field of  Creation & Completion - The Diamond Light Star of David Soul Star Tetrahedron Merkaba + 12 Petaled Lotus & Bio-Electromagnetic Energy Fields

~* Beginning To Understand Omni-Dimensional Science & Spirituality *~

An Edited Version of this Writing entitled : "Omni-Dimensional Science {SuperLuminousity}" was Published in December Issue #33 of a Magazine called ~ Paradox.

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Disclaimer: The Writings contained on this page encapsulate to the best of my ability experiences I have had, understanding I have gained, and information I have received. My motivations are sincere and my intentions are pure. If you have had experiences or received information similar to this, please E-mail me; I am looking for correspondance and other like minds who are coming to some of these same conclusions. I honor you on your journey. Light and Love forever!

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This Web-Construct Was Created Through Translinguistics, Ancestor Magic, and the Reality of OuR Immortal Souls! We Are Dedicated To Co-Creating as individuals and through groups linked together. We use a Perceptual Framework That Allows For The Existence of More Than 3-Dimensions, While Being Equally Grounded Into The Reality of Our Planets Dire Need For The Human Species To Re-Structuralize The Direction Our Entire Developed Level of Civilization Is Headed.
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