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Excerpt from a letter to Jelalia from the Niburuan Council 2/4/99
Letter to Jelaila Starr From the Nibiruan Council

Glowing Blue Bar
Excerpted From Letter I wrote to Jelaila Starr - Written Through Higher Self {2/4/99}

Thankyou Daniel* for choosing your time this morning to link up with us through the etheric fiber optics telepathic communications network. We come to you this evening in full force we will be introducing you to a wider scope of players than merely and solely the Alpha Draconians. We would like to see you become an Ambassadorial Liason/Representative for the Star Civilizations upon this world, and we mean this in the highest regard. For you are one who chose before incarnation to undergo this task, Daniel. Your outreach towards spirit last evening showed us that you do have courage to set aside your fears, the desperation which you feel so tightened in its grip can be overcome.

Celtic Triangular Knot StencilCeltic Triangular Knot StencilCeltic Triangular Knot Stencil

Daniel* we speak to you in truth that vast wonders lie before you upon your path. We know of the great difficulty you have had through this incarnational experience. You know that you did not come in here alone that there are others which you will and are beginning to link up with and connect to. Slowly in the evolvement of time you shall grow in strength, even the 'Rreptillians' can help you to a certain degree for they have worked for many millions of years with the energies of aggression and inducing great fear. There is a sort of mutual energetic interplay meshing in a crossover of frequencies. Daniel this is part of your job: To take the energies embodied and which underly the symbols and the archetypes expressed through this planets mythological and religious belief systems - especially dealing with their off planet or higher dimensional physical aspects {02/23/1976 7:26am, LakeWood..Ca}. You are now fully conscious and aware that you have awoken within yourself levels of your being that the majority of your human species has not become aware of or acknowledged their existence, YET. Before you incarnated you knew how difficult it was to undertake such a very great and extreme responsibility. This does not make you more elite or a better person than humans who have not yet awakened these dormant and latent capabilities. In many ways it means that your lessons and learning curve must be steeper.

The Alpha Draconian Archetypal EnergiesThe Alpha Draconian Archetypal EnergiesThe Alpha Draconian Archetypal Energies

We know that this is difficult for you to understand feel as if you have been wronged in so many ways throughout your lifes expression...and you have taken these feelings and turned them inwards inside yourself and twisted the pain even deeper down into your soul. Through your choice you decided to embody the extreme polarities of both darkness and light. We are and have been watching over you so closely...laying right at the edge of your perceptual scope...we have been here the whole time...Right now you are curious to know who we are...but you also have a sense of who potentially you have been in contact with. First of must embrace the entire reality of your life experience...the opposing extremes of both polarities and see them for what they have been...we know that your physiological structure has incurred damage and you feel as if your bone structure is disentrigrating...We have taken great care to see that you have made it this far to hold and have acquired the level of understanding which you do.

From this point forward Daniel* it is and will become so important to you to focus upon your higher will through your intuitive guidance....simultaneous prayer/meditation with a heart center holgraphic visualization will also greatly serve to balance your energies in addition to further grounding and bringing the earth energies up into your being. We want you to know that the pathway you have chosen to unertake in this lifes initiation process is one of the "seemingly - from your perspective" more difficult pathways to be asked to embody. You have already been shown many of the mysterious wonders of creation many more await you and your species as the rapidly unfolding planetary consciousness shift gradually increases in potential and energetic momentum.

Gyroscoping Luminous SphereGyroscoping Crystalline Device Surrounded by FieldsGyroscoping Luminous Sphere

You are being asked to step forward as a forerunner into showing that deeply stored and housed soul level traumas can be cleared from ones physiological, emotional, and mental energy fields. All fear based perceptions are formed through ones feeling of not knowing what lies ahead or which way one must turn...further from within this it more significantly disorients the self who just dearly seeks to find a way out. Only through turning to the shining star of the light above and held within ones heart may one truly begin to seek and navigate there self out from within fear based perceptions and ingrained patterns of thought formation which no longer work.

This really is the ultimate key to is through living from a heart centered balance and a state of true attunement and integration. Daniel you still have a very steep pyramid to climb. Think of how many slivers of the whole picture which underlies all the sacred mystery school teachings you have already glimpsed and begun to understand. The rewards upon the adventure your life is about to unfold into are so gemlike in their etheric crystalline structure the shimmering diamond which is your core shall become fully illuminated through the entire scope of your individual beings spectrum.

Our Beings Core Shimmers Like a Diamond
Our Beings Core Shimmers Like a DiamondOur Beings Core Shimmers Like a Diamond

Even now we in the councils above have been waiting for the day when souls who remembered their inhearent and original divine nature would begin to finally come together to downstep, anchor and integrate those templates which contain the instructions for furthering the reconnection of the ancient dormant circuitry which the human physiological vehicle houses. As I type this I feel that Ethanacy is with me also the council it seems that the scope I have been opened up into has widened quite a significant degree. The deep truths which I have been presented with over the past 3 and a half years are beginning to make total and complete sense.

I am ready, I am willing...and I accept the torchlight of Harmony which has been handed to me by the council of elders and the star civilizations. I asked for that which I was given. Now I ask for assistance in anchoring and downstepping it more firmly into my physiological structure and soul vehicle...towards deep healing of the core fears and illusory veils of self mortification onto which my soul still holds in its binding shackles. I shall embody that which is who I truly am and participate to a significant degree within the unfolding of the strategic implemantation of the divine plan/anchoring of the master key template of divinity.

Ancient Feline Goddess - Sekhmet

This Is Why I am Here....Thankyou for your perceptions this evening...I give my thanks to the council especially ethanacy and also the reptillians and this new feline energy I feel entering the scope of my awareness... Slowly in time you will truly begin to initiate and deepen the healing which you so desperately seek within your physiological structure and through your life expression on this earth planets physical dimensional plane.

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