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Our Mother Earth

Earth Changes Updates Section & Related News
~ Under Construction ~

Welcome to the Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012 ~Earth Changes Updates Section~. It is the intention of this space to provide you with some of the resources and information which are being compiled on the web for individuals who have an interest and inclination to raise their awareness in regards to the Scientifically Correlatable Existence of Solar and Planetary Earth Changes. This information is compiled by Wayne Moody. It is our hope that as time unfolds resources will be made available to every inhabitant on this world, who seeks to know the potentials of what is currently unfolding on the many varied levels of inter-relationships; which are in the process of shifting. These Updates will be added as I receive them. There may be periods from time to time when they are not compiled. The links underneath should provide you with some resources to keep you fairly updated with what is happening to the Solar System and how these changes are affecting the Planetary Geophysics and Crustal Plate Movement/Earth Quake Activity, as well as the Potential Fluctuations of the Planetary Energy Fields. It is our Intention that this Understanding shall increase awareness of how these changes may potentially affect both our beings and our lifestyles as we enter the 21st Century. These updates will introduce many new concepts to you as well. Thankyou for Taking the Time to Educate Yourself :)

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Waynes Update March 9th, 1999 - The Stillness at the Center
Waynes Update March 6th-8th, 1999 | The Earth Shakes in Anticipation
Waynes Update March 5th, 1999
Waynes Update March 1st, 1999 - Cities of Light & Earth Changes

Waynes Update February 27-28, 1999 - Cities of Light
Waynes Update February 25-26, 1999
Waynes Update February 24-25, 1999
Waynes Update February 23, 1999
Waynes Update February 22, 1999
Waynes Update February 20-21, 1999
Waynes Update February 19, 1999
Waynes Update February 18, 1999
Waynes Update February 17, 1999

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