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Why I am Here

Egyptian Lover

I come to you as a representative through soul heritage as an ancestor. Who we are is the most important question we must ask ourselves. Realizing the answer, will involve implementing a completely whole new level of thought, in essence a heightened perceptual sensory mind-energy field. If we are going to understand our fears and overcome the challenges we are facing, we must find resonance within on all levels. It is time to dissolve the shroud of mystery around the ancient teachings of this species. We have looked long, hard and deep to overlay understanding, and achieve a balance of body-mind and heart-soul lock. Through manifesting our cores essence the yearning questions which burn inside our souls, the ones which are housed by our individualized/created human beings, will be answered with clarity, speed, and ease of flow, unconditional love, and deeply bliss filled joy.

It is my job {Daniel} to serve as an intermediary between myself and my life here on the 3-dimensional physical plane {everyday normal life}, and the more refined, subtle ~ higher dimensional perceptual levels. Like each and every single one of us, I am a transducer and receiver of information in the form of energy wavelength bands. As part of my multi-incarnational soul contract, I chose to participate in a mission that was being planned to take initiation upon this world. Our mission is to assist by anchoring into ourselves, higher levels of vibrational frequency, in turn increasing our spatial-temporal navigation capabilities. We find ourselves deeply focused upon understanding this creation and our place within it. There is much excitement and a deep sense of urgency, we are asked and ask you in return to listen to your inner most voice, the one where your higher self takes up residence. These are the times for clarity to be gained, crystalline clarity, there is a dawning awareness as we awaken to the truth of our purpose and role within creation, and upon this world.

We are here, the Indigo Children, Rainbow Warriors, and Emissaries of Light to anchor an octave upon this world with higher resonance and more curvature due to an increased and faster rotational velocity of our star. We are the forerunners in the next phase of evolutionary development of the human species. We are in the process of awakening into and accessing the next higher level of advancement in the assimilation and ability to strengthen and focus our mind-energy field. We are in the process of expanding back into our original natures and achieving acceptance of the torch handed down through the ages and kept sacred by our ancestors. This torch light of truth which burns within Humanity’s Core Essence, is being realized once again after thousands of years of Darkness. This is the final battle in between the forces of opposition, and the time for balance and integration.

Akhen-Aton Says: Awaken To The Truth of The Human Species Star Ancestry

The celebration is beginning, rejoice in the truth of who you are, who we are. The answers which we all so dearly seek are finally being revealed en masse . . . Do not take information at face value nonetheless or whatsoever. Take your time when going through changes in perception and the acquisition of either information of a higher spatial nature or deep insights. It is very important to allow oneself time for changes to occur inside, one must be balanced in between trying to force them to occur and allowing them to unfold as one naturally progresses on their path. Being grounded into each individualized now moment is the cornerstone of becoming activated. It is only inside the sacred eternal now wherein the circuits can be completed. Inside of now is where one anchors oneself as the extend themselves into their omni-dimensional perceptual awareness. Being focused inside of now is very important as ones perceptual lenses are being adjusted. Now has both a timeless and eternal quality and is very soothing when one relaxes into it. Healing can occur on all levels of oneself, even damage done to ones physiological structure, all one must have is the willingness to be clear with what they want. One can not have any subservient mind frameworks disguised inside of what the truly seek or desire or that which they wish and intend to manifest will either short-circuit or not be created. Meditation, prayer, and times to just sit and be are also very necessary as well as connecting with nature outside of our cities. Sound and Color are also a part of Healing

{there is a lot to be said about star system and planetary energy field shifts and how it affects the human species concepts of time, space, ourselves and our consciousnesses}

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Why I am Here