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Home Of Unlimited Envisions & Neo-Civilization:2012 {Project HomeWorld} Brought To You By The Council of Elders on Behalf of The Star Civilizations
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* Welcome to the Original Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012 Website ~ Created 09/21/1998 *

~ Brought To You On Behalf of The Children of The Holographic Worlds ~

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The Neo-Civilization Is Here !

We are the Rainbow Warriors and Crystal Children of the Emerging Future. We come to you from beyond the boundaries of both space and time. We Recognize Each Other through an inherent resonance felt, one that strikes an octave within us. We are Dedicated to Exploration and Bringing Forward that which has lain hidden for so Many Centuries. This Web~Construct is Dedicated to the Anchoring of the Master Core of Knowledge and Ancient Future Earth Star Wisdom. Existing within the Schematic Model and Design Matrix of our Physiological vehicles is a 144,000 Faceted Shimmering Etheric Crystalline Jewel of Symmetry & Geometry. Each Facet representing the Foundation of all Knowledge, Cognitive Perception, Pattern Recognition and Conscious Awareness. That which underlies all of the "Mystery School Teachings" of Enoch, Melchizadek, Osiris, Isis, Thoth, Ra & the father Ptah's. Those teachings passed down Through The Law of One.

The Crystal Children possess a keen inherent knowing of what shall come to be known as the "Master Key Template of Divinity". We can also sense and perceive these levels of awareness easily, and understand how to unlock the doorways which exist within our souls. The "Master Key Template of Divinity" is the schematic model or holographic energetic blueprint which is woven around, within and through the entire multiple universal creational realm. The 144,000 facets of this Etheric Crystalline Matrix contain all of the geometry, creational subroutines and operational directives for the structuralization of energy into every conceivable form. It is also interwoven through and within a Unified Energy Field or Life Force of Creation & Completion; and contains an Inherent Animating Intelligence. We understand the "Holographic Model of Consciousness", and can see the reflection of the Macrocosmic Within the MicroCosmic. As Above ~ So Below. As Within ~ So Without.

Within these times Today, we can begin to make sense of this. This is the most advanced form of Science and Creational Physics which exists anywhere in this universe. This awareness is what the Rainbow Warriors & Crystal Children shall be able to manifest. An "Omni-Dimensional Science of Spirituality". This shall connect what we have created up until this point today with what we once had previously created. The DoorWay into the "Hall of Records" has been opened. That which has the potential to become manfest, if we choose an active stance, is gaining clarity within us. The Rainbow Warriors & Crystal Children are ancient souls who have clear memories and awareness of "Our" energetic imprints. In other words we can access the ancient understanding with ease. Not only do we understand how to access it with ease. But we come in with our neural circuits completed in many ways which allow us to use that which we posess consciously.

We are Focused upon Anchoring & Activating Witin OurSelves the Full Potential of Our Human Beings through Self Empowerment & Healing. We Strategically Co-Ordinate our Activities and Co-Operate Through Synchronizing Our Vision to Achieve Global Shifts in Planetary Understanding. We Dedicate Our Activites & Modes of Thinking Towards Implementing Upon The Physical Dimensional Level of The Planet A New Global Governing and Educational Overstructure for the 21st Century. We Are The Cosmic Engineers, Architects, Visionaries, Artists, Healers, Musicians, Scientists | The Synchronizing Aligners Upon This World.

This Virtual Reality Space is being designed to serve as an Anchor Point Focus & Co-Ordination Node Towards Interfacing Within The Sacred~Eternal Circuit of Creation and Completion. Within this Moment Right Now the Fulcrum Point of all Strength and Power Exists. We Dedicate OurSelves To Understanding this Universal Forces Existence and Using Its Inherent Animating Intelligence Properly. Towards The Spiritualization of Matter into Pure Energy Being States.

Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012 Mission StateMent

Spinning Triangle with Sphere Inside

Participate in Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012's One Year Anniversary Manifestation Experiment

Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012 turned one year old on September 21, 1999. In alignment with our One Year Anniversary, a Manifestation Experiment has been Created. This Experiment as it is outlined requires the participation of at least 2,012 individuals, and is focused towards Anchoring the 'Original Intended Blueprint/12 DnA Strand Heart Soul Star Matrix/Master Key Template of Divinity'. Ideally these will be individuals who have resonance with the overall purpose of Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012, and can hold a heart lock intention of focus in alignment with their higher minds. I have served the purpose of participating as a forerunner for my Age Group. Help us to Celebrate the Coming Forth of The Warriors of the Rainbow & Second Octave of Initiate Seekers/Diamond Light Emissaries/Crystal & Indigo Children - The Younger Generation !! We have arrived, The Node Grid Anchoring Co-Ordination Must Unfold. The Neo-Civilization awaits Its Creation Upon Our Planet. Please Invest In Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012 and assist us in Anchoring the Ancient Past and Distant Future Into Now. Thankyou, Your Participation & Investment is a blessing CLICK THE AWESOME GRAPHIC ABOVE for our One Year Anniversary Manifestation Experiment, Outline & Introductory 12 DnA Strand Anchoring Visualization ! :)

Download Manifestation Experiment in .DOC Format
Planet Earth Overlaid With Grid Network - Just Graphics
~ Download One Year Anniversary Introduction Letter in .DOC Format {270kb} ~

The 12 DnA Strand Heart Soul Star Matrix Anchoring material is available to anyone who feels drawn to understand the energetic levels that we are working with & within. We would like to be able to continue forward, delving into ever increasing octaves; meanwhile forming strong connections with other individuals around the planet. If you have an interest in this material and are sincere within your heart to be of assistance within this greater unfolding process, we encourage you to email us your request for the 12 DnA Strand Heart Soul Star Matrix Anchoring Packet & the Only Visual Representation of the 12 DnA Heart Soul Star on the Planet. This is some Awesome Material ! Our email address is Omicron Destiny. Much Love & Sincerity, Through Universal Tenacity - Daniel & Stephanie :)

Heart Beat Pulse Diamond Fire Electron Crystalline Core Illumination Heart Beat Pulse
~ Download 'Anchoring the Diamond Fire Electron & The 12 Nodal Grid Points' in .DOC Format {157k} |10/3/99| ~
~ Download Mahatma Diamond Light Body Visualization in .DOC Format - Caroline Fitzgerald {February 1998} ~
~ View Photograph of Diamond Fire Electron Model {Created by A-Mira ~ Rough Idea} ~
View Ananda's Light Body Star Ship Propulsion Link Below for Very Similiar Computer Generated Representations
~ Download 'Further Thoughts on DnA Activation & The Master Key Template of Divinity' in .DOC Format ~
Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012 1st Birthday has arrived and been passed through ! Thankyou for Your Participation & Investment in Our One Year Anniversary & Beyond Anchoring Celebration of the 12 DnA Strand Soul Star Matrix & Diamond Fire Electron. The potential for a whole new reality to unfold has become manifest upon Planet Earth. Our Manifestation Experiment has only now begun to unfold. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012 WILL BE ABLE TO CONTINUE FORWARD ! We will continue to provide the information & visuals that we receive to the entire light community & planet. If you resonate with what we are working towards, or are dazzled by the graphics, and language/concepts outlined; We Need Your Assistance & Investment ! If you have any difficulties downloading and viewing any of the .DOC Files or need them in another format {like you have a Macintosh}, email us at Omicron Destiny. Thankyou Very Much For Your Participation in Our One Year Anniversary & Beyond Anchoring Celebration. The Younger Generation Has a Significant Role In The Unfolding of Planet Earth's State of Affairs, and the World Our Descendents Shall Inherit ! We Are Looking For Our Friends, Family, Co-Workers, and Mentors, especially the Indigo & Crystal Children - Diamond Light Emissaries. We who are here to fulfill the 'Rainbow Warriors' Prophecy. It’s Time Folks. Please Contact Us if you are dedicated to the unfoldment of your individual self, and the re-structuralization & redirection of our entire developed level of civilization. Your Support and Investment In The Younger Generation is a Blessing & Necessary to this Worlds Future and The Potential Destiny That Will Unfold ! :)

With Thanx Filled Sincerity and Gratitude ~ So Much Love, Daniel & Stephanie !!
The 21st Century Is Arriving - The Doorway is Unlocked & Opened - Let Us Step Through Hand In Hand Today !

We Operate Through Harmonious Relationships With All Sentient Life Forces !

Circular GridsThe Foundation for Omni-Dimensional Science & SpiritualityCircular Grids
Under Embryonic Gestation - OFFLINE FOR DEVELOPMENT

We are going to see massive fluctuations in the structure of our civilization upon this world in the next 25 years. There are two potential time lines or directions which have the ability to be manifested. The first is towards total and complete catastrophic obliteration of the level of civilization we have developed. This is what the "Prophecies" have been warning us about for centuries. The Hopi prophecies speak of a time "when the fish would die in the streams, the birds would fall from the air, the waters would be blackened, and the trees would no longer be, mankind as we would know it would all but cease to exist." The Hopi Prophecies also speak in tandem of a time when the "keepers of the legend, stories, culture rituals, myths, and all the Ancient Tribal Customs/Wisdom and Mystery School Teachings" would be needed to restore us to health. They would be mankinds’ key to survival, they were the "Warriors of the Rainbow". Those who would assist in the transition to the "Fifth World" and rememberance of the "Circle of Life".

Mankind and the Human Species has a knowledge base which extends so far beyond what is currently acknowledged or conceived of by the masses. There are sacred teachings which are stored around the globe in certain specific locations. In reality, what is underway is the awakening of the Pre~Flood Ancestral Memories. This is what these times within this moment are about. We, the Human Species are literally facing our Potential Destiny in Essence. Do we want to re-create our destruction, or shall we choose the direction which re-aligns and re-orients our understanding and application of the principles which govern the operation of the cosmos our univese. This is the way in which we see the process that is unfolding upon this Planet. From within this framework we have the ability to re-orient our entire sense of self and relationship to this beautiful homeworld, our beloved Mother Earth. We also have the oppurunity to form a clearer and more realistic picture of who our creators may have been, and what the human species role in cosmos is.

So much potential exists to shape shift and re-calibrate not only our perceptual framework and world view, but also the structures of our entire developed level of civilization. Our World Leaders, Politicians, Scientists, Spiritual Leaders, Researchers, Visionaries, Architectural Designers, Environmentalists, City Planners and the Growing Light Community should be preparing a Plan. Our species must come together to formulate a plan to Strategically Co-ordinate and Alter many of the Directional Pathways within the developmental levels and structures of our civilization. As the "Star System & Planetary Energy Field/Geo-Physical Shifts" continue to increase in destructive potentiality. We shall take a stand against a "Global Police State". We are the Master Soul Extensions, Rainbow Warriors, Crystal Children, and Light Emissaries of the Ancient~Future. We are here to Embody the Original Archetypes of the Creator Level Beings. From within this "Moment" projected foward, we "ENVISION" a ^Neo-Civilization^ having been created, thereby averting catastrophic destruction and obliteration. The Circuit Shall be Completed, the human species realigned within the "Circle of Life."

Alignment With SourceThe Guardian Alliance Is OverSeeing Unfoldment {Graphic Courtesy: Energie - Tweaked By O'rion^Heart}Alignment With Source

The All Knowing~All Seeing Eye Has Been Replaced
”The secret of the luminous beings is that we are perceivers, we are an awareness without solidity or bounds. The world we think we see is only a description of the world told to us by our internal dialog, a description that has been taught to us by others. We are trapped inside that bubble of perception and what we witness on its walls is a reflection of our world view, our description.” {Carlos Castenada - 'The Art of Dreaming'}

Unlimited Boundaryless Love, Life and Light - Infinitely and Eternally

Anchoring The Master Key Template - Just GraphicsThe Hathors are here to Assist us in Activating Our Dormnat PotentialAnchoring The Master Key Template - Just Graphics

As Within/So Without, As Above/So Below

Fractal Art 1999

Ancient~Future Earth~Star Wisdom

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