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This Is What We Are!!  It Is Time For The Human Species To Embrace This Truth.  Align Our Individual Visions.

The Whole Picture Is Coming Into Focus

Linear Time, A Three-Dimensional Construction Necessasary For Level One

Implimentation Of Our BluePrint

Intelligence Infusing All Levels Of Manifestation

This Gaian Earth Sphere ~ One Planetary Organism

So Much To Be Seen, So Much To Be Known

Awareness Beyond Cultural Pre-Disposition

Whole Brain Hemisphere Synchronization

Embracing A New Age, New Cycle, New Image

It Has Always Been Available ~ Amnesia Is Ending

Seeing Beyond The Veil

Brilliant Dimensions of Light, Sound, and Color

Increasing Vibrational Frequencies

Human Beings Awakening From Their Slumber

Earth Changes ~ Crumbling Securities ~ Nothing to Grasp onto...

But One Another

Using Fear As A Propellar, Taking Us Beyond our Assumptions

Coming Together ~ One Species United In Spirit

Embracing Higher Consciousness

A New Level - A New Understanding ~ New Found Light ~

Our Omni-Dimensional Species Fully Embodying

The One Eternal Being

Infusing All That Was, IS, Or Will Be

Coming Home ~~ Claiming All Of Our Power

Awakening To Our Full BirthRight

Content Living On This Planetary Sphere Homeworld as Human Beings

Co-Creating With All our Allys and The Spiritual Intelligence of The Stellar Ancestors

Filled With Self Confidence, Wisdom, Harmony, Understanding, Compassion, Knowledge and Brilliance

Sensitive To Divine Truth

Re-Infusing Our Life Force Inter~Wovenly

Back Into The Mother Earth, The Gardener-Caretaker-OverSeer's Womb

The One We Never Left

Unlimited Boundaryless Love, Life and Light - Infinitely and Eternally

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This Ankh Is Both The DoorWay and The Key