The O'rion Syndicate

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The Orion Syndicate {August 2-8, 1999}

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A Collective Level Mind Field/Consciousness Composed of many Ancient Forms of Life & Sentience within the Quandrants of the Milky Way Galaxy which lie in the direction of the O'rion Constellation and beyond. Main Governing Overstructure Branch of a Multiple Galaxy Model of Civilization and an integral Particpant in Conjuction with the Andromedan and Draconian Life Forces in the Overseeing and Unfoldment of Earths Planetary State of Affairs. This is only one section of the scenarios which are underway, the information contained here-in is neither designed to confirm or negate other higher spatial/omni-dimensional sources of information. We would like to remind you that within this galaxy alone there are billions of species catalogued and classified within more star systems than your species in its infancy can begin to grasp or even imagine.

Part 1 - Our Introduction

Greetings to you, we come to you this afternoon in conjunction with the preparation that is underway upon this planet globally towards the individuated embodyment and unfoldment from within of the Original Principles of the Universal Harmonic Constant {The Law of One}. We have begun to share with you this remembrance through the assistance of our Andromedan Associates {this understanding is now being brought forth into your consciousnesses through various higher spatial sources of self}. Those of you within the progressive thought communities are in the process of strategically aligning and beginning to anchor into your conceptualizations and heart felt intuited soul cogniscience levels; a potential reality which has a distinct probability of becoming manifest. Over the past 4 years, there are those of you who have been introduced to many of the conceptualizations which are necessary to your species survival {Myself Included}.

The O'rion Constellation - Ancestral Home of Original Intended Blueprint for the Fully Developed Bi-Pedal Hominid Prototype Model

These non-acknowledged aspects of your reality {including the latent capabilities and dormant functional parameters contained within your beings} exist as integral part of who you truly are as individuated humans {and as a collective, this precious species}. As the deepening of your unfoldment continues to increase in momentum, your cognitive & perceptual capabilities shall become heightened. In time as the dawning of the Original Core of Knowledge and Ancient Future Earth Star Wisdom of Omni-Dimensional Science & Spirituality is re-awakened; complete wholeness will be within your grasping reach. Those of you who have been following the progression of information which has been brought forward through the Council of Elders, purported to be from a Source describing itself as the 'Andromedan-O'rion-Draconian Alliance' may have many questions. This one himself has many questions even as he sits here this moment with his eyes closed allowing us to transduce and downstep into his consciousness information/upstep his vibrational frequencies into these levels of cogniscience. There are many questions which your yearning souls and desiring minds seek to become answered. Within the communications we have brought forward on behalf of the Andromedan-O'rion-Draconian Alliance, there has been a certain recognizable vibration to those who have taken the time to absorb our presentation.

We feel that at this time it is important to begin to delineate to you a clearer understanding of the mechanisms which allow for your species capabilities to tune into and decipher communications which are being received from hyper spatial and other dimensional sources of intelligence. This one {I} has recently come into contact with information that he was unfamiliar with that has been assisting him in piecing together the a few segments of the puzzle that his own life has been. This information comes from a source which is purported to be the 'Guardian Alliance', and the material has been generously provided by a woman named Anna Hayes. It speaks of a subconscious symbol code language called 'Keylonta', as well as the agendas of mainly the Zeta_Reticuli species, it does briefly mention the Andromedans and has two pages dedicated to a fragment of the Draconian story. We suggest to those of you who already have an intuitive sense in relation to the material which has been presented on behalf of the 'Andromedan-O'rion-Draconian Alliance' to seek out this material. It is called 'Voyagers | The Sleeping Abductee - Volume 1' by: Anna Hayes. Another composition which we would suggest that you look into is entitled 'Opening to the Infinite | Human Multi-Dimensional Potential' by: Alice Bryant and Linda Seebach.

Opening To The Infinite | Human Multi-Dimensional Potential

In essence we are here to assist you in perceiving the Original Divine Template through which your form has come into manifestation. Within this moment exists the potential, the capability to discern and conceptualize this truth. There is a transducer function within your brains. Your current sciences have only begun to understand the ways in which your beings function. There are parameters of operation that you have not been able to tune into or utilize; due to the matter of fact that your mental framework did not hold the awareness that you possessed those capabilities. The visualization you could use is almost like the grooves on one of your pre-compact disc records {Vinyl}. The functioning spectrum of human capability could be likened to the whole record. If the record gets a scratch, then it will start playing the same sequence again and again {always stuck in that groove}. This would create the inability for the whole recording to be heard. In this analogy, we are asking you compare humanity to the recording. We would like you to consider these premises:


Yin-Yang 1. 'There exists an original intended blueprint that contains the design specifications for not only the animation, functioning, and operation of your physiological structure; it also contains encoded parameters that give you the capability to utilize a larger percentage of your inherent potential'. Some of these functions are: The capability to perceive things on multiple levels or in different spatial time wavelength bandwiths simultaneously, the capability for the individualized consciousness to become an antennae allowing for more integrated functioning into the human collective, there are a whole range of extended cognitive and perceptual capabilities which are housed within you - for the most part currently in dormant latent mode. Within this moment you have the capability to perceive yourself as your physiological vehicle, your consciousness existing as a gyro-spectrum lens scope. The Graphic Visual of the Human Surrounded by a Bio-Electromagnetic Energy field is of supreme importance towards understanding this. In addition there exists a whole range of empathic, and intuitive characteristics which are now beginning to come on line.

Yin-Yang 2. 'Backwards in time certain factions of different species who had a hand in the inception and development of the human species made decisions which were not to the highest benefit of all species involved. In this process the Human Species was de-activated. Basically the pathways which allowed for the encodement and resonance with the levels of functioning contained within the Original Intended Blueprint were severed. Essentially all of the pieces were for the most part left in tact, they were just disconnected.'

Yin-Yang 3. 'There is a process of unprecedented importance underway upon Planet Earth During These Times which has the potential to completely transform and shapeshift the functioning parameters of humanity. This can be achieved through the embodyment by individuals, awakening into the Original Intended Blueprint and the awesome intricately designed being apparatus which humankind is.'

Yin-Yang 4. The capability exists to re-orient your entire world view as well as re-direct the structures of your entire developed level of civilization. There are beings who are integrally related to Earth here at these times to assist you in this process. It is not necessary for you to believe in their presence, to t those who it matters, it is just 'Known' {their presence is apparent to anyone who uses the correct lenses - the ones which allow for what the other premises disclose to become clear as well}.

Yin-Yang 5. There are processes underway intertwined on many different levels, scenarios within scenarios {Interlinked like the flower of life matrix}. Each of these scenarios must be addressed, on all levels. The structures of your entire developed level of civilization are being put into question. Your World Leaders and Global Governments must breech their shroud of secrecy.

Yin-Yang 6. The Future World and Potential Destiny which your Species shall manifest upcoming through these critical times is dependant on the decisions which are made today, by individuals and as a collective; the entire Humanity. There are many changes which must be initiated on levels spanning the whole scope of human affairs upon this planetary homeworld. Your ignorance and denial of these core truths shall unfold that which is your species greatest fear. We stress the importance of a balanced view of these opposing polarities and the embodyment of the higher level of integration in between the two.

Original Intended Blueprint of The Human Species - 12 DnA Strand Cosmic Mandala

Earlier we stated that our intentions for bringing forward this information from the 'Orion Syndicate' is neither designed to negate or confirm other sources of hyperspatial information. We say this to you in truth, as there are many perspectives which are being offered from beyond the constraints of your solely linear analytical patterns of thought formation. Each individual must confirm within their own self through the inherent gift that is contained within your cores. Allowing your own sensitivities to unfold and integrating that which vibrates in synchronization with the higher divine principles of self expression. We are here to offer you a perspective and an octave of coherent thought resonance, with the integral focus being internal heart-lock rythmic synthesis - all fields in alignment. As the Crystalline Clarity of the Diamond Light becomes apparent, you each can begin to utilize a larger percentage of your inherent potential capability. What you as individuated humans must realize is that even its complete wholeness, your individualized conceptualizations are mere fragments of a greater species level of cogniscience. In other words, We would like to remind you that whenever the forces {mental/internal visual-consciousness focus} of two or more individuals are joined together a triangulation occurs and a higher level of creative/emotive current is formed. We could also return to the analogy of the vinyl recording with the scratch that only allowed for a certain sequence to be repeated over and over and apply this to human perception as one aspect of your total functionality which was severed and is currently being re-activated. This split within your psyches in between your minds and bodies, your bodies and souls is being rewoven. We would like to focus your mind within a conceptual base understood within the higher sphere of thought held sacred by the inner circles: the 'Ancient Future Earth Star Wisdom of Omni-Dimensional Science & Spirituality'.

Those of you who understand the reflexive nature of human perception and the duality that exists within human consciousness are in a position of supreme authority over your self expression. The capability to integrate these wider harmonic overtones of thought formation and cognitive perception now exist within the frequency grid lines of your planet. It should be becoming completely apparent that your selves exist within a continuum that extends beyond the sensory range of your 5 physical senses. Here is where the reflexive nature becomes apparent. If you have taken into consideration within your individuated consciousness that there are aspects of yourself that exist in frequency wavelengths that your awareness does not always have the capability to tune into; you shall be one step closer to understanding this. We would like to remind you the vibration which is being brought forth through this communication is that of the "O'rion Syndicate', an aspect of the 'Andromedan-O'rion-Draconian Alliance'. If you can understand that there are levels of reality outside your currently acknowledged perceptual range and dormant functioning parameters within the inner workings of your individuated beings that you are not consciously aware of; a platform upon which to build or shall we say 'co-create' becomes manifest.

Human Being Surrounded By 'Bio-ElectroMagnetic Field' 12 Petaled Lotus Awakened From Within Heart Representing Original Intended Blueprint - 12 DNA Strand Mandala

Within this Space, the central shaft within your bio-electromagnetic neuro-physiological structure has the capacity to come online. There are voluminous amounts of information stored within the subroutines of your vehicles design specifications which currently exist only as dormant potential. Humanities solely Geo-Centric Earth Based internal visual conceptualizations are still filled with separation through territorial fear patternings, ethnic and racial injustice, social-economic-religious dissonance, essentially mismanagement of The Human Species-Earth Planet Oversoul Matrix Life-Force Contract {By Contract we simply mean that you have a role and purpose which you are here to serve, overseers and caretakers of a planetary homeworld}. The Characteristics that are represented by you as individuals through your self expression, are in many ways reflections of the thought forms and images which are guiding the Collective. The role that you all have chose is to Acknowledge the ways which your species has existed within for the past 13,000 years, the past 2,000 years, and the past 150 years shall not continue. Your species and those individuated brethren who can hear our voices inside your hearts can rejoice in this celebration. The Grand Synthesis is underway, that which has lain hidden, lost, mis-remembered, denied, and enshrouded is in the process of being illuminated. There is so much grand beauty to be beheld once your individuated antennae become circuited through the Heart.

Anchoring The Higher Dimensional Perceptual Framework Into Our Hearts

At the Quantum Levels of the Individuated Human Being is the Original Intended Blueprint. There are subroutines and pathways that you have come no where close to utilizing. The Human Species must outgrow its Infancy very quickly. The potential capabilities that are contained within the Design Specifications of the Original Intended Blueprint are a spectacle to behold. In reality your DNA contains information and understanding levels/cogniscience attunement and functionality within a much wider spectrum of parameters than your solely linear analytical patterns of thought formation have the capacity bring into focus. This is why your hearts are so necessary to the bio-electromagnetic neuro~physiological structures functioning. Without your heart beats autonomous pulse the vibration of life can not concresence or come into form. The heart is not only the central powerhouse of many of your physiological and neurological functioning, it also serves an integral function within the bio-electromagnetic energy field sense levels of your being. There is no separation or division within self, each one of you posess masculine and feminine characteristics, a lower instinctual animal nature and a higher divine god like self, a right and a left brain hemisphere. Each individual must realize that he or she is whole within, this is of supreme and integral importance through this process. There are many individuals whose psyches have been fractured by their experiences, there are many of you who have the capability to assist these individuals in this process. We can only gently nudge your perceptions, it is up to your to take advantage of what we are sharing if you feel it potentially could be advantageous.

Humanity as a whole is in a critical position upon this planet, this is coming to the attention of everyone and arising into your conscious mind fields. There are issues which your world leaders and the different systems within the structures of your civilization upon this world must address {Political, Social, Economic, Educational, Research, Media Communications, Our Current Civilizations Entire Infrastructure .. etc}. If your species can alter the angle of your consciousness a slight amount further, the Unlimited Envision unfolds. Once again we must remind you that a heart locked focus is necessary for this to occur, as well as a balance in between your right and left brain hemishpheres. As enough individuals have shapeshifted their consciousness to the degree wherein the Potential Capability that you truly possess becomes apparent, this shall in turn adjust and rotate time-space co-ordinate target events around those individuals. As each individual anchors this understanding their energy fields are brought into a higher rate of vibrational frequency, this in actuality has the ability to shape shift not only their individualized consciousness - but also the structure, shape and depth of space, time and reality itself. The exteriorization from within outwards through the anchoring of this higher dimensional perceptual framework into the individualized consciousness .. ie Anchoring of the 'Master Key Template of Divinity'/Integration of the 144,000 Faceted Etheric Diamond Light Crystalline Core - The O'rion Heart-Beat Pulse. This is what the 'Original Intended Blueprint of The Human Species' entails.

Interfaced-Overlaid Around Your Bio-Electromagnetic Energy Field Exists the Holographic Flower of Life Matrix SphereAnchoring The Diamond Light Crystalline CoreInterfaced-Overlaid Around Your Bio-Electromagnetic Energy Field Exists the Holographic Flower of Life Matrix Sphere

This is the fulcrum point wherein the power of all that is circuits into. Inside each and every single now moment your being exists as a waveform within the greater harmonic structure of the entire creation. Can you see this? There is no separation, in the most refined and sublime of ways you are integrally interwoven into all that is. You contain not only the essence of the Animating Intelligence of the Universe itself, your beings also contain highly sophisticated bio-electromagnetic circuitry and advanced design specifications. These levels of functionality shall carry your species beyond what your solely linear analytical patterns of thought formation can conceptualize, taking you into the 21st century in alignment with whole brain/being functioning activation levels anchored {Understanding of the Bio-Electromagnetic Neurophysiological Structure/Etheric Double - Original Intended Blueprint/DNA~Soul Matrix}. You shall truly begin to conceive of things clearly and co-create a world view and civilization in such intricately greater alignment {with a higher level of sophistication achieved as well}. Your minds will be dazzled as your consciousness, self knowledge and expression unfold, extending the range of your perception and and shapeshifting the frameworks you have been using to decipher your individualized and species level soul impulses.

Omni-Dimensional Perception Unfolds

We say this to you in light of the principles which have been brought forward by the "Andromedan-O'rion-Draconian Alliance" beginning on March 2nd in Strategic Co-Ordination with the Airing of the Fox Special on the Opening of Tombs in Egypt. We are here to assist you in alignment with the widest, highest, and deepest expressions of your inherent Divinely Created Beingness. Anchoring the Interwoven Harmonic Overtones of the Universal Constant {Through Understanding and Application of the Principles which were once the foundational base for what was known as 'The Law of One'}. The story which you shall unfold into as forward progression at a collective level increases in momentum, from your point of view in this moment; indeed shall be viewed as incredible - even spectacular. There is a much larger picture regarding scheme of things that the Human Species has been a participant within since your inception. What you are in the process of unfolding from within yourself is a re-introduction to your 'True Heritage' and the potential Destiny you hold the Torchlight of and its' potential capability to Manifest. We within the "O'rion Syndicate" feel especially privileged to be able to participate in your process.

Your species is standing in front of the doorway which once stepped through will change the appearance of things to such a degree; a whole new world will essentially appear. We do not say this to you to strengthen your limitations or unrealistic fanciful imaginings. We say this to you in remembrance that the framework or set of lenses through which you are viewing that which surrounds you and that which you are an integral participant creates the internal representation held within {note: reflexive nature of human perception/consciousness/mind energy field}. This internal representation is composed of thoughtforms, belief structures, and consciousness locks on conceptual objects. A conceptual object is anything which the mind can conceive of that is desired. These can be objects which already exist within physically manifest reality as well as those things which still exist within the realm of potential to become manifest. At these levels within yourself, you can begin to look at what motivations are driving you. The issues which must be addressed need to be considered by each and every single individual. There are many individuals upon this planet who have undertaken a significant role, holding onto a small piece of the jig-saw puzzle. In reality, each and every single individual human is a precious expression of the greater kingdom of life, functioning by decree of the Universal Life force and its Inherent Animating Intelligence.

Holographic Sphere Overlaid With Metatrons CubeHolographic Sphere Overlaid with Flower of Life Matrix & GridsHolographic Sphere Overlaid With Metatrons Cube

We desire to see your species begin to grasp inside of your internal conceptualizations that you contain a much greater potential and purpose within the scheme of things than you have allowed yourselves to acknowledge. Essentially we see our position as being one to nudge you with as much compassion and empathy that we have the capability to express, meanwhile taking a stance of almost a Father Figure. We see ourselves as being representative of teachers which your species once held in high esteem through out times considered Ancient by your currently accepted recorded histories, in addition to times which truly are ancient. It is our hope that through the combined synthesis of the communications which have been brought forward through this one {Daniel}, that you can begin to see that there does exist a much greater reality. Humanity is at the fulcrum point of a critical threshold within these times. The next few weeks {Especially August 11th} and then in expanding concentric circles beyond that as time progresses, synchronized and coordinated anchorings are supremely important. Whether or not you truly believe that your activities and thinking have the capability to essentially change the shape of reality, we would like for you to begin to take into your possession this potential functioning capability. For many of you all of this is familiar, and you may even practice these modes of operation; if this is the case we offer this to you as confirmation and encouragement to re-affirm your intentions and positive self re-inforcing behaviors.

There are many things which need to be discerned with scrutiny. One of them is the thought forms which you allow to be attracted into your consciousness and mental energy field. A basic understanding of electromagnetism is integral to understanding the mechanism through which physical reality becomes manifest and form is held in cohesion. We can not stress this enough as being supremely important. It is our hope that if you have not familiarated yourself with the previous material which has been shared on behalf of the 'Andromedan-O'rion-Draconian Alliance', that you do so. We would like for you to be able to discern exactly what these core concepts we are seeking to communicate are. There are tendrils of vibrational energy and the composition and wording of the language itself are designed to adjust your internal conceptualizations. In time as this story expands its composition will become more inter-twined, the patterns more apparent. Before we get too far ahead of ourselves {since we are in all ways working towards alignment with Original Core of Divine Inspiration} it may be important that we take a few minutes and review the material that has been brought forth from a slightly different angle. Communications on these levels are not something which all individuals will experience. With this in mind it is important to have a strong foundational base. What we are in essence attempting to do is assist you in forming a new consensus of agreed upon principles.

Circle Grids

The story we are here to share with you at this time is indeed awesome to behold, many of your minds will continue to be influenced by experiences which do not fit into your currently held consensus notions of reality. Now is the time to address the great fear. The Human Species Greatest Fear into the Depths of your Core would Definitely Root in the Cogniscience that your Extinction as a Species exists as a Potential. This also exists as one of each individuated humans greatest fears {death}. To your minds which do not completely understand the mechanics regarding the animation of your physiological structures {Soul Vehicle} will have difficulty with these concepts. Those individuals who have had experiences which have taken them beyond the linear constraints of what the control structures upon this world have allowed to be expressed through humanities heart, are in a position of supreme importance.

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