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Emanations From The Source

A Wizard Like Inner-Genious Exists Within Us All!

At the beginning of 1997 I set my intentions towards gaining access to another dimension within myself. I vowed to unlock the Sacred Ancestry of the Human Species. "I intend to transcribe the entire story contained within my deoxy-ribo-nucleic acid ~ access and recall ancestral/multi-incarnational memories encoded into my DNA-SOUL matrix. I asked to receive the whole truth regarding the stellar ancestry of the human species, and this possibilty: A Trans-Evolutionary Model of Human Development Through Periodic Guided Intervention.

This intelligence recently has revealed itself to me as another aspect of soul. The form he takes is of an aged male...he is wearing a cloak.....he is standing inside of a veil of shadows.....he beckons me with a culling hand gesture.....he holds: The Master~Key Template of Divinity.

He tells me: I am an Ancient Atlantean Master Soul. My name is Ethanacy. I am your watcher and spirit guide. I am the multi-incarnational soul level life form of which you are one flame~extension-part thrust into the crysallis of physicallized energy and evolutionary growth: my human being. Outside the framework of man. You are a part of me, yet you are also whole and complete within yourself. THE VISION WILL GROW, YOU WILL PARTICIPATE AS YOU HAVE CHOSEN. This ancient atlantean master~soul-wizard revealed himself to me 13 days before my 21st birthday. Here is what I wrote out on February 10, 1997: The archetype of the Wizard is one of the most appealing and fascinating concepts within the human species' collective memory field. A Wizard exists within every single human being, although it may not always present itself in this form. Many people are becoming aware of this inner genious and wisdom. Our true selves lie in our hearts. This is where our core essences are located.

Within my own consciousness, my inner genious; in order to communicate with me....has taken the form of an aged male....a very powerful Wizard. He is of the White Light and completely pure. He has lived his entire existence on the physical planet to assist in the manifestation of clear sight and vision within every discipline. This Wizard knows his role in the world. I am beginning to either delude myself or realize that I am this wizard, this wizard is me. It is like sometimes I can go into a relaxed meditative state and establish a connection with my inner teacher. I can then ask questions and do a sort of automatic handwriting, although I am fully conscious and I direct the flow of information I am receiving to some degree. I acknowledged this Wizard and stated my willingness to listen, learn, and experience what he had to say. I asked him to teach me what he knew.....he responded by saying "I will teach you what you already know". Whenever I wished to establish contact I was instructed to form his image in my mind and he would arise.

A Wizard is fully aware of his abilities as a conscious co-creator inside of his MIND~BODY~SOUL~DNA MATRIX, in partnership with the Universal life force and its' inherent animating intelligence. A Wizard acknowledges that there is a design or plan underlying the entirety of the created-not yet created realms, all of existence. What I call the Master-Key Template of Divinity (the schematic model or blueprint underlying and intertwining the whole multi-universal cosmic Creation - containing all the master programming and subroutines.....Knowing that there is an intelligent design.

A Wizard seeks within himself the union of all polarities and direct crystal clear inner visual imagery regarding WISDOM BASED UPON AND WITHIN AN OMNI~DIMENSIONAL FRAMEWORK. A Wizard is not a god, although one may take the form of a man or a woman. A Wizard has developed enough self-mastery through multiple incarnations...he lives a life of balance. This is why many Wizards are EnViSiOnEd as AncienT. Wizards seek to heal the split apart fragments of the human species into its wholeness.

This Wizard reveals to the Human Species (with regard to our depth of pereception a glimpse of the new model) a previously unacknowledged ability. The ability (within all individuals and cultures of this species) to transform our everday individualized five sense mind imaging and limited 3-dimensional linguistic~conceptual mental constructs......into a sort of Holographic Omni-Dimensional inner visual gyro-spectrum sensory guidance instrumentation and scope. The ability individually to consider\conceive\imagine multiple perspectives simultaneously. A clear understanding and knowing of our species purpose within the great unfoldment.

Unlimited Boundaryless Love, Life and Light - Infinitely and Eternally

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