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October 7, 1999 Second Open Letter To Earths Inhabitants

I am writng this to the inhabitants of planet Earth due to the matter of fact that there is now evidence that there are vast changes underway upon this world and also within our own consciousnesses.
This is the beginning of the Ancestral Signals being received from the Ancient Past & Ddistant Future. We are time travelers, we have come to this world through vast distances of interstellar space and great lengths of earth based cyclic time. Your world is being introduced into the reality that a greater structure of sentience, life, and multiple star system models of civilization do exist. There is a great urgency in the humans species precognitive foreknowledge and sense, there is also a great scrambling and disinformation campaign underway upon another level. Each and every single angle of perception; at the deepest most inner regions does contain a speck or kernal of truth. There are thought tendrils within the collective consciousness that are more in alignment within an overall understanding of the scope of events that are underway upon this planet and as humanity awakens. What has begun to be discussed in relation to 'Whole Brain functioning' in some of my previous writings will allow oour species to open up and unlcock previously non-conceived of potentiality. This is our introduction to a more than 3-dimensional perceptual field with holographic like characteristics.
I am going to speculate, in all of my previous understanding it has been outlined that there is a greater galactic orbital cycle of time; our ancestors were aware of this. As has begun to be discussed on some levels through my other writings, this is referred to as the Tzolkin. The Mayan Calandar is in reality a couple of different interlinked Calandars John Major Jenkins is a good source to understand the scope of the Ancients awareness. I am thinking; what I have seen is that as our star changes location in space relative to other star systems things are adjusted. I visualize our star system orbiting in Galactic Space in the outer spiral arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. I look through the scope at that level first. With this field one can begin to visualize our star system orbiting and moving relationally in spatial location and distance to other star systems. As this occurs the rotatational velocity of our Star is Adjusted. This in turn can cause an increase of solar flare activity {as the fusion process is increased or decreased}. Solar spin & how the suns fields operate is a very important element in understand the changes that are underway. On other wavelengths, there seems to be an increase of cometary activity; Nostradamus's prophecies point to this. The Millenium Group has some interesting articles on how cometary activity could potentially serve as an influence in the functioning & operation of our star. This is something that should be taken into consideration as well. One way or another our Ancient Ancestors posessed Calculators & Design Principles that far exceed what we have developed today. We are just now barely beginning to understand who we truly are, what we had created previously; the greater reality and sentient architecture of life that we are a part of.

There is an interesting article on Anandas website detailing our star systems energetic/gravitational relationship to the sirius star system:
Galactic/Solar/Planetary Gyroscope Descriptions
It seems plausible that as this occured, it could potentially cause fluctuations in the rotational velocity of our star. Can increasing or decreasing the rotational velocity of our star cause its fusion processes to fluctuate {maybe even affect the overall solar cycles}? As the fusion processes decreased or increased in activity within the stars core - this would affect the overall solar system. An increase of coronal mass ejections, solar flares, and other anomolous solar planetary phenomena within the upcoming next few years will behold a spectacle for those on earth viewing the heavens. This is at least the feeling that I have right now, like there are some seriously strange things underway within this local quadrant of the galactic disk.
On one level, I see an increase of solar activity projecting more highly charged particles; that are inturn intercepted by earths electromagnetic sheath. The planets biological heartbeat pulse is essentially maintained by the functioning and output of our star. This is pretty basic astrophysics, essentially. There is almost like a circuit in between the star and the earth, the whole universe operates seemingly on very precise calculations. The Earth is a living Organism, our presence and how we operate our civilization has very wide ranging effects upon the overall ecology of the planet. There does exist a unified field level of the universe, I see this field as containing an inherent animating intelligence. I also perceive a divine template through which those two dualized but complimentary aspects weave together the entire dimensional framework of creation and completion. At these levels the interior architecture and construction of not only humanitys design schematic - but also the entire cosmological genesis blueprints exist. This is what humanity is in the process of unfolding into.
This article is being passed around the networks:
A mystery revolves around the sun
There is a way to form solutions to the Challenging Obstacles our Species and the level of Civilization we have Developed is facing. One of them is the necessity understanding the dynamics of the overall changes that are underway, this would allow us to gain some clarity in regards to what direction needs to be taken. It is apparent that if the processes that are already in motion continue to increase momentum without being faced and dealt with, including geophysical upheaval, political, social, ethnic, religious & racial injustices, Nuclear, Biological, Chemical & Electromagnetic warfare, continued misuse of the living systems & our natural resources, H.A.A.R.P, scientists trying to create black holes, and other extremely dangerous theoretical research, that at some point what I myself have personally been shown is going to be initiated {due to the set of circumstances that would potentially unfold - the level of unrest}. This would be in essence the establishment of a Global Police State by the United States Government/U.N./NATO and the Military~Industrial~Hollywood Complex, the Federal Emergency Managment Aid {FemA} would be utilized to assist in the implementation of 'Martial Law'. This may sound conspiratorial, but when you think about the Dynamics that have formed the various scenarios that are underway; many lines of thinking that were previously unreasonable - put perspectives into a greater focus of clarity. Along this timeline if our species allows it to unfold, we will destroy ourselves; either through some form of natural disaster or a combined synergistic blend of damning events. The Y2k Scenario as it will unfold is just the beginning of the Entire Substructure of our Developed level of Civilization being put into Question. The Secrets can be Held Shrouded in Mist No Longer. The veils have completely dissolved.
If things become increasingly unrest upon this planet as we enter the 21st Century, I think our governments will do everything within there power to maintain order among the civillians. If the changes that are underway on multiple levels begin to pick up speed and increase, our World Government is going to do what they have to do to at least keep things together for as long as is possible. I wonder if our world leaders at this moment are drawing out different scenarios or potential timelines themselves, definitely something to be curious about. If they are, they might be wise to gain some wisdom from the tendrils that are beginning to arise. The heart centered pulses within the great white noise.
I wish that there were more open communications in between whatever supposed secret government that exists and the people of the planet. If this indeed is the case. There is information circulating over the internet, from David Icke; about reptillians being behind many of the Geo-Political Figures. I am not really sure if these sorts of stories have any truth or not. I have also received information from very seemingly reptillian intelligences. I just wish that we could see our world leaders get together, for the most part our United Nations and Nato are not co-ordinating their activities to establish a civilization and focus for our species towards survival and and a briliant destiny as we enter the 21st century. Our science is not doing this either, nor are our religious institutions.
This is very serious if you ask me, as a species we have rights - and we have responsibilities also. I myself do personally believe that there are extraterrestrials/creator level beings involved in this planets scheme. It is going to take the joint combined synergistic co-ordination and effort in between many individuals at various locations around the planetto set in motion and initate the strategy that is necessary. I am not talking about solely participating in anchoring ceremonies or other sorts of energy work through the internet. This level is very important and there are already a great many individuals who are serving as anchor point focal co-ordinates. In other words enough individuals hold onto the various fragments necessary for the puzzle picture to become apparent or clearer. There are those of you who have arrived at this website and will read through these expressions of self source, finding a great resonance with these words, it is you who we are seeking to touch and communicate with.
We must re-begin the great work - Now ! I do consider personally; that the state of affairs upon this planetary homeworld are at the 'critical threshold point maximum' fulcrum point & level. There are too many people on this world, what we have developed up until this point is not sustainable for any significant forseeable amount of time. With our current route, we have less than 25 years upon this planet; things will be wiped off the face of the earth if they are not re-oriented in alignment with the changes as they will continue to unfold. The direction our civilization is headed is towards its destruction, this is not the inevitable course that we must take; humanity has free choice and will. We posess every single necessary component within our reach to have a lasting reality and affect on the close of the 20th Century, and the breeching dawn of the 21st Century. These potential timelines & unfolded realities are twp things among many that need to be acknolwedged by the entirety of our human species; and addressed with Scrutiny. The continued misuse of this planets living systems in due course will cause an overall affect that will propel as back into hunter gather mode & the stone ages.
Spiritwalker | Messages from the Future & MedicineMaker | Mystic Encounters on the Shaman's Path
Check out Hank Wesselmans work @ Shared Wisdom
I was fortunate to have him as an instructor for a semester back in 1997 - Magic, Witch Craft & Religion - Incidentally for the final project I stood up in front of the class and told them a little bit about the 12 DnA Strand Heart Soul Star Matrix Cosmic Mandala & That I believed in the human species star ancestry :)
I feel that this is a process that to a certain degree just has to be aligned with, and we can only affect the outcome of an unfolding timeline with active participation. I feel that our thoughts, our intentions and what we desire and work towards within our individual lives does have an overall affect upon the lives of others. This may only be in ones small circle of close associates in 3-d or this could include a wider audience through a medium such as the internet or television. It is very interesting, from every angle we are beginning to be see this stuff. Earlier today I was watching television for a few minutes and a commercial came on for Quentin Tarantinos 'From Dusk Til Dawn' and there were all these sacred geometric patterns in the commercial. It made me think for a couple of minutes.
At this point in time I am for the most part just an open receptor, awaiting the next set of directions within this overall unfolding process. I am on 7 or 8 mailing lists, it is very interesting to see all the varying perspectives; and pieces of information circulating. We will continue to hold our focus, that at some level what we have been working on and towards will become recognized as both integral and a necessity. If we are going to posess the capability to re-orient ourselves and the level of civilization we have developed, the sprung instant structures being strategically located around the planet could alleviate some of the strain and tension that the Y2k Scenario and beyond will Pose. It is going to take the joint combined efforts of the Government Structures as they already exist, with infusion from individuals, groups and organizations within the structures who hold onto the vision of what is necessary if we are to maneuver ourselves as these challenges begin to unfold with continually increasing momentum. Species wide developed level of civilization paradigm shift is underway.
If there are secret agendas as some of the information circulating through the internet suggests, I am wondering to what degree there in reality is a grand opposition in between individuals who have aligned themselves towards two different directions. There is a great split within humanity's heart & soul that needs to be healed, this is part of the process each individual and the whole entire species as a collective is within and must go through. It is my personal opinion that there are workable solutions to the challenges that the structures of our entire developed level of civilization and our species as a collective is now facing. The obstacles that we face in our individual lives are a mirror reflected representation of the obstacles that we are facing collectively. This is why this change must be both affected from within, and then branching outwards towards others. There is a natural flow towards resonance, as more individuals begin to become active participants - not only voicing their ideals; but also living them. This is when the control structures will begin to pay attention. This will only be achieved through the joint combined synergistic focus, dedication and work by human beings who have realized things with this much degree to their scope.
We have been working so hard on this project to bring together as many of the pieces as possible, and present them for others to gain a glimpse of - the potential. We would like to see a Globally Co-Ordinated Initiative Began to bring into focus the necessary decisions that must be made, involving the whole scope of human and others affairs upon this planet. A network of Bio-Regional Multi-Media Education, Research, and Application/Design Centers are a necessary piece of the puzzle if our species is going to posess the capability to re-orient ourselves and the level of civilization we have developed as we cross through the millenium threshold and must face the Y2k Scenario. What direction is the Human Species overall going to head after we have crossed through the millenium and the world has not been destroyed ? How is humanity going to deal with the challenges, obstacles & strife we potentially may be confronting ? We must now face the reality that there are challenging obstacles & scenarios that must be faced and dealt with utilizing great scrutiny. I would just like bring into the forefront of our Awareness that the World Governments may not posess the capability to rationally deal with the scope of affects that potentially could begin to unfold if the planetary state of affairs becomes extremely chaotic. The solar activity and earth changes will continue to increase around the planet.
I had originally been shown these octopus shaped centers towards the end of 1995/beginning of 1996 {Global Bio-Regional Multi-Media Education, Research, Application/Design Centers for Planetary Management and World Development}. I have writings in my notebooks about them, exactly as I was shown {octopus shaped - the diagrams I have from Chris are octopus shaped}. I located Chris Belknap in December of 1997 through further synchronicity. Here is the story of how that occured, this is taken from a letter that I wrote to Katie/Mylordian Wednesday, December 30, 1998 2:39 AM { &}
{Snip} I want to create a "Foundation for Omni-Dimensional Science and Spirituality" based on an understanding of what I personally have come to know as being the "Ancient-Future Earth Star Wisdom". I also have the hard copies of another mans work. He is a Master Visionary/Architect. In the holographic visual information I received after the direct overhead flyover experience I first had consciously in 1995 with an aerial vehicle that did not conform to normal aviational standards of flight performance. I was shown three massive things which must be changed, the first one was that we must begin to utilize an extended perceptual framework which would allow us to remember and recreate "Omni-Dimensional Science & Sprituality". The second part of this vision was these octopus shaped centers. In my writings, and the way I perceived them as functioning; I call them "Global Bio-Regional Multi-Media Education Research & Design Centers for Planetary Management and World Development". In my visions I was shown these centers strategically located around the planet. I saw them as being octopus shaped. In the mind images I was shown, the tentacles of the octopus shaped centers were overlaid with a spiders web. This represented the artificial intelligence fiber optics sattelite telecommunications network. These centers would ultimately allow for the creation of a new communications/energy grid {the internet/web is its baby}.

I have written descriptions of these centers back towards the end of 1995/1996. On December 22, 1997, I was spun around in circles by a force beyond myself. This was the most powerful force I have ever experienced in my entire life. It literally seized control of my body and spun me around in circles. I had been staring up at the belt stars of O'rion, thinking about the solar galactic orbit and this whole scenario. I said outloud to my friend who was with me two times "YOU DO NOT EVEN UNDERSTAND". I just stood there for a bit staring up at the stars and he was laying on the sidewalk. All of a sudden I began to feel this overwhelming sense of EGYPT. From within my hearts core and then coming down over me as if to say "YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND" - that is when I was seized by this tremendous force, and proceeded to be spun around in circles ~ both directions ~ I could not stop it. At one point I stopped it briefly, it automatically begun spinning me the other direction. My friend said I looked like a rag doll being tossed around. 3 days later I found Christopher Belknap who had the vision of the centers {December 25th, 1997}. It was my Christmas present.

Chris calls them "Global Co-Visionary Strategic Planning & Communications Centers". There they were right there before me, octopus shaped exactly like I had been shown. Chris is now removed from this work, having gotten married and planning on starting a family. He sent me hard copies of an initiative he outlined detailing the philosophy and vision behind these centers. I told him that I felt that I had found him because part of my purpose for being here was to take his work to the next higher levels of development {as this is my work also - he had a necessary piece for the Manifestation & Creation of Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012}. The third aspect was the transformation of our Current Military Industrial Hollywood Complex Stronghold through the Us Government, UN & Nato, into a Global Council of Nations & Assication of Elders" {End Snip}
Anyways, I have said enough .. The only thing I am attempting to do is make it very apparent that there are things that can be done to alleviate the strain and tension that the structures of our entire developed level of civilization will be going through.
I hope that there will be people out there who find this sincere message to be resonant. If this message reaches you and you are one of them, we need support on every level !

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