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Human Being Surrounded by Bio-Electromagnetic Energy Fields Human Being Surrounded by Bio-Electromagnetic Energy Fields

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SuperLuminalUnlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012 is dedicated the the furthering of the Consciousness Evolution which is presently occurring on Planet Earth. We feel that our Species, both individually and as a Collective Entity; are receiving internal guidelines and instructions which delineate the necessary steps to be taken. The current state of our existence upon this tiny planet within these vast cosmos; is tumultuous to say the least. Whether accepted or not, our species is responsible for the acts of selfishness and greed towards all of life. This is still going on.

SuperLuminalWe recognize that underneath the appearance of chaos; a transformational process is occurring all around us. This phenomenan is not only affecting our own individual lifestyles, but also every single level of our developed civilization. It is our intention to create a sense of community, and provide a forum for every single individual out there.

SuperLuminalWe feel it is time to draw together awakening individuals of like mind; who have an interest in learning and becoming an active participant in this process occurring. We perceive that the next step in our species evolutionary growth process is the creation of a New Global Governing and Educational Overstructure for the 21st Century.

SuperLuminalThe 21st century could become a very significant dawning of increased intelligence, co-creation and harmony for all of sentient life on this world.. as well as the developmental levels and structures of our civilization being re-directed accordingly... this is what Unlimited Envisions shall reveal; that we have the capability to perceive and understand in ways which we have not for thousands of years.

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