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The Andromeda Galaxy

Andromedan & others Perspectives

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Originally when my higher planes teachings began, I saw this ancient man standing inside a veil of shadows; he was beckoning me with a culling hand gesture. This was 10 days before my 21st birthday 02/10/1997 {DOB: 02/23/1976}. I came to know that he was an Ancient Atlantean Master Soul and I have some writings about him. He held this Master Key and is a representative of this Council of Elders who hold onto the Core Unity Teachings {mainly in regards to our Origins, Evolution, and Potential Destiny of the Human Species}. The Ultimate Crystalline Symmetry of Knowledge and Awareness through an Illumined Core. The Elders have been holding onto this Wisdom of the Design Specifications within the different dimensional levels and all those within the human being for centuries. This Council of Elders hold onto the Original Template of Creation and understand Completion also. They have teachings for us regarding the "Lost Sacred Wisdom" contained within the "Hall of Records" as well. The Core Teachings, memories and knowledge of who the Human Species Creators truly were is slowly being revealed. Our Holy Books speak of a Truth that the Human Species was created in the image of the Divine itself. This space has been created to Clarify this Truth and Offer Perspectives towards forming a more sophisticated understanding of this Knowledge. I am being shown how this is the most Ancient and Advanced Science which exists, and there was an Original Core. This was the Law of One, which had been lost, distorted, fragmented, mis-remembered and hidden for one half great cycle of time.

The approach and beckoning of this Ancient Atlantean Master Oversoul Archetype/Source Self was in Alignment with intentions that myself and two other individuals had set to drive up to Mt. Shasta for the Summer Solstice June 20-23 1997. It ended up that only me and one of my friends were able to go. I brought up with me a whole bunch of crystals and stones, and we took rattles and drums. We created a crystal layout and put my 12 DNA Strand Cosmic Mandala in the Center of It. We read the prayer invocation/intentions I had written and ingested certain sacraments {See letter to: Whitley Streiber}. I personally was hoping to see some craft, but we did not. We were able to view these energy lines coming out the top of Mt. Shasta, radiating in different directions horizontally outwards.

We are now bringing forward this Ancient Understanding from beyond time through ourselves from within like a blossoming lotus flower. We must engender and embody the true essence of Unconditional Love and Compassion for all of Creation and the Sentience within it. Now is the time to take our obsolete internal conceptualizations {which have created the consenus reality held within the collective mind field of the human species} and transcend them. A Unified Field of Life Force with an Inherent Animating Intelligence exists. Our hearts are in the process of opening, our illumined cores are beginning to burn so brilliantly; the potential does exist to truly heal our homeworld and our selves. We are literally facing the potential catastrophic obliteration of the level of Civilization We have Developed. This is why I have created
"Unlimited Envisions | Neo-Civilization: 2012". I feel and have acquired knowledge revealing the fact that I am here to assist in this process and to serve as an anchor point co-ordinate for assisting other individuals, in the process of assisting myself. I am looking to connect, and network with like minded individuals who know they are here to assist in this process towards the Creation of a New Model of Civilization for the 21st Century.

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Under Embryonic Gestation - OFFLINE FOR DEVELOPMENT

This information has been handed down throughout time within the Ancient Mystery School teachings of the Orders of Metatron, Enoch, Melchizadek, Osiris, Thoth, Ra, and the father Ptah's. As well as Pharoah Akhenaton, and the whole Lineage of GoD King Descendants of "Those who came down from the Stars". The Global Occurrence of Catastrophic flood spoken of by just about every single indiginous group of people and most religious belief systems was real. We have the Ancient Mayan Calandar to prove to our selves that we were once more in tune with greater cycles of time than we are aware of today. You see, what we are awakening into are the holographic storage modules which exist within the quantum levels of human DNA. I personally believe that there is some sort of response mechanism in the regulation of our beings that is affected by the solar activity and the planetary electromagnetic fields. Some sort of Time~Lock Release Encodements that once activated begin to unfold ones consciousness from within and also shapeshit their energy fields to a certain degree that they become more of an antenna or receptacle for higher frequency vibrations and wavelengths.

It is easy to understand the inter-relationship in between the Mayan Calandar, and how larger orbital cycles of time could affect the rotational velocity of our Star. I personally think that this is what is responsible for the functioning of our planet over longer cycles of time. I mean we understand the Earth is a Living Organism. We also know that it is surrounded by an electromagnetic field. I see that we have the potential to develop not only a new perceptual framework that puts all the different pieces of the Ancient Mystery School teachings into perspective; but also a New Scientific Model of the Universe and our Inter-relationship within it. This is literally what is underway and in the process of unfolding.

I persoanlly see and feel that our DnA is this Molecule Desiged by Creator Beings who are Master Geneticists. I myself personally believe that our current mainstream biological evolutionary theories of the human species development are very incomplete. This material that follows is brought to you through my Oversoul Source of Spiritual Guidance and the Council of Elders on behalf of the Andromedans. In time as my understanding unfolds this page will grow.

Whether or Not You Believe, Our Collective Consciousness is Being Transformed - Into the Extraterrestrial Imagination
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These Perspectives build upon one another, so they should be read in order Chronologically. These transmissions began on March 2nd in alignment with the Opening of the Tomb of Osiris Fox Special. Enjoy :)

Merkaba Surrounded by Bio-Electromagnetic Energy FieldMerkabaMerkaba Surrounded by Bio-Electromagnetic Energy Field

The O'rion Syndicate - Transmission #1 & #2 {8/2-8/99}

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Andromedan Perspectives on A Simple Mis-Understanding {03/6/99}

Andromedan Perspectives on Anchoring Higher Octave Frequencies {03/4/99}

Andromedan Perspectives on The Hall of Records {03/2/99)


Reptillian Transmissions From Alpha Draconis {98-Present}


Letter to Jelaila Starr From the Nibiruan Council {2/4/99)

Pieces of The Scenario Underway {11/98)

Musings on The Human Species Star Ancestry {September 22, 1997}

Letter to Whitley Streiber {May 31, 1997}

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