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Allegiance Is Pledged to the Universal Life Force, the OmniDimensional Continuum of Being, and the Organizational Intelligence Through Which ALL is Created. In Order to Form a More Perfectly Integrated Union of Mind, Body and Soul; Into a Woven Tapestry of Brilliance

Acknowledgment That Third Dimensional Perceptions of Duality are Illusory Veils Designed to Create Transcendent Growth on ALL Levels

Acceptance That Individual Perceptions and Sense of Knowing are What Mold Ones' Connection to and Within the Larger Organizational Intelligence; at Whatever Level Within Oneself is Maintainable

Acceptance that one’s developed level of self mastery is how one can measure the process occurring within

In truth there is only one self, center, sphere, endlessly oscillating, backward spinning throughout space and beyond time - knowing no boundaries

Patterning more complex information encoded into our deoxy-ribo nucleic acid structure

Visualizing 12 dna strands restructuralizing and reweaving oneself into the hyper-spatial dimensional regions of soul, and awakening the original intended blueprint of the human species

In truth each individualized being is a self contained trans-linguistic sphere of pure omnidimensional luminescence

Through holographic imaging acknowledgment and integration of the deep awareness contained within the light languages of the solar tongue is possible

Requesting full access to the encoded patternings contained within the sacred geometries and key codes for unlocking the full potential of being

Requesting presence of fourth-dimensional future selves

Permission has been given to speed up multi-cellular regeneration through absorption of neutral particles, electro-chemical resonance is achievable

Permission for the deoxy-ribo nucleic acid structure to be rewoven into twelve strands is given

All neurological synaptic signal processing capabilities, and dual hemispheric alignment with one another and within the larger pattern of immortality

Divine alignment will be achieved

All pre-existing dysfunctional circuitry is erased

Electromagnetic fields are functioning perfectly

All beings will be allowed to function at the highest frequency

Their current integrity can maintain

We are in essence bio-electromagnetic neurophysiological molecular quantum physical supercomputers controllable through ano-chemistry

With these as our focal points and complete intention to fulfill our multi-incarnational soul contracts

This Admission will allow the human species to accomplish what we envision

Unlimited Boundaryless Love, Life and Light - Infinitely and Eternally

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