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Star-System Planetary Energy Field Shifts Are UnderWay
This Is Our Homeworld


Brought To You By The Council of Elders On Behalf of The Star Civilizations
{Brought To You By The Council of Elders On Behalf of The Star Civilizations}
Under Development & Design. Participation & Assistance Required :)

The Global Council of Nations
Foundation For Omni-Dimensional Science & SpiritualityGlobal Education, Research & Design Centers for Planetary ManageMent & World Development
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The Vision

Towards the end of 1995 and further deeping upon entry into 1996, I was shown what I can only refer to as Holographic Inner Visual Movies. This is in essence almost exactly what they were. While in a meditative state somehow I was able to tune into a higher spatial dimensional source of intelligence. A great amount of information and understanding was downloaded into my conscious awareness during this time, and even now as I type this today it continues. In the rest of this web construct, I have to the best of my ability attempted to delineate as many pieces of the puzzle which we are at the critical threshold point of solving. The one regarding our Genesis, Evolution & Destiny. What I am here to share with YoU Today is that there does exist a Schematic Model and Blueprint, Divine Plan or Master Key Template of Divinity. The human species does have a purpose, and when our merely mortal eyes behold the truth of who we are. It shall come close to blinding us!

The Visions I hold Stress our Potential, to re-awaken into who we truly are. Every single one of you is aware that there are tremendous transformational shifts underway within your own individual lives & psyches. These energetic shifts are also affecting our collective evolution and development of the masses consciousness. What if I told you that I had been shown a way to Maneuver the Structures of our Currently Developed Level of Civilization back into alignment with the Living systems of this Homeworld, accordingly; as the star system and planetary energy field shifts increased in destructive potentiality.

What I saw were two main directional timelines based on our current situation projected 25 years years into the future from the end of 1998. Depending on the decisions that we make individually and as a collective human species. One timeline was towards close to complete and total destruction of all civilization on this planet. The other was towards bringing the level of civilization we have currently developed up to the next higher level of organizational complexity. The intricacies of this grand design of the divine plan revealed great beauty to me, it asked me to choose; I chose to go forward.


What if The End of This Year 1998 and Beginning of 1999 was the first level Critical Threshold Point. Have you anchored into your individualized consciousness and perceptual frameworks a lens which allows you to perceive things more than three dimensionally? Are you experiencing the Shapeshifting of Your Consciousness? Have you Begun to See Blueprints, think about Dormant Genetic Coding, become interested in Sacred Geometry, Sound, Light or Color healing? Are YoU an Ancient Soul, Seeking to Participate in a Monumental Global Strategically Co-Ordinatied Plan to Focus Individuals and Groups of Light Workers upon a Common Goal? This is Our Purpose for Awakening, to Serve as forerunners in the Next Evolutionary Phase of Development of the Human Species. Transcending limited rigid linear analytical late 20th century patterns of thought formation, into Unlimited & Visual whole brain cogniscience. Through our Awareness we have created a tremendous outpouring of energy and spirit towards the healing of this world. This Manifestation from within our souls now has the potential to be implemented around this Planet Earth within and throughout the physical dimensional levels.

Beyond A Global Police State & Unification of Light Forces

As an Awakened Humanity we Realize that our Current Governmental, Social & Economic Systems are not sustainable for the indefinite time periods we had once conceived. We understand that some things must change, very soon; and at enough levels where we will be able to retain what we have achieved; or keep our Civilization in Tact enough to be able to restructuralize the direction it is currently headed. We understand that in essence what must be undertaken is the formation of a New Global Governing and Educational Overstructure for the 21st Century. Since we are in alignment with the Highest Ideals of our Minds Potential, we can See the Future Clearly. We understand that if we continue to ignore our inner directional gyrospectrum sensory guidance instrumentation and deny our inner visual lens scopes; both as indidividuals and as a collective species any longer. We shall manifest that which has been prophesized for millenia. Catastrophic Obliteration and Ultimately Destruction of who we are, and what we have created up until this point..

What if YoU Realized This Was True, and Believed It Within Your Heart ?

Our Unified & Illumined Heart


The Holographic Visual Information I received was crystal clear in high level resolution full color with every detail of the grand intricacy clearly defined. I have come to understand that there is only one way to solve the life and death crisis our species is facing and that we are challenging ourselves with. The problems we face begin within the foundational levels of the civilization we have developed. The United States, even as a major force; will not establish a global police state. This will not be allowed, We Shall not allow it. A one world Democratic Government will not work, at least in its current form. We must choose a path where enough of us will survive, and we will be able to retain what we have achieved.

I mean keep our civilization in tact enough to be able to restructuralize the direction it is headed. This is serious stuff! If we are going to survive intact, we are in for tremendous overwhelming massive change. This will only be achieved by co-ordinated and synchronized vision aligned with action!

The second coming of Christ is occurring within us! When we as individuals and our species collectively comes to it's internal senses, higher mind, imagination and soul {which are our internal antennae} we shall embody that which every master who has walked upon this world has taught us.

The KEY I have is as follows: If we are going to return our individual lifestyles and civilization back into alignment with the operating forces which govern creation & completion, as the star system planetary energy field shifts continue to increase in destructive potentiality. The first and foremost thing we must do is establish a base of operations to exteriorize a new model of civlization for the 21st century.

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