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Horus Ancestral OverSoul Memories & Multiple Incarnational Extensions Horus

Dancing Ankhs

I RECEIVED THE SIGNAL CALL DECEMBER 22, 1997.....While standing outside with a friend, I began to look up at the stars as I always have....I was focusing my energy and attention on the belt stars of O'rion, and thinking about their alignments with the pyramids on the Giza plateau...I have a very strong link to Egypt......As I stared up at the stars....I said to my friend Michael: You do not even understand.....You do not even understand.......all of a sudden from inside my hearts core....I began to feel this overwhelming sense of Egypt....I actually said it out loud "I Feel Egypt"....and as if to say "YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND"....The most incredible and powerful force I have ever felt in my life or knew existed completely seized control of my body literally spun me around in circles both one point I even tried to stop it....I was successful -} for a brief second...then this force spun me the other way {my friend said it looked like I was being spun around like a rag doll....I was also screaming to him that I was possessed and could not stop it}...

I have been receiving information in holographic visual form which I feel is both crucial and urgent to this world.....for the past year and a half....this information has mainly revolved around an understanding of the star system-planetary energy field shifts occurring due to this star systems naturally occurring alactic orbit cycle {shifting spatial relationship in between our star and other stars causing the re-calibration and adjustment of the energy fields which surround and interpentrate all physicalized and stucturalized matter - matter being energy vibrating at a specific wavelength}...So I have been shown that as our star changes spatial location in relation to other stars the energy fields which surround our star are being altered in vibrational frequency {the strong, weak, electromagnetic, quantum, gravitational, and nuclear forces - and the others our physicists haven't measured yet} This in turn is altering the planetary electro-magnetic fields and increasing the schumann resonance, which in turn is altering human bio-electromagnetic neurophysiolgical stuctures and activating the holographic storage modules existing within the quantuam levels of our DNA. Connecting us with the entire structure through our Souls Matrix.



In Honor of The Long Forgotten Star Ancestors, and The Living Luminous Superconscious Holographic Omni-Dimensional Continuum of Being Interfaced Through and Within internested looping matrices of fractalline geometric service to the Divine Plan for Earth, Our Species, the Level of Civilization we have developed, the Original Intended Blueprint of the hominid prototype model, oh yeah and the Master-Key Template of Divinty {Universal Grids/Schematic Model Blueprint underneath it all} underlying the entirety of the created-not yet created never-beginning never-ending Multiple-Universal Construct, its woven tri-une nature though the universal life force and its inherent animating intelligence.

With the deepest and most sincere respect, honor, integrity, harmony, love, understanding, compassion, knowledge, beauty and the unlimited boundarylessness of truth {Ahkenaton/I-CAN-ATTUNE} In the image of the of the creator level beings..through the light languages of the solar tongue and the sacred geometries for unlocking the key codes inside the holographic storage modules that exist within the quantum levels of our DNA. I align myself with this vision and integrate my own. I remember you remember me??? In The Sacred Tradition of The Mystery School Teachings of Enoch, Melchizadek, Osiris, Thoth, Ra and the Father Ptah's I bring these writings to thee.

Akhenaton - EyE Can Attune !

Ok well let me tell you how it began. Ever since I have been a young boy, the ancient civilizations have fascinated me. Especially the Egytians and the Pyramids. I am sure that you believe in the immortal soul and multiple incarnations spanning the width along the timeline continuum {like having memories of incarnating into the physical matrix of the planetary lifestream 25,860 years ago....and remembering your souls purpose for incarnating}. I mean I am only 22 years old and I have gained access and recovered through some sort of unseen or currently unknown mechanism - Visual Information in higher spatial form detailing the whole scenario of what is occurring on this planet during these times of massive change. I mean receiving inside of my higher mind through my imagination access into my soul.....

I know my purpose for incarnating onto this planet along the linear timeline continuum at this location in space {concerning the solar-galactic orbit}. I have recovered memories of my souls extensions backwards in time as a 300 year old high priest before the world-wide occurrence of catastrophic flood {which you guys have calculated around when 10,450 bc or something like that - halfway through the solar-galactic orbital cycle}. I am not sure whether it is possible for a 22 year to be somewhat of a visionary and have a somewhat under-developed preconitive ability. Or to have gained access to the level of awareness that I have {unless the realizations that I am coming to regarding my souls purpose for re-incarnating at this critical junture in the space-timeline are correct}.

The majority of my souls multi-incarnational memories have been in egypt. I understand what the pyramids were used for. I have crystal clear memories {sometimes at least}......but what I remember was that before the flood the civilization of Atlantis {I have not read any Edgar Cayce yet either} was based upon boundaryless free energy/hyper-dimensional light speed travel (through superconductive crystalline electromagnegravimetric energy field devices}. It is my personal belief that a highly advanced civilization existed before the flood. This civilization was developed both technologically and spiritually. I remember the central areas of the civilization where the buildings were located. I also have a hunch that we were in direct relationship with human beings existing on planets in the other main solar systems. It seems to be like we were interacting with other species from other star systems namely the Pleidaes, Orion, Polaris, Arcturus, Sirius, and know that is why we created the calendar in the first place was not only to record the Earth-Lunar-Sun orbits, but to also calculate and record the cyclic orbit of our star-system around the central sun of the pleidaes. Which is where we get the 25,860 years.

Aztec/Mayan Calendar Stone {Click For Full Size}

I seem to remember that we were aware and knew that our civilization was going to be destroyed. Although I do not remember this part as clearly as you. We had developed inter-stellar travel or were interacting with species that had then, too. Some of the inhabitants left the planet while others contracted to remain to begin a new world after the destruction. The pyramids' purpose and use has changed throughout time, as our memories slipped into the oblivion of mythology. Here are some more of the soul memories I have recovered concerning the pyramids, and wrote down. "The pyramids in Egypt once had a purpose which you would consider magic. The ancients have left wisdom for you to decipher. The basis for life in the physical form of a human being and highly advanced intelligence. Conceive of the Earth as she really is; a unique planetary organism. Think deeply about this; you now know you live on a planet inside a solar system (which was called Solis by the ancient people) This sun is in the prime of itís life.

There is an intelligent design behind the construction of the Universe. A language. Our species has the unique opportunity to rekindle Oour ancient inherent knowingness. We must all become awakened into the larger definition of reality. Human beings must go beyond our limited mental constructs about yourselves. It is time to overcome the amnesia and the mis-aligned fragmented aspects of our selves. The whole thing about these mystery schools is that they were designed to allow\initiate human beings to access information that is somehow encoded into our Genetic Structure, and also exists within hyper-spatial dimensional frequency wavelength bandwidths.

On numerous occasions I completely lost awareness of my physiological structure; although my consciousness remained in tact. I would then experience the lines of force, vortexes, and incised curves (grid-matrixes) which are recorded worldwide in Paleolithic rock art. I would then experience a type of astral travel inside a Merkabah vehicle. A Merkabah is defined as any vehicle made of light and consciousness in which an individual being or group may travel through space or beyond time. As opposed to a mechanistic means of transport such as cars, airplanes, or mechanical space ships. The one that is familiar to most people is the Star of David; it is a two-dimensional representation of a three-dimensional Merkabah vehicle that allows for transport to other dimensions.

Diamond Light Star of David Tetrahedron Merkaba

This all occurs in essence on non-physical planes of awareness. Although, just because something is non-physical it does not mean that it can not be perceived. We have a whole set of inner senses as well, that can be used to sense subtle-energy. Through establishing my intentions I was able to accomplish what follows. Each time this occurred, I would be overshadowed by my spiritual guides and guardians; although they were not always visible. During these experiences I was taken backwards in time on numerous occasions. Then my awareness would be reconstructed, though not always inside of another physiological structure; sometimes just as an energy form observing.

I personally believe these memories are stored within our soul. I personally believe that through accessing our soul we not only have access to our own individualized memories, but species wide memory as well. We have access to vast storehouses of information and intelligence; which we must gain access to if we are to survive. I have watched from a high vantage point ancient peoples migrating, re-experienced generations and generations of African tribes and how their cultures intertwined. I would re-live myself through these experiences. I hope I have not lost you. I have been taken to crystal cities, and received higher planes' education inside the Mystery Schools that exist there. I have flown around the Universe to other planetary spheres, and received instruction inside the Golden Temple of Wisdom. As well as re-experienced Mayan, Native American, and Aboriginal people's cultures and memories. I have Telepathically communicated with other intelligenceís (including so-called extra-terrestrials), and the dolphins and whales. Another thing I have experienced is whole-brain functioning. This state of attunement with the cosmos can not be completely translated within our current linguistic\conceptual framework.

I have received glowing luminous language implants that appeared to be a cross between Egyptian hieroglyphics and extraterrestrial symbols. I have seen how encoded and transcribed within our species DNA, there are access codes; which once unlocked will allow us to understand our origins and the true history of our species more completely. Basically wacky craziness of a dimensional kind.

Omni-Dimensional Perception

My main destination (up until this point) has almost always been, lo and behold, Egypt circa at least 10,000 years ago. Through these neural-journeys I could remember this civilization when it was fully in tune, and at its height. I mean not too long after the flood had occurred. These ancient civilizations are the repositories where information is stored in a higher spatial dimension. I am very familiar with the initiation process and the secret (sacred) mystery schools. These experiences were very real, even more so than every day waking reality. I do not think I actually time traveled. It was more like accessing through some sort of inner gyroscope (a sense instrument that we are re-awakening to) multi-incarnational soul experiences. These visions were like 3(more)-dimensional holographic inner-visual memory images

The roles I have seen myself in are as follows: High Priest, Priestess, noble, beggar, and prostitute in Egypt. More than the roles I saw myself in, I could remember and understand the whole purpose of the civilization. Onespecific lifetime that resonates in my heart occurred around 1350 b.c. I was closely associated with Tutankhamen. I was a woman in this lifetime. It felt really good to be alive during this time. This is one of the "past lives" that sticks out in my mind like a sore thumb. My memories are so clear. King Tut as we now call him, was regarded as the "Golden One." That is why he was found encased in a golden sarcophagus, and surrounded by what we greedily regard as riches. I was a Priestess of the order of Melchizadek. I worked inside the pyramids with the energies and the initiates. We were performing highly sophisticated rituals created to assist in the transformation of the individual into their god-selves. Egypt was much different than we see it now, the area was not as dry; more fertile. I remember the pyramids as being much more than we conceive of their purpose presently. They served multiple functions, one was to anchor higher frequency cosmic energies into the Earth ís electromagnetic grid (ley) lines. They were also used in the iniation of individuals into the entire (true) mystery\history of the human species. The ancient egyptians were much more sophisticated in regards to their use of consciousness as a tool. From these memories I have gathered, it seemed like the people in egypt; used more of their intelligence than we do now. Their conscious awareness was extremely more developed and sophisticated than ours is now. I also feel\intuit\remember that our physiological structures were more highly we may have devolved a bit since then. Many of the statues from egypt especially Akhenatonís and his children; show human beings with characteristics (elongated craniums, etc..) that are not normally associated with the human species in this star system. We must face the truth that the human species ancestry is stellar. There is a great possibility that the human species civilization occupies planets in more than just this solar system. I was stabbed to death by a jealous lover, I died when I was twenty-three years old.

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