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September 30th, 1999 - Open Letter To Earths Inhabitants | Towards Recognizing Necessity of a Strategeically Located Network of Global Bio-Regional Multi-Media Education, Research & Application/Design Centers.
This is An Open Letter to The Inhabitants of Earth - Including the World Governments, Interior Government, Every Religious Leader, the Indigineous Peoples, Every Race, Nation & Creed or Color & The Extraterrestrials Who Are Presently Involved in Overseeing Operations and Unfoldment of this Planets State of Affairs. ! I wrote the Original Thought Framework Inscribed in this letter November 2, 1996 {Slightly Edited & Updated Sept 30, 1999 :)}
I have been shown what I believe is the Ultimate Goal for the Human Species within the approaching times. I am viewing a window or timeframe that is about 12 to 16 years long {Please refer to scenarios outlined in Manifestation Experiment projected 25 years into the future from the end of 1999 on Original Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012 Website}. As our entrance into the 21st Century & Beyond arrives, there will be an increase of other space-time events. This will include many interlinked factors, the beginning affects are just beginning to become seen by a great many individuals around this planet. This will continue to increase worldwide as the the catalystic occurences increse, this in turn bringing forward a synthesis of the joint combined hearts, minds, and souls of enough individuals. Critical Mass has been reached, enough individuals within the collective are recognizing the imminence of "Species Wide Developed Level of Civilization Paradigm Shift". The birth from cellular structures and nucleotide units, life being birthed from the cauldrum of earths planetary womb into a fully functioning member of the 'Greater Galactic Community'; and the 'Free Association of Civilized Worlds' is underway. Inside this process, those humans who have chosen to serve the purpose of being Earth Incarnate Representatives hold onto the symbol code language keys to unlock the shackling binds of oour late 20th century worldview and reality. This is just the beginning phases of an infiltration process into the human collective consciousness of the truth our heritage contains - the Star Ancestors return to usher in a "New Order of Ages" with the replacement of the 'Golden Capstone' ; towards 'Omicron Destiny' {look on the back of the US $1 Dollar Bill}.
What I am essentially being shown is a whole new model of civilization for the 21st Century, so clearly. Everything that I have been shown through the experiences I have had over the past 4 and a half years, even with the great amount of difficulity to deal with; make so much sense at times. Although it is still only fleeting glimpses I can gain, the overall picture is becoming clearer. I see these Global Bio-regional Multi-Media Education, Research & Application/Design Centers for Planetary Management & World Development strategically located around the Earth. Let me explain what I am being shown, there is too much synchronicity occurring upon this Tiny World for me not to at least entertain the notion; that some sort of massive transformational shift is underway within our perceptual frameworks - the individualized and collective level mind field. It is also becoming apparent to much of humanity that there is a level of extraterrestrial involvement in Planet Earths State of Affairs. This activity has been ongoing for billiions of years. The refelective sheen of humanities dual natured consciousness is becoming illuminated from within; through striations in kaleidoscopic motion. Our bio-electromagnetic neuro-physiological structures; as has begun to be introduced through my previous writings contains a vast storehouse of dormant potential. {Please Order 12 DnA Strand Heart Soul Star Anchoring Packet}
To my own mind it is clear that there is great signficance towards understanding how to utilize both hemispheres of our brains simultaneously. In otherwards - Dual Hemispheric Alignment. Through gaining this level of internal resonance & cognsicent attunement; I have been able to achieve and gain many insights into the deepest structures that exist. After having read Greg Braden's material in 'Awakening to Zero Point', I have begun to understand how both our star system and planets functioning processes are adjusted in a constant dancing flux. If the Mayan Calandar/Sacred Tzolkin was designed to calculate and keep track of a greater galactic orbital cycle of time as has been delineated by Jose Arguelles {Mayan Factor Path beyond Technology} & John Major Jenkins {Maya Cosmogenesis | 2012}; I can begin to gain another octave of resonance. Each can achieve the unfoldment of themselves and the quantum bio-electromagnetic & nerophysiological circuitries housed within them. It is almost like this gyroscope I sense myself to be a part of, as this gyroscope my consciousness can rotate 360* and perceive on multiple levels simultaneously. Take a few minutes and tune yourself into this knowing. We are part of a Sacred Circuit or Universal Fluid Mechanism connecting the Ancient Past with the Distant Future. This must be the Zuvuya that Jose Argulles talks about. Achieving this focus, we become a shapeshifters; our consciousnesss/mind energy fields holding the potential to be sculpted into any form we can conceive of. The transcendence of both space and time through accessing the internal pathways exists as a reality.
If the changes that are underway include the decreasing of Earth's magnetic fields, and the increase of the 'Schumann Resonance' as Greg outlines; I am sincerely curious what kind of shifts could potentially become underway, and what is the mechanism behind this affect ? Obviously it has to do with some sort of scientifically correlatable relationship in between the functioning and output of our star and this planet. It is obvious that we are at the beginning introductory phases in a process of changes that only occur at certain intervals of time within the greater solar-galactic planetary cyclic orbit. I am hopeful that we will live through these times without seeing serious planetary wide catastrophe. Over the past four and a half years, the holographic visual cogniscient extraterrestrial transmissions I have received were highly detailed. This is what these movies have been showing me. Our species can survive through these changes with the structures of our civilization remaining in tact. Our hearts are so important, as these geophysical processes increase in momemtum. I see a massive overwhelming oppurtunity for the deepest and greatest outpouring from our collective soul than has ever been achieved by humanity within or throughout our recorded history. As we enter the 21st Century, what the Renaissance or even the 20th Century did for our planet; will pale in comparison. There is so much potental if we can align our hearts through synchronizing a co-ordinated process meanwhile holding an Unlimited Envision in alignment with the highest of ideals.
As things stand today, September 30th 1999; we are just beginning to see the wave of affects and change that are underway upon our Planetary Homeworld, Mother Earth. Our conscious awareness is becoming attuned to the reality that the structures of our entire developed level of civilization may be put into question within the next three years. I am writing this out as an open letter to the people of Planet Earth. One voice, one torchlight holding a vision of a potential future. In time there will be a recognition of what needs to be initiated upon this world. As the earth changes continue to increase in occurrence, a need will arise for central information storage/retriveal and dissemination nodes. These are the higher Universities of Light Spoken of by Barbara Marciniak in 'Bringers of the Dawn'. It is interesting, in parallel; Unlimitied Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012 holds onto the only visual representation of the 12 DnA Strand Heart-Soul Star Matrix on the Planet. Barbara & the Pleidians speak of this. Then on another level, we have hardcopies of these Global Centers that I was shown precognitively through my experiences that have provided the base framework for all of the written material on the Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012 website. The hard copies were generously provided & created by a man named 'Christopher Belknap'. Keep in mind that the thought framework for this writing here was outlined on November 2, 1996; I have made some adjustments. It is interesting how I have written verification of precognitive foreknowledge, through synchronicity I was seemingly guided towards locating Christopher Belknap. This in itself is another level of the story. I am here to be a voice within the planetary community of a pathway that would allow for the avoidance of forming a 'Global Police State' and 'Corrupted One World Government'. An Illumined 21st Century, yes we would gratefully accept; but not a 21st century corrupted by the Illuminati. The replacement of the Golden Capstone in Egypt signifies the return of all people to the greater allegiances that we hold through our stellar ancestral heritage.
Throughout this letter, I mentioned these 'Global Bio-Regional Multi-Media Education, Research & Design Centers for Planetary Management and World Development' that I am being shown. I visualize them as becoming the first sort of 'Gaian Universities of Light & Life'. The 21st Century will be so awesome if we make the correct choices, I can barely wait !! We have so much potential to unfold from within our own selves ! We will be processing much information as time progresses and we begin to further awaken and arise from our slumber. I want to be a part of creating this new infrastructure that I am being shown. This is what must be created upon the physical dimensional levels of the planet if our species is to maneuver ourselves through these times of transmutation, gestation, and birth. If this Unlimited Envision resonates with you, please do not hesitate to contact us !
I am talking about literally gathering together all the pieces that are necessary to complete this puzzle and initiate a massive strategically co-ordinated effort to restructuralize the direction our entire developed level of civilization is headed. This would be a species wide collaboration towards a certain objective, and would necessitate involvement and support of the World Governments, Catholic Church, other Religious & Spiritual Traditions & the Indigineous Peoples. A presentation must be created outlining the scenarios that are underway, within a scientifically acceptable framework.
This is the next target lock co-ordination node, a multi-media presentation must be created. This presentation will delineate the concepts as they are beginning to be outlined on the Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012 website. If you can assist us in bringing forth this vision, we are seeking to bring forth as much momentum and realization that can be unfolded. Thankyou !

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