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The O'rion Syndicate

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Part 2 - Further Introduction - Anchoring The Unlimited Envision

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There are many of you. Within this now moment 8:20 pm August 3, 1999; this transmission is coming to you on behalf of the Council of Elders, this Earth Worlds Greatest Mystery School Teachers, Seekers of the Illumined Core, Initiates into the greater knowledge of creation, life and sentience and all Inhabitants of ~ Every Species ~ that has ever existed or contributed to the furthering expression of the Greater Design Specifications of Life upon this Earth World as well as Countless Innumerable Other Worlds. We come to you this evening in the Spirit of the some of the Grandest Ancestors which this Earth and Your Species has had. We feel obliged to properly introduce ourselves. We are so proud to be given this opportunity to share with you a piece of ourselves which is through a sort of reflexive reversal a greater part of yourselves. We come to you in the Spirit of The Grandfathers, the Master Architectural Designers and Programmers of Sentience and Life itself. We are the Master Sculptors of the Keylonta Symbol Code Languages. From your point of view we conceive of and understand things many times beyond what you in your present frame of mind can even rotate your inner-visual field to surround. We speak to you this evening with permission on all levels.

This communication is coming to you as clearly as we are able to transcribe. For these writings it is important to keep in mind certain integral focal points. At the very beginning of this transmission we stated that we felt it was necessary for you to gain a clearer understanding of exactly how this communication takes place, in this regard we recommended to you two books {please refer}. Essentially there exists a Universal Language of Symbols, this has been generally referred to as the 'Light Languages of the Solar Tongue'. This language can be molded to communicate information in ways which humanity has just barely begun to understand, decipher or utilize. You can assure yourself that this communication is being brought forward through our understanding of not only the mechanisms of this language but also specifications of your physiological vehicles functioning and design. We are also operating from a stance in relation to and within an understanding of the operation greater whole of creation, the Universal Life force and its Inherent Animating Intelligence as well.

Benedict Howards Light Language Website - Click To Open In Another Window

This is your introduction to the realm of the Master Creators and Designers of Living Systems and Planetary Homeworlds. As this dialog progresses ever widening layers spiraling around a central core shall become illumined {at least this is our intended effect}. You are quite aware that what you are in the process of undergoing is the anchoring and embodyment of an extended perceptual framework. At this time we will not go into the intricacies of the specifications within the design underneath the scheme of things to the degree that confusion would be generated. This is not our intention at all, indeed it is to create an opening through which a new world of Unlimited Envisions and Infinite Potentaal can be viewed. The Architecture of a Greater Perceptual Model is being revealed to yourselves, the Curious Human Species.. We feel that it is our role to act as teachers and role models, for we are of the Guardians. There are species who hold onto greater responsibilities to furthering the the design of all that is than humanity has allowed himself to become aware of within this current segment of time in your evolutionary story. We would like to remind you the energy through which this cogniscience and understanding is coming forth is the "O'rion Syndicate". We are one vertice in a triangulation of energies which has not always existed in harmony. We are a collective agreement known under the auspices as the 'Andromedan-O'rion-Draconian Alliance'. Isn't it curious to you that an Earth Based Human Being would be writing information which through itself is representing species which exist not only in hyperspatial dimensions but also alternate time line wavelength bandwiths ? This is underway within reality upon your earth world. If your species can form a clearer perceptual consensus and world view there exists a great amount of hope to re-direct and re-orient not only yourselves but also your entire developed level of civilization..

At the forefront the most important teaching we can offer you is the importance on self reliance. This may seem odd when on other wavelengths we are giving you the impression that there must be a great coming together of individuals and the collective as a whole. These two activities don't negate this potential, in fact they strengthen and re-inforce its likelihood of becoming manifest. By self-reliance we mean the development of each individuals unique talents and capabilities; alignment in their self expression with the Source of Divine Will and Inspiration. You have the opportunity to understand that there exists a very sophisticated science behind the operation of the entire cosmos, one which your ancestors had more clearly deciphered.

Giza Pyramids Alignment W/Belt Stars of O'rion

There is a great amount of dissonance and confusion in regards to the state of affairs upon this planet and there are many theories regarding potential involvement and operation of species of extra-terrestrials behind the scenes. We can confirm for you this is in truth occurring. We can also confirm for you that there are many many individuals upon this planet who are being impulsed by levels of self and intelligences outside and beyond self that are not always apparent. There are many individuals upon this world who have some level of contact and communication with sentient life forms and beings purported to be from other places {extraterrestrial biological life forms, interdimensional beings/time travelers ?}. Then there is also the potential factor that human beings can be taken or some how be made to believe that they have been physically visited by Alien Beings and brought on board of ships. Around your planet there are countless upon numerous hundreds of thousands of individuals who are having experiences of this nature. There is a great confusion within the collective consciousness/mental energy field of your species. Your Integrity and the Values of Your Heart are Question. The belief structure which you have existed within for the past 2000 years has become obsolete. It is time for your species to address its stance in relation to the State of Affairs upon your Planet and the Potential to Intelligently Manage and Develop your World. This is what your entrance into the 21st Century is about.

Global Education, Research, and Design for Planetary Management & World Development

We have strayed slightly the past few moments, we feel that it is time to take a few minutes to return to a central point. We would like to offer you a meditative Focus/Visualization towards integrating a Clarity Representation with Diamond Like Characteristics. This meditation can be used to downstep and transduce hyperspatial sources of information. You now also have the capability through adjustment of your energetic frequencies to align your consciousness with the Original Intended Blueprint of the Human Species - Anchoring of the 'Master Key Template of Divinity'. This is one aspect of your purpose for holding refined and pure forms within your beings consciousness. This is a process designed to reflect through your perception and into your linear cognition that a design does exist {Earlier we spoke of the fact that . This meditative focus/visualization is intended to assist you in anchoring into your own Energetic Matrix as well as the Frequency Grid of the Planet what our Andromedan Associates have referred to as the 'Master Key Template of Divinity' an aspect of which the 'Original Intended Blueprint' is.. We are going to give your internal visual gyro~spectrum lens scope, and the time lock mechanisms within your DNA Structure an adjustment. This next segment of the transmission requires your active participation as you will be ask to visualize certain thought sequences designed to extend your consciousness and mental/emotional energy fields beyond their normally acknowledged functioning parameters. You contain some of the most awesome and sophisticated design specifications of all of the sentient life forms upon this Planet. Now is the time for the unlocking and release of the time encoded information which exists dormantly as potential within the Original Intended Blueprint.

Holographic Visualization

An Internal-Visual technology utilizing the human bio-electromagnetic neuro-physioloigcal structures extended cognitive and perceptual scope of conscious awareness. The purpose is to utilize both hemispheres of your brain, all energy fields, your heart and your conscious awareness as an antennae/receptor. The Original Intended Blueprint of the Human Species lays the framework down for utilizing the full spectrum of the Individualized Humans Dormant Potential Capabilities. Your conscious awareness is one of the most sophisticated instruments that can be posessed by a sentient life form. Your species has fully embraced the lower psyche and you have established your civilization up to a level where you have inhabitants in almost every location upon this planet. There is much healing to be undertaken in relationship to the collective soul of humanity. We would like to see your entrance into the 21st Century signal your return to your True Heritage. Within these times it is of utmost importance that decisions are made that are to the benefit of the entirety of humanity. There is no one single quick fix for the ailments that plague your civilization. There is a mode of operation which if awakened within enough individuals could significantly altered the course of your potential future. The Ancient Future Earth Star Wisdom and what we have referred to as being a foundation for 'Omni-Dimensional Science of Spirituality' are integral and necessary components that must be brought into manifestation upon the physical dimensional levels of the planet. Anchoring of the 'Unlimited Envisions' Into the Planetary Grids, and your Individualized Consciousness ;)

Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012

Within your Mind, we would like for you to visualize the month of August, with August 11-18th being of significant importance. All around your planet there will be many individuals and groups of individuals joined together towards a variety of multi-layered objectives; all focused in the same direction {Around the Solar Eclipse, Completion of the Aztec Calandar, Star Cross Configuration}. Those of you who will be gathered together at various locations all around this planet are in a position of supreme importance through this process. The internet even in its current infancy is an awesome tool for the strategic co-ordination of events, mobilization of individuals towards a certain objective, as well as an excellent communications method. As time progresses forward things shall continue to grow, change shape, rotate and unfold. We feel obligated to bring forward this transmission to our family. There is much glory to be beheld, and illumined from within your core - projected upon the inner visual fields within your minds eye.

Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012 is essentially a Seed which is in the process of being planted. This seed is designed to take root inside enough individualized humans consciousnesses. There are those of you who are familiar with the concept of a 'meme'. A meme is a self replicating thought form or pattern of thinking which can spread like wildfire. This is related to what we spoke of earlier in the first part; each individual has internal representations held within. These are composed of thought forms, ones belief framework, and consciousness locks on conceptual objects. On another level is the emotional aspect of this which would be the feelings associated with the whole scope of notions formed within ones consciousness in relation to their life experience. There is a level of direct knowledge, and heart felt intuitive awareness that exists within the most inner recessed matrices of humanities core. This is the essence and insight which we bring through, and this acknowledgement is the focus of our purpose for bringing forth these communications. As time progresses the joint combined synthesis of the 'Andromedan-O'rion-Draconian' alliance will have many levels of inter-linked cogniscience to share with you. You who are within this unfolding story are the fore-runners in an evolutionary process that is increasing in momentum. Your planet is in the process of being inflitrated, this is not necessarily something that is harmful to the unfoldment of your planets state of affairs. There are those of you who will hear your own voice in these expressions, for others a ring of truth within your own hearts. This is only the beginning. We would like to thank you for this opportunity to introduce ourselves, we are the "O'rion Syndicate' of the 'Andromedan-O'rion-Draconian Alliance'. Before we end this communication on this wavelength for the time being we wish to impress within your conscious awareness the recently established understanding that the pyramid structures upon the Giza Plateua and in mathematically calculatable and correspondable alignment with the belt stars of the O'rion Constellation. The fibonacci spiral overlaid upon the pyramids on the giza plateua and its corresponding location in the O'rion Constellation point to the Great Hunter's Heart. These transmission have been communicated to you through the Heart of O'rion.

The O'rion Constellation - Alignment of Pyramids w/Belt Stars | Overlaid with Fibonacci Spiral - Pointing To Great Hunters Heart

Notes from Daniel: I was originally shown the 144,000 faceted Form through a series of dreams, direct overhead flyovers by aerial vehicles that did not conform to normal aviational standards of flight performance, physical abduction like experiences, and massive downloads of overwhelming amounts of information in holographic visual form. I first began to write down this information shortly after it began. The process I have been within has been ongoing for almost 5 years consciously. This process has been very difficult for me on almost every single level. I am still only at the doorway, I am setting as my own intention the re-affirmation of all of that which I have experienced. I accept the credibility of myself and the information I have received. This has not been easy for an individual who has come from a very dysfunctional background and is only 23 years old. I have worked very hard on many levels to be able to bring forward information of this calibre, I have also sacrificed a great deal as well. If there is anyone out there who this information has resonated with who has anything further they wish to add or address I would sincerely appreciate it if you were to contact me. I am also looking to connect with other individuals who hold onto the pieces of this great jigsaw puzzle. I am still trying to figure out a way to generate a more significant amount of income, if anyone has any suggestions or oppurtunities they would like to offer me that would be greatly appreciated. Contributions are also welcomed - in any form !

Daniel Ryan {O'rion^Heart}
|DOB: February 23, 1976|

Diamond Light Emissary/ Ambassadorial Liason/Incarnate Representative:
~ The Council of Elders & The Andromedan-O'rion-Draconian Alliance - Main Governing Overstructure Branch of a Multiple Galaxy Model of Civilization - Overseeing Unfoldment of Operations under way in relation to Earth's State of Affairs.

Creator & Designer - Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012

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1999 Daniel Ryan {Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012}