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~ Through the Heart of O'rion ~

Merkaba Spinning At Super-Luminal Speed Surrounded By Bio-Electromagnetic FieldsCircle GridsMerkaba Spinning At Super-Luminal Speed Surrounded By Bio-Electromagnetic Fields

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Daniel Ryan {DOB: 02/23/1976}

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Full Name: Daniel Alan-Lavelle Ryan

Astrological Sign: Gregorian ~ Pisces | Chinese ~ Dragon

Date of Birth: February 23, 1976

Time of Birth: 7:26 AM

Birth Location: LakeWood, Ca

Height: 5'9 1/2"

Hair Color: Sandy Blonde

EyE Color: Blue

Current Location: Sacramento, California

Occupation: Abassador to the Star Civilizations | Omni-Dimensional Science & Spirituality Division | Andromedan-O'rion-Draconian Alliance

Potential Future Location: Arizona then New Mexico

Marital Status: Single

ICQ #: 10028114

Email Adress: | Alternate:

The Pyramids on The Giza Plateua are Mathematically Aligned With O'rions Belt

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Greetings ! This is how my Bio-Electromagnetic Neuro-Physiological Structure Appears. I am not quite sure what my ancestry is. I do know that I am Irish and German though. I have also recently learned from my fathers grandmother that before my Irish Ancestors came over to America, the original surname was O'ryan. Apparently it looks like before that the original spelling was O'rion. For those of you who know about the layout of the Pyramids on the Giza Platuea, and their corresponding mathematically calculatable relationship to the belt stars of O'rion. I have gained somewhat of an understanding of Sacred Geometry, I am aware that the Pyramids are laid out along the Fibonacci Spiral and the end of the Spiral corresponds to the Heart of O'rion. For my own self this puts into perspective a truth which has been growing from within my subconscious mind. I must begin to live the path which I have come here to embody. I have achieved and explored soul levels of consciousness on numerous occasions and many of the different levels within the scope of human cognitive functioning and perceptual awareness. I have also had experiences with Consciousnesses, Beings, Intelligences and Ships that are more off planet or extraterrestrial aspects of self. My life has not been easy, as you may be able to imagine.

I have created this Virtual Space to share aspects of myself which I am beginning to embody. I have also created it to serve as a focal point for the Co-Ordination of Individuals and Groups of Individuals who have begun to awaken to their inherent divinity and are beginning to perceive and discern the Original Creational Pattern. I am one individual who is sharing a vision of a potential future which has the possibility of being manifested. My awakening process begin during the beginning of 1995. I am very interested in the Original Core Source Teachings which existed in there full embodyment within the Human Species prior to the Global Occurrence of Worldwide Catastrophic Flood approximately 13,000 years ago. I am an Initiate Level Seeker and Master Soul Extension. Although I have experienced the polarities of both extremes in my life experience and growth/unfoldment process; I am grateful to be living upon such a beautiful world at such an oppurtune moment in human evolution.

This Web-Construct represents the pinnacle of my journey up until this point. All the writings, language and concepts used in this page are mine - except where otherwise noted. The graphics on this website have either been created by me, borrowed and tweaked with or given to me by others. I am currently seeking avenues for self expression that will allow me to support myself financially as I continue to endeavor along these lines. I am especially looking for connections and friendship with other individuals of like minded nature. I have learned that my souls three main archetypes are that of the "Wizard, High Priest, and Scribe". One of my greatest strengths seems to be my uncanny ability to translate concepts which can only be perceived through a wider spectrum of consciousness into english. I am thankful to the Creator of All that is for the embodyment or physiological vehicle which houses this soul extension. I would like to see my written material published in print, I am working on gathering myself together; towards making some very significant shifts in my lifestyle expression and living situation. Each day I learn something new, and each day I am becoming more thankful and more grateful that I am living during these times of massive change.

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My Galactic Signature:

The vibrational frequency of your beingness in this Universe is one of 260 possible combinations of 20 bands of Stellar light and 13 tones of Galactic light that of course, make up our entire reality.

The light that is daily sent out sets up a frequency through-out the universe and when that matches your frequency, Pop! Into beingness you are, or could be...

Your Galactic Signature is: 8 Toj or 8 Offering.

8 is the number of Justice; Organization and harmonic structure. You are Conservative in that all your conclusions have to fit within a known structure even if it is a vastly enlarged structure. A loving intermeadiary, you are a conduit for spiritual or other dimensional communications and work ceaselessly bringing love to this existance. You know what you are doing. This is your Spiritual Occupation and you'd be doing this whether you had a body or not.

The Day Lord of Toj (pronounced tok) is the Mayan word for Offering. Toj persons, have deep powerful under currents of emotion. They are very sincere and receptive people who are usually their own worst critics. You find yourself carried away by your total commitment and emotional connection to what you can see approaching from the future. In these moments you can come to fear your apparent lack of self control and this fear leads to self doubt. Toj is about the offering of service to your fellow beings and a dread of not fulfilling expectations. Trust in self more. Overcoming resistance to change will open you to your destiny and allow your works and gratitude to ring through-out the Universe.

Galactic Signature Reading Provided By: Abby Haydon @ | Spiritual Guidance & Flower of Life Matrix Teachings
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I Love Egypt

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