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Global Council of Nations

To Serve as Neo~Civilization Governing OverStructure Planetary Operations Central HeadQuarters. I was told we must transform this planets current United Nations Into A Global Council Of Nations. They told me that having a United Nations.....designated that Seperation Once Existed or still does exist.. They told me we must erase the seperation that exists in between the races

Global Council of Nations

Global Education, Research and Design Centers For Planetary ManageMent and World Development

Here is what I was told: Your species is receiving the signal call, if you deny or ignore your inner-directional gyro-spectrum sensory guidance instrumentation and scope any longer....starting right now....The collapse of this entire developed level of civilization is inevitable. This issue must be addressed by every single individual alive on planet Earth.

What I saw were two main directional timelines based on our current situation projected 25 years years into the future, depending on the decisions that were made. One timeline was towards close to complete and total destruction of all civilization on this planet.....The other was towards bringing the level of civilization we have currently developed up to the next higher level of organizational complexity. The intricacies of this grand design of the divine plan revealed great beauty to me......It asked me to choose.....I chose to go forward.......

"Now let me tell you what has been revealed to me through telepathy. There is only one way to solve the life and death crisis we are challenging ourselves with. The problems we face begin within the foundational levels of the civilization we have developed. The United States, even as a major force; will not establish a global police state. This will not be allowed. A one world Democratic Government will not work, at least in its current form. We must choose a path where enough of us will survive, and we will be able to retain what we have achieved.

I mean keep our civilization in tact enough to be able to restructuralize the direction it is headed. This is serious stuff! If we are going to survive intact, we are in for massive change. The second coming of Christ will occur and is about our species coming to it's internal senses, higher mind, imagination and soul; these are our internal antennae. The KEY I have is as follows: If we are going to survive in-tact without completely annihilating the majority of our species and damaging mother Earth any more; they have shown me the first and foremost thing we must do is establish a foundation.

In general english the main foundation for the Neo-Civilization Governing Infrastructure will be designated as: GLOBAL, EDUCATION, RESEARCH AND DESIGN CENTERS FOR PLANETARY MANAGEMENT AND WORLD DEVELEPMENT. The second aspect will be the transformation of the current United Nations into a Gobal Council of Nations....The Global Council of Nations will eventually serve as the Neo-Civilization Governing Overstructure Central Headquarters. I see these CENTERS as HIGHER UNIVERSITIES OF LIGHT. There will be morethan one of them.

Here is what I mean and how they would function. First of all this is about creating a new Global Governing Over-Infrastructure from within the one we currently exist. (So with this non-profit organization and a website....I was planning out exactly what you have.......check out this follows).

ACTUALLY, I WOULD LIKE TO BE ON THE COUNCIL TO OVERSEE THAT THIS MISSION IS COMPLETED. We are hoping for the most part to function outside of all pre-existing government structures. So I see after the early turn of the century having these centers in place....and by 2012 the Global Council of Nations formed (there is one more branch...more on it later...The Foundation For Omni-Dimensional Science and Spirituality). There is so much work that needs to be done. I FEEL VERY STRONGLY THIS IS THE MISSION I CHOSE TO PARTICIPATE IN. These CENTERS and the GCN would co-operate interdependantly with all of the Nations of people on Earth. So I see us overlaying our pre-existing political\socio-economic governing structure, with an Overstructure that is flowering from within. I DO NOT YET HAVE ALL OF THE DETAILS

By Global I mean: Having a comprehensive understanding of the living sphere we have named Earth. A recognition of the communication that goes on in between species subliminally. A knowing that the Earth is a self-sustaining living orgainism regulated through inter-species activity. Understanding that survival of all components of the living system is directly related to the state of ecological balance. By Global I also mean conception of new models of understanding Universal Organization and the Governing Laws at all Dimensional Levels. When the infrastructure of this Neo-Civilization Governing Overstructure begins to take form I see them as acknowledging, accepting, or translating information and interfacing directly into the Master-Key Template of Divinity. Or accepting there is a divine plan and schematic model guiding our evolutionary growth process on all levels ~ Ultimately towards entrance into the Galactic Federation of Star Systems and Civilized Worlds.

There are so many mind images that can be used to clarify the understanding of a hominid civilization becoming a Global Brain, the creation of a skeleton infrastructure, and the exteriorization of the nervous system. The other one to clarify this one IS TO IMAGINE THE CENTERS AS OCTOPUS. The natural world (us within it) contains the model to follow. For this mind image the tentacles radiating outward from the OCTOPUS centers should be overlaid with a SPIDERS WEB. The spiders web represents the Artificial Intelligence Fiber-Optics Satellite Telecommunications Internetwork. The new grid. THE OCTOPUS CENTERS REPRESENT THE PHYSICAL-PLANE EXTENSIONS (buildings, computers, labs, and instruments) OF THE HIGHER UNIVERSITIES OF LIGHT (Global Education, Research and Design Centers for Planetary Management and World Development) OR WHERE THE GLOBAL COUNCIL OF NATIONS IS ASSEMBLED. I AM THE ONE WHO HAS PRETTY MUCH FORMED THESE IDEAS!?!?!?!?!?!?

Global Education, Research and Design Centers For Planetary ManageMent and World Development

Omni-Dimensional Science and Spirituality

The Foundation For Omni~Dimensional Science acknowledges and accepts that all frameworks, languages, and perceptual models are tools used by our consciousness to aid in the formation of understanding. They are tools. Just like the development of outward tools in the form of technological development has increased almost exponentially in advancement. Our models of the universal creation and ourplace within it must be redefined as well. This is all it is about. We have developed our civilization up until this point to allow us to begin to form questions in our minds that will provide satisfactory answers to our yearning needs and searching desires. The Foundation For Omni~Dimensional Science is based upon or viewed from within a framework that allows for the existence of more than three dimensions... also accepting that the individual/group/species WIDE sensing consciousness; is a major player in participation regarding the internal images we hold dear... The foundation for Omni~Dimensional Science and Spirtuality Is Based Upon The Master Key Template of Divinity {The Schematic Model or BluePrint That Underlies The Entirety of The Created-Not Yet Created realms the enitiretyof existence}.....Can You Say FLOWER OF LIFE MATRIX/SACRED GEOMETRY............ Accessing the highest vibrational frequencies of the diamond light crystalline star matrix tetrahedron merkaba This is the new framework that is going to allow us to create and map out through our models the higher levels of intricacy which we inhabit, as a Highly Advanced Hominid Prototype for a Galactic Star-Seeding program (who knows?). I saw mass consciousness reaching the critical level by the end of 1998, I saw the Foundation for Omni-Dimensional Science and Spirituality being arrived at by November of this year. MARK THESE WORDS

My Incomplete 2nd Rough Draft Mind Maps For O-D.S.A.S

Conceptual Design of Architectural Structures by Christopher Belknap

Here are the architectural/conceptual diagrams of the Octopus shaped Global Education Research and Design Centers for Planetary Management and World Development that I began to be shown during the middle of 1996 . . . . There were so many synchronicities revolving around how I found the man who shared the same vision as myself . . . I have descriptions of these octopus shaped centers in my writings as far backwards as the middle of 1996 . . . . so this was PRECOGNITIVE . . . one hundred percent . . . .>>>>>>>> I now have in my hands the hard copies of this mans work <<<<<<<< {no copyrights and I have been given permission to distribute}. . . about a hundred pages of architectural and conceptual diagrams and philosophy around a new model of civilization for the 21st century . . . . Catastrophic obliteration of the level of civilization we have developed is not imminent . . . there are ways to maneuver through these times of difficulty at an individual and collective species wide level . . . . .

Conceptual Design by : Christopher Belknap

Conceptual Design By : Christopner Belknap

Conceptual Design by Christopher Belknap

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