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The Human Species Star Ancestry
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Topic: musings on existence, hypothetical scenarios, and revelations of genesis {09/22/97}

Sumeria in the mesopotamian region, approximately 4,000 bc, is not where the origins of human civilization reside. All of the current notions, perspectives, and frameworks from within which we view our selves and our species are currently becoming obsolete. A masseive energetic shift is occurring on this planet. This time frame we are within right now today has been spoken of, had records kept for it, been prophesised about, and now entered. What time is it? Or what is time? Time is something which the human species recognized, we didnt create it; and we have just begun to understand it! Time began even before the beginning of the creation of the universe within which we currently exist. Time can not be understood without integrating consciousness into our frameworks and internal images. In order for consciousness to be integrated, the concept of dimensionality must be re-conceived of. Foundations for-of Omni-Dimensional Science & Spirituality:

Within this moment right now, September 22, 1997, according to the Calendrical instrument the majority of the human species (population of judeo-christian, islamic individuals) uses as a tool to understand and measure the development of civilization’ marks a critical threshold within our collective psyche; just three years from now. The level of civilization that we have developed up until this point right now, is no longer capable or sufficient to provide the nourishment human beings need. By nurishment i do not only mean nutrients absorbed from the ingestion of what we loosely refer to as food. By the end of 1999, if our civiliztion is going to survive intact; a Foundation for Omni-Dimensional Science & Spirituality must be created.

The current three-dimensional linguistic\conceptual framework from within which we observe ourselves and our relationship to nature, is currently being redesigned from inside outward. Inside this time we must regain our bearings, and quick. If our species continues to ignores our inner-directional gyro-spectrum sensory guidance instrumentation and internal visual lens scope scope any longer, starting right now; the collapse of this entire developed level of civilization is inevitable. This is in fact. This issue must be addressed by every single individualized soul-consciousness in physiological form alive on earth.

Linking Up Into Hyper-Intelligence

These times we are within are anologous to the regeneration of the phoenix from within the all consuming ashes, the metamorphosis of a catepillar into butterfly or the creation of a life form, planet, star-sytem, galaxy or universe. We are inside of an evolutionary process that just ~is~. The threshold guardian is hiding just beyond the veil of our comfort zones. With a culling hand gesture he beckons us into the previously non-perceived worlds. Circa Entrance into the 21st century this is the context we find ourselves, and our lives within. I would say almost every single and each individual human being alive upon this world is now cognizant of the fact the we reside upon a rotating planet. Orbiting our planet is a singular moon. Our planet rotates one time on its axis, every 24 hours. Our moon orbits around our homeworld approximately every 28 days. We also are cognizant of the fact that that our planet, in addition to 8 ohters; orbit inside of a star-system. Now i am pretty curious, this is awe-inspirng if we behold it’ s magnificence, lets peer deeper into this mirror image. Our planet is the only one known to us to be living in the sense that we know of life (insdie our star system). This current homeworld star-system we reside within rotates inside of an outer arm of the milky way spiral galaxy. Spiraling inside the milky way galaxy are billions of other stellar formations. In all of its complexity, from outward appearances; this universe is structurally organized. This can be discenrned using the left hemisphere of our brains.

Our Spiraling Galaxy

ASIDE: Two nights ago i was listening to the art bell talk radio show. His guest was the seer\prophet: gordon michael scallion. Gordon talked about the information he had receiving in holographic visual form regarding the shifting of the planet earth’s magnetic poles. Now he did not go into anydepth regarding his thoughts about what we could do in all reality to transform ourselves and our civilization. See the whole thing that is going on, has to do with the cyclical orbiting of this star-system. Our star-system (with our planet orbiting inside of it) is entering regions of galctic space that have different frquency wavelengths. This is why some of our physicists have begun to detect hypothetical tachyon (faster-than light speed) particles. They have also been detecting an increase of gamma ray burts from the central galacitc core. Something is happening to our solar system as we enter these new regions. Since quantum physics has pretty much proven that all matter is, is a structuralized form of energy (energy vibrating at a certain level of phase resonance). Forces responsible for cohesion include: Electro-Magnetic, Nuclear Strong & Weak, Gravitational, Quantum {and others our physicists havent sensed yet}; these forces through harmonics perform a sort of sticky gluelike function. They surrond and interpenetrate all matter.

As our solar system enters higher frequency wavelength regions of space inside the spiraling galactic disk, everything is adjusted. I like to think of evolution as a sort of process of attunement. You may be asking yourself what this has to do with the evolution of the human species and the development of civiliztion! I am telling you it has everything to do with this growth process.

Resonance IS Achievable

The Foundation for 'Omni-Dimensional Science & Spirituality' acknowledges and accepts that all frameworks, languages, and perceptual models are tools used by our consciousness to aid in the formation of understanding. They are tools. Just like the development of outward tools in the form of technological development has increased almost exponentially in advancement. Our models of the universal creation and our place within it must be redefined as well. This is all it is about. We have developed our civilization up until this point to allow us to begin to form questions in our minds that will provide satisfactory answers to our yearning needs and searching desires.

Last night (9/21) into this morning i had a series of vivid dreams. Let me recapsulate what i can remember. In my dreams, the energetics of the planet were changing. I saw people flocking all over the place, it was like a madhouse. People had no idea what was going on. There were strange cloud formations in the skies, and it was like the entire planet was being electrically charged. There was lightening like phenomena, although it was unlike normal lightening we are adjusted to. This was beyond dazzling, like there was lightning jumping across all of the clouds. The sky was sparkiling like a brilliant diamond from these storms. The planet was very humid, and the rain was heated. People were acting in a crazed maniacal manor. In the middle of all of this upheaval, from inside the center of the earth arose this dazzly 144,000 sided hyper-tetrahedral geometric form. This form was brilliant translucent silver and shifted into all of the colors of the rainbow (many of which can not even be perceived with our physical eyes). It rose up into the atmosphere and shapeshifted its form into an image. As this occurred all of the people who had been scattering and screaming and running around in this fluctuating dismal stormlike condition of the planet; stared up into the sky in awe at the splendor their eyes beheld. I was one of these people. This happened last night. The image that this form became was that of the oversoul of the human species, the mother earth goddess, and an adrogynous light-being. This being revealed to the individuals alive on the planet at that time what could have been done previously, to insure that along our current timeline (of which there are numerous probable outcomes – depending on the decisions we make right now) we would be prepared.

Lightening Strikes

The information i have been receiving really strongly for approximately the past 2 years is beginning to come into focus and make close to complete sense. This information is both crucial and urgent. Each and every single individual being alive is almost in a sense a modern day noah. Only this time the instructinons that are being given are not to build an ark. The guidelines and instructions that are being revealed to us, revolve around the creation of a neo-civilization. Right now 0ur species evolution has arrived at the doorway, star-gateway, or threshold. Whatever our decisions may be; there is no longer any turning back. This is what we have reached.

Let me see if i can bring this back to ground level intertwinement. Let me expunge what i intuitively perceive and feel through my internal sense. Lets entertain these notions just for fun. The only thing which could have preceded the creation of the universe we exist within would have to have been the completion of a previous universe. So in a sense even at the highest levels of creation there is no beginning and no end. So the fist basic tenet of Omni-Dimensional Science & Spirituality is that multiple universes exist. I will not even speculate any further than this. We are just acknowledging this as a probable possibility. Somewhere within the whole of creation lays a schematic model or blueprint (before anything can be created a blueprint or master program must exist; even universes). Ok so we are entertaining the notion that a master-key template of divinity exists. This program, blueprint, or template contains the instructions through which the forces of creation work. We are a part of this core pattern. Two major subroutines i discern are the creation of more sophisticated organizational structures, and the creation of more highly evolutionarily developed life forms. This is a logical conclusion based on our current limited perceptual scope and scientific understanding. The unity of creation which christians revere as god, can exist besides science. There is a catch though. The only way the ancient mysteries of the wisdom teachings, mysticism, religious beliefs, and 20th century myopic thought patterns can be integrated, understood or transcended is through the dissolution of scientific materialism. This is why some refer to mathematicians and physicists as the new philosophers. They have tapped into the previoulsy unknown and non-perceived.

Bio-Electromagnetic Human {Artwork Courtesy: Alex Gray}

A worldview based within an Omni-Dimensional Perceptual Framework is necessary to our survival, and a shift into the next octave or level. I am talking about creating this foundation in real time. Ok let me go into the information that has been revealed to me as clearly as is possible. Since the serpent runs rampant throughout our culture belief system (regarding the evolution and development of humans and our civilization), let me make an anology. As a serpent grows older, it sheds it’s skin. The snakes skin becomes constrictive. The human species is very much like the wise serpent. We have grown to a point where either we shed our skin and begin fresh, or we destroy ourselves from constriction. We could liken the level of civilization we have developed to the snakes skin. The snake is not literally reborn, and it does not forget what it has previously experienced. This is what me must accomplish.

I am not talking about science fiction. I am talking about the growth of human consciousness. Let me describe what i see as a possible probability regarding this species. If we start right now, we can make the necessary changes.

A Perceptual Lens or Mental Framework can be only formed is through direct experiential knowing. This is a mystery school teaching of both the essenes and gnostics. The second coming of Christ will occur when we realize what the first coming of Jesus was about. Jesus Christ was a self-realized human being, he was also an initiate. He was a healer and a master teacher. He incarnated upon this planet to anchor into the vibratory matrix of our perceptual framework key concepts. Jesus is not the only christed human being to incarnate into the lifestream of the physicalized planet we currently regard as earth. There have been others. Jesus offered us the teachings regarding unconditional love. It is time for us to come to terms with the underlying unity within all of our core religious concepts, and to stop the mania. The oldest teachings on the planet tell of us of a great catastrophic worldwide flood. This flood innundated the entire civilization that existed at this time. This was the mythological atlantis. Crete was not atlantis, and the eruption of thera is not the destruction spoken of by the ancients.

Atlantis Was a Reality

These human beings were aware that their civilization was going to be destroyed. As the bible tells us, god told noah to build an ark and save pairs of every single animal alive. In the version of the story i beleive in; before the flood; a highly advanced technological civilization existed. This civilization was even more highly advanced in many ways than what we have developed. Within my version of the story, the Nephilim, Elohim, Annunaki, etc; refers to beings. These beings are responsible for the creation of the human form on this planet. I personally believe that Human Evolution has not only occurred through natural selection but also through genentic recombination of our dna. Within the milky way galaxy, there exists a 'Galactic Federation of Star Systems and Civilized Worlds. This may sound heretical, but acknowledging it as a possibility could help us to understand many things for which our modern stories (both religious and scientific) can not account for. The God(s) we beleive in said: 'Let us make man in our image'. Yes the universe is the ultimate creator. The god we believe in is in reality different groups of beings who belong to this Federation. These beings understand how life os created and how the DNA Molecule Functions at a quantum level.

Right now on this planet, millions of people are having experiences which they can not fit into the framework of our currently accepted world view. I personally beleive these beings, whoever they may be (those that came down from the skies, seeing that the daughters of man were fine in form and robust in sexuality) are like our caretakers, our watchers. The proper translation for sumeria means: land of the watchers.

The Sacred Circle Completed - Realignment Achieved

Human evolution and the development of civilization has been guided since the beginning. Yes we were created, and evolution is also valid. The solution to the schism in between these two seemingly opposing perspectives is an understanding of Galactic Civilizations Rules and Regualtions, and the probability of atrans-evolutionary model of Human Development through periodic guided intervention. This is what Omni-Dimensional Science & Spirituality would work towards Unfolding within the Collective Consciousness, Completely Shifting our World View. (note: this is what Omniscience is!!!!).

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